Jean Paul San Pedro (Roberto on Passions)

Current Character: Roberto

Marital Status: Single


Jean Paul San Pedro first became interested in acting when he got a role in Any Given Sunday. Since then, he has worked for telemundo, appearing on telenovelas as well as taking part in the CBS Soap Star Screen Test competition in 2003. In addition to his appearance on several soaps, he's also appeared on stage and in music videos.

He received a BA in Communications with a Minor Psychology from the Florida International University in 2005 and has had legendary actress sally Kirkland as his acting coach.

Career Highlights

One/One Thousandth - Dennis (2009)
Scenes from Oblivion - Bruno Buscavida (2008)
General Hospital - Bodyguard ( 2007)
Exploring Love - Bastian (2007)
The Suitor - Sammy (2001)
Any Given Sunday - extra (1999)


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