Blair tells Todd that Starr needs answers, that they have to talk to her about Marty and Todd's past. Todd is emotional, says he can't protect his own kids "Jack can't even look at me, Starr is paying for my sins and I have a son out there who doesn't even know me!

Starr stands in the stairwell, listening to Todd getting down on himself. Blair shows Todd a picture of the kids that was taken when he was gone, tells Todd that something was missing in their eyes. Blair says that his guilt for what he did to Marty isn't worth throwing his family away, that he needs to talk it out. Just as Todd is ready to walk out the door, Starr comes down the stairs, asks if he's leaving. Just as Blair says they all need to talk, her phone rings. It's Evangeline, telling Blair to get to court. She leaves Todd and Starr alone.

Todd looks to Starr, admits that he's going through a rough time, as is she, says if they talk it may help. Todd asks if Cole hurt her, and Starr assures Todd that he didn't rape her. Starr wants to forget it ever happened, and Todd says he'll make sure it doesn't happen again. He tells Starr that he needs to take care of some things, then leaves

After hearing Marty's confession, Cole asks his mother why Todd isn't in jail for raping her. She says that a judge decided that Todd changed. When asked if she believes that, Marty says she doesn't believe that Todd will rape again, but that he still has it in him to hurt people. She says she'll never forget, but that she had to move on, that she gave Todd her forgiveness. Cole knows he needs the same thing from Starr. Cole explains what happened at the party, about how out of control he got. He tells his mother that he's been taking steroids since summer, that he wanted her to be proud of him. Cole thinks back on how he scared Starr He looks to Marty, says he needs to fix this.

Starr hears a knock at the door. When she's asks who's there, Cole says, "It's me, Cole."

Todd goes to Starr's school, demanding that Cole be expelled. When the principal says she can't do that, Todd threatens her. Suddenly, Marty walks in, tells Todd if he goes after her son, she'll go after him!

At Rodie's, Michael asks if Rex has found Tommy's parents. Before he answers, Marcie hands Tommy to Rex, says how cute they look together. They all sit down and Rex tells Michael and Marcie that finding Tommy's birthparents could cause more harm than good. He asks if they're willing to risk losing him to know. While they appreciate Rex's concern, Michael says they need to find out about Tommy's medical history. Marcie expresses that she would take a bullet before she let Tommy go back to his birthparents. When Rex stays silent, Marcie says, "You found Tommy's birthparents, didn't you?" Rex denies finding them, and Michael and Marcie leave with the baby. Adriana asks Rex why he didn't tell them to truth. Rex says he didn't have it in him to hurt them. Marcie comes back, tells Rex that he has a big heart, that she's glad Tommy has Rex looking out for him. She hugs Rex.

Natalie rushes into the hospital room, but John isn't there. Vicki shows up, says that Bo left her a disturbing message. Vicki tries to get Natalie to leave, but she won't Natalie tells Vicki that John is alive. Natalie explains the chain of events, says that Bo is convinced, too! Vicki believes her, too. They find out that John is still in surgery, and Vicki convinces Natalie that they need proof before telling anyone else about their theory.

In the courtroom, David taunts Spencer as he eats popcorn. Spencer looks around, wonders where the Buchanan's are, where Blair is. Evangeline pulls David aside, tells him to stay away from Spencer, that it could cause a mistrial.

Before the trial starts, Bo listens to Paige talk about Hugh, about him coming out of this mess okay.

The judge comes in, and Evangeline calls David to the stand. Despite Spencer's attempt to buy David's silence, David truthfully answers Evangeline's questions about the night Thomas McBain was murdered, thinking back on the time in question. The prosecution takes a stab at David, tries to prove that David is not a credible witness. After it's over, Evangeline tells David he did a great job, and David leaves (Today was Tuc Watkin's last air date)

She looks to Spencer with a gleam in her eyes.

When court is back in session, Evangeline calls Blair to the stand!

Next on One Life to Live: Roxy gives Nash some advice, Adriana helps Rex, Cole and Starr cause Todd and Marty to argue, Cole apologizes to Starr and Blair worries that her brain tumor has returned...