Michael and Marcie show up at the hospital, and Natalie tells them that John still isn't awake. They talk about Hugh, about how sad Paige will be, but can't help but be excited for John. Michael warns Natalie that when John comes to, he may not be the same person as he was before the accident. Michael goes on to explain the medical road ahead of John, saying that chances are John won't look the same. Natalie doesn't care, says she'll stand by John's side no matter what. However, Michael reminds her of John's demeanor, says that he may not want anyone by his side. Michael and Marcie leave Natalie looking in on John, vowing not to ever let him push her away.

Natalie goes to John's bedside, telling him how much she loves him. Suddenly, John opens his eyes and says, "Hey Natalie"

Starr calls Langston. When she arrives at the penthouse, Starr gives her the news that Todd wants to take her out of school. Langston tells Starr that Cole hasn't been in school, that he may have been expelled. Langston also says that Cole was kicked off the football team, that everyone knows that Starr's father raped Cole's mother. Langston believes that Cole could've really hurt Starr. Suddenly, Starr gets an instant message from Cole. Langston takes the computer away from Starr, types, pretending to be Starr, saying that she'll never forgive Cole. She hits the send button, then leaves. Starr goes back to her computer to see if Cole is still logged on

Dorian meets with the banker. He tells her that because of the way she had set up the account, Adriana will ever see any of this money. Just as Dorian explains why she 'took control of her daughter's money,' Adriana walks in, asks, What!" Adriana asks the banker what's going on, but he chooses to leave the women alone so Dorian can explain. Dorian offers to write Adriana a check, but Adriana refuses to take her money and leaves Dorian gets an idea on how to put her life back together.

Blair takes the stand as Evangeline continues her questioning. Blair looks to Spencer, as she explains how she worked with the police in order to lead them to the murder weapon of Thomas McBain. Spencer's lawyer steps forward for cross-examination, asking Blair if she was in love with Spencer. When Blair says no, the lawyer accuses her of being a liar, trying to prove she isn't a credible witness. Todd can't take hearing about Spencer and Blair's intimacy and tries to leave the courtroom. Blair yells out for him to stop, tells Todd that she never stopped loving him! Evangeline question Blair again, asking when Blair first started to doubt Spencer, and Blair says the night he tried to strangle her! Spencer stands up, screams that he would never hurt Blair, that he loved her! Evangeline states that the prosecution rests!

Through the DNA analysis, Bo confirms that John is alive. Paige joins him in his office with breakfast. Paige tells Bo that she can't wait to see Hugh today. Bo makes her sit, gently says, "There's something I have to tell you." He goes on to tell Paige about the misidentification of the bodies, that John is alive and Hugh is dead. Paige breaks down in Bo's arms, says her and Hugh didn't have any time. After a while, she picks up her phone and calls Hugh's adoptive parents.

Down at the dock, Roxy finds Rex struggling with his emotions. Although he can't give the names involved, Rex explains the situation, asking Roxy for advice. Roxy thinks that Rex is talking about his own childhood, about the fact that Roxy let Rex's aunt raise him. Roxy starts crying, accusing Rex of putting a guilt trip on her. Rex comforts her, says he wishes he could have spent his childhood with her, that he didn't mean to upset her. Roxy kisses Rex good-bye, then leaves

Adriana meets Rex at the docks and tells him that she's 'broke,' that Dorian stole her inheritance. Rex says that money doesn't matter, that he loves her even more now When asked if he decided what to do about Tommy, Rex tells Adriana that he won't know until he talks to Spencer...

Next on One Life to Live: Blair goes to Spencer for the truth, Michael comes face to face with John and Todd goes to Vikki for support before putting together a mysterious plan...