Blair Redford (Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald on Passions)

Current Character: Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald

Birthday: 1983-07-27

Birthplace: Born in Atlanta, Georgia


Blair Redford grew up in Canton and worked for several years as a popular entertainer at Georgia's Renaissance Festival. He also pursued a highly successful career as a student tennis player before setting his sights on acting. After doing some modeling work, he was hired by the WB to work on "Road Crew" before he was spotted by a talent scout and brought to Los Angeles. It was there that he began receiving roles on television and in the movies.

Career Highlights

Dance of the Dead - Nash Rambler (2008)
Goy - Paul Rosenberg (2007)
Cane - Marcus (2007)
October Road .... Ross St. Marie (2006)
The Other Side - Male Reaper #3 (2006)
Voodoo Moon - Evil Young Man (2005)
The Young and the Restless - Scott Grainger (2005)
Slip - Peter (2005)
Blue Collar TV - Tim (2004)


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