Clint finds Bo at Rodie's, drinking away his problems. Bo explains that they may have made a mistake when determining John was dead. Bo says he's doing a DNA test on the burn patient and exhuming the body in the grave. Clint worries how Bo will hold himself together around Paige as she walks up to their table. Paige is in a great mood, saying that she received some good news about Hugh. Clint excuses himself

Paige says she wants to celebrate, that things are looking up for Hugh. She tells Bo how supportive Natalie has been of Hugh. Paige thanks God that she found Hugh, that she can finally be a mom to him. She lifts her glass and makes a toast to Hugh, looking forward to seeing him in the morning. While Paige is in the bathroom, Bo makes a call putting a rush on the DNA tests.

Jessica and Antonio continue to enjoy their honeymoon as they embrace in a romantic dance. While Antonio wants to go up to their bedroom, Jessica is content to order another drink. Jessica comments how much she misses Bree, and Antonio suggests that maybe she should call Nash to check in on the baby.

Nash prepares Bree for her dinner, talking to her about all the things her mommy, Tess, used to like. He stops to think about Jessica, commenting that he finds it harder and harder to tell her and Tess apart. The phone rings, and Nash is surprised to hear from Jessica. He tells her that Bree is fine, tells her not to rush back on his account.

Nash puts the phone up to Bree's ear, and Jessica ensures her that her daddy is going to take really good care of her, forcing Antonio to remember who Bree's daddy really is. Nash and Jessica hang up

Just as Nash gets Bree to sleep, Clint stops in to make sure he's doing okay with the baby. Clint questions whether or not Nash has said goodbye to Tess, even suggests that Nash have sort of a funeral for her. Nash grabs a bottle of wine and asks Clint to watch Bree for a little bit.

Down at the docks, Nash rereads a letter to Tess, saying he has to let her go Nash rips the paper from the notebook, seeing visions of Tess He puts the letter in an empty wine bottle, says good-bye, then throws it in the river

Parts of Tess begin to come through Jessica, as she ravishes Antonio in public! When Jessica empties her purse to freshen up, Antonio questions her about a cigarette that falls out. Jessica claims that the purse was old, that Tess must have used it. Antonio is told that their room is ready, and they both run to celebrate the rest of the night

Blair reminds Todd that he needs Rex to find his son. However, Todd plans to locate him on his own. Todd tells Blair about finding Cole at the Penthouse with Starr. He worries that their daughter is still involved with Cole. He goes on to say that the principal wouldn't expel Cole and that he told Starr he was pulling her out of school. Starr comes downstairs and argues with Blair and Todd. When they voice their concerns about Cole, Starr turns the conversation around, says that they need to figure out their own problems! Starr continues to defend Cole, says that he made a mistake. She brings up the rape, saying what Todd did to Marty is worse than what Cole did to her! Starr stomps up the stairs, and Blair passes out in Todd's arms. When Blair wakes up, she refuses to go to the hospital, says it's only a headache. Todd goes to make Blair some tea, leaving her worried about the brain tumor returning.

As Michael looks at John, he tells Natalie that there's no way that it's John in that bed! He begs Natalie to stop thinking that John is alive. However, Natalie reminds Michael that all the evidence pointing to John's death was circumstantial. Natalie tells him about Vincent being the first to realize that it was John, that John told Vincent his name! Michael peers in the window and says, "Johnny, is that really you in there?" A nurse comes out, and Natalie asks if she'll bring her the picture of Hugh from his nightstand. After the nurse retrieves the picture for Natalie, she puts John's picture next to Hugh's.

Another nurse shows up, the one who supposedly assisted with the skin graph. Natalie shows her the two pictures, asks her which man received the skin graph. The woman can't help, says she didn't see the man but has heard the rumors. She tells them that the chance of a mix-up with the bodies is highly unlikely. Natalie starts flipping out, but Michael tries to remain calm as he explains the circumstances to the nurse. She begins to believe them, tells Michael and Natalie that she'll let them sit in while she changes the bandages! They all go off to scrub up.

Once in John's room, slowly, the nurse begins to cut off the bandages as Natalie prays that it's John beneath them Once they are removed, Michael and Natalie stare into the eyes, the face, of John McBain!

Next on One Life to Live: Michael explains John's long recovery to Natalie, Blair testifies at the trial, Starr's feelings toward Cole leave her confused, John wakes up and Bo give Paige the devastating news about Hugh...