Adrian Wilson (Christopher Boothe on Passions)

Current Character: Christopher Boothe

Birthplace: Born in Capetown, South Africa


Wilson studied marketing and advertising in his native Capetown, South Africa, before coming to the United States 8 years ago to pursue a modeling career. Very successful in that effort, Wilson began studying acting and auditioning for leading roles. PASSIONS is his first series role. Wilson will also soon be seen in the Hallmark Channel's sci-fi movie, "Supernova," co-starring Peter Fonda, Luke Perry and Tia Carrera.

Born on December 19th, the 6'2" actor resides in Santa Monica, California, with his wife, Kai. Athletic and adventurous, Wilson enjoys rugby, the beach and traveling.

Career Highlights

Passions - Christopher Boothe (2005 - Present)
Supernova - Dave (2005)


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