As Todd threatens the principal to expel Cole, Marty walks in, says, "If you go after my son, I'll go after you." Todd tells Marty if Cole hurts Starr again, he'll kill him! Although the principal hesitates to leave Todd alone with Marty, she does. They argue over Cole and Starr where Marty says that Cole's actions were due to the steroids. She guarantees that Cole will never take drugs again. Marty brings up the rape, saying that she managed to put what Todd did to her in the past. However, Todd says that if she thinks he's going to forget about what Cole did to Starr because of the rape, Marty has another thing coming. Todd tells her, again, he's sorry, but that doesn't excuse what Cole did to Starr. The principal comes back Todd screams that since she won't expel Cole, he's going to pull Starr out of school. He leaves

Cole pleads with Starr to open the door, saying he needs to tell her face to face that he's sorry. Although hesitant at first, Starr opens the door when Cole expresses that he's torn apart over what happened. She lets Cole in. He has a hard time putting the words together, but manages to explain why he acted the way he did at the party. However, Starr doesn't make it easy, saying that the steroids weren't all to blame. Cole apologizes for saying mean things to her, for trying to force himself on Starr. Bottom line, Cole blames peer pressure as the reason for taking drugs, tells Starr he wishes he could be more like her. They talk about Marty's rape, about Todd being the rapist, making Starr feel as though she should be apologizing to Cole.

When Cole comes closer, Starr gets nervous, tells Cole that he scared her at the party. Cole says he never meant to. They talk about Marty, about Todd, and Starr says she hates that her dad hurt Cole's mother. Suddenly, Todd runs through the door, screaming for Cole to take his hands off his daughter! Todd pulls Cole by his shirt, but Cole stands toe to toe with Todd. Todd pushes him to the door and says to get out!

Starr is angry with Todd, asks how he can be mad at Cole after what he did to his mother. Todd tells Starr she'll never see Cole again, that he pulled her out of school! Starr screams at Todd, then runs upstairs

At the courthouse, Marcie admits to Michael that she's concerned about what Rex said, wondering if they're asking for trouble by wanting to find Tommy's birthparents. Michael tries to reassure Marcie that no one will take Tommy from them.

Blair walks in the courtroom and takes the stand. She makes eye contact with Spencer. After much questioning from Evangeline, Blair appears to become distraught. She stands, then abruptly passes out.

Michael runs up to help Blair, tells Marcie to call the hospital. However, Blair comes around, says she's just a little dizzy. Spencer screams for Blair to look at him, worrying if she's okay. After the judge calls for a recess, Blair allows Michael to take her outside for some air.

Spencer's lawyer makes a crack about wishing Blair would've dropped dead at the stand, causing Spencer to erupt by pulling back the lawyer's finger warning him to NEVER say another word about Blair!

When the judge calls court back to order, he's angry that Spencer's lawyer is late in returning. After everyone's there, Evangeline calls Dr. Snyder to the stand.

Outside the courtroom, Michael confides in Michael that her symptoms have been occurring frequently. She's worried that her brain tumor has returned. Michael tells Blair not to jump for conclusions, that she needs to let Michael run some tests on her.

Antonio and Jessica enjoy their honeymoon over drinks. After kissing Antonio, telling him how much she loves him, Jessica looks off, thinks she sees Nash! However, it's not Nash at all. When Antonio asks if Jessica is okay, she downs her drink and asks for another round! A romantic song fills the air, and Jessica gets up to dance, luring Antonio to join her. They dance as the crowd watches. Jessica continues to see Nash in the face of a stranger

Nash and baby Bree show up at Rodie's, reminding Rex of Michael and Marcie's baby. Rex and Adriana leave as Roxy comes plowing in. Roxy goes to join Nash and Bree with her unique humor intact! They talk about Nash's feelings regarding Antonio and Jessica's wedding. Roxy says she can tell Nash is in love with Jessica Vega! Nash denies it, says it was Tess who he was in love with. And she's gone. They change the subject, as Nash teaches Roxy a thing or two about wine. In the end, it only reminds him of the time he taught Tess the very same things. Roxy gives Nash a piece of advice, tells him he needs to move on, to find a new love

Back at Rex's apartment, Rex struggles with what to do. Adriana supports him, tells Rex he'll do the right thing. Rex wonders if he would be able to convince Todd that little Tommy is better off with Michael and Marcie. Adriana says there's no way Todd will go for that!

Outside Todd's door, Rex rings the bell, then comes face to face with Todd

Next on One Life to Live: Michael finds out that John is alive, Marcie boosts with love for Tommy and Rex tells Todd he found his son

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