Adrian Bellani (Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past) on Passions)

Current Character: Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (Past)

Birthday: 1982-04-08

Birthplace: Born in Miami Florida

Marital Status: Single


Adrian Bellani (Otherwise known as Gerardo Celasco) is an American actor of Italian and Salvadoran descent. Born in Miami Fl, his family later relocated to El Salvador, where he received his schooling at the American School of El Salvador (Escuela Americana).

Bellani later studied finances in SMU (Southern Methodist University). He is most recognizable as being the second actor to play the role of 'Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald' on daytime drama, Passions. He has modeled in the past, before working in daytime television.

Career Highlights

Passions - Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (2006)


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