John wakes up to find Natalie watching over him. She expresses that she couldn't leave his side, says, "I love you." John replies, "I love you, too" John wishes he could be at the trial. Natalie changes the subject, tells John about the dreams she had when she thought she lost him. John tells her it's not a dream. Natalie informs John that his mom will be there soon, says she's going to go call her. When Natalie leaves John's room, she runs into Vincent, thanks him for discovering that John was alive. Inside his room, John watches as Natalie hugs Vincent. Vincent asks if John's said anything about things he said when he thought John was Hugh, and Natalie says no. When Vincent leaves, John stares at Natalie as she watches him go

When Natalie goes back into John's room, she tells him that Vincent stopped by, asks if he remembers when Vincent came to visit him. John says yes. When she questions whether John heard Vincent say that he and Natalie kissed, John remembers that, too. Although John doesn't want her to explain the kiss, Natalie does anyway, describes what she was going through that night. Natalie apologizes and John understands, says that he and Natalie are together now, "And that's all the matters."

At the gym, Nash tries to make a truce with Cris, saying that for Bree's sake they all need to get along. Nash comments that he heard that Cris and Jessica were young lovers, asks him how he got over her. Cris says he feel in love with someone else, suggests that Nash do the same.

On their honeymoon, Antonio and Jessie plan to go sightseeing, but they can't seem to keep their hands off each other. While looking through her purse, Jessica finds a picture of Bree. She expresses how much she misses the kids, and Antonio asks if she wants to go home

Back at his apartment, Nash is holding Bree, talking to her about Tess. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door, and Nash opens it to find Jessica!

Rex stirs in his sleep, entrapped in a nightmare about telling Marcie, Michael and Todd the truth. In the scene, Todd takes the baby away from Michael and Marcie, says he'll make sure little Tommy turns out exactly like him! During the dream, Rex gets a peek into how little Tommy turns out having Todd as a father. He also envisions Marcie as a homeless woman, Michael as a drunk. Just as Marcie puts a knife through Rex's chest, Rex wakes up! He tells Adriana about the nightmares, and she asks if he's still going to keep the secret.

Rex goes for a walk to clear his head. When Rex returns, he tells Adriana that he's decided to keep the secret about Tommy's paternity. He asks Adriana if she'll keep the secret, too.

At the courthouse, Todd questions Blair about her doctor's appointment, and Blair says it was postponed. Todd accuses Blair of hiding something.

Nora and Evangeline express to Michael how happy they are that John is alive. Just as they all wonder how Spencer is dealing with Hugh's death, Spencer and his lawyer enter the courtroom. The judge enters, and Spencer's lawyer calls him to the stand! Suddenly, Spencer's lawyer shocks the court as he asks Spencer why he killed Thomas McBain! Spencer responds that he didn't kill Thomas McBain, but his lawyer continues asking why he murdered a cop.

He lawyer acts as though he's prosecuting Spencer, putting the courtroom in chaos. Asa is brought up, and Spencer's lawyer calls his mother a liar! Spencer leaps from the stand and lunges at his own attorney! Spencer's lawyer is sited for contempt of court. Held back by two officers, Spencer starts to cry, looks to Blair and says, "Mom, why did you lie to me?" When the judge asks Spencer's lawyer what's going on, he announces that Spencer is not fit to stand trial! Todd jumps up, screaming that this is a ploy! Spencer calls Todd David, tells him he's sorry. The judge calls order to the court, then calls a recess, tells Spencer's lawyer to find a doctor to examine Spencer Truman!

The judge calls the court back to order, and Spencer is brought back in. He sits there, acting irrationally. When the judge asks if Spencer's lawyer can prove that he's not fit to stand trial, his lawyer calls Marty Saybrooke to the stand!

Down at the docks, Natalie runs into Vincent. She tells him that John understands about their kiss, that he told Natalie he loves her. Natalie touches her ring, expresses to Vincent that John hasn't mentioned that he intended to propose to her.

Michael goes to see John, tells him about the stunt that Spencer pulled, assures John that Spencer will go down!

John tells Michael he sent Natalie home to rest, probing Michael to ask if John remembers that he was going to propose to Natalie before the accident, asks if he still wants to marry her John stares off

Next on One Life to Live: Marty takes the stand, Michael questions John about his intensions where Natalie is concerned and while out with Antonio, Nash and the baby, Jessica is recognized as Tess