Todd arrives at Llanview High, thinking Starr was the reason the principal called him. As Tea appears, Todd sees Dani in the classroom, and they both hear that Dani stole exam answers! Dani denies stealing the answers, and Tea refuses to allow the man to search her bag. When it's announced that Dani will be suspended, Todd gives permission for him to search her bag but makes it clear that he knows Dani would never steal. He trusts her. Dani's asked to hand over her bag, but just as Todd urges her to, Matthew appears and says, "I stole the answers to the exam."

Dorian calls Bo to the mansion and offers him his old job back. However, when Nora and John appear behind him, Dorian is advised that charges have been filed against her! "Bo, is this the thanks I get for giving you your job back?" Dorian snaps, but Nora wants one reason why she shouldn't pursue the charges. Dorian brings up how Mitch was threatening her girls, but Nora reminds her that she cost Charlie everything - by getting him involved. Just then, Nora and Bo get called away to Llanview High. "What about the charges?" Dorian asks Nora, who replies, "What charges?" When she asks if Bo will take his job back, Bo shouts, while walking out the door, "I'll take it."

When Nora and Bo arrive at the school to hear that Matthew admitted to stealing the exam answers, Nora drills him like the lawyer she is - and Todd demands an apology from everyone for accusing his daughter of something she didn't do. Finally, not wanting Matthew to take the blame, Dani admits she stole the answers then hands them over! After Nora, Bo and Matthew leave, the principal suspends Dani, but Todd says, "You can't do that," then takes the blame for the hard time Dani has had as of late. Todd offers to donate a million dollars to the school if they can bend the rules this one time - Dani is shocked! Todd denies that it's a bribe, talks about his recent donation to St. James then the principal accepts his check for a new program. Once the principal leaves, Dani gets lippy with Tea, as she grounds her, but Todd warns for Dani to watch her mouth - Tea doesn't deserve it. Dani stops Todd from leaving and thanks him, but Todd replies, "It's only money."

Out in the hall, Nora rants at Matthew for almost messing up his chance at attending a good college and asks, "You do want to go to college, don't you?" Matthew does - wherever Dani goes!

After Kevin proposes to Kelly at St. James, they talk about why they got divorced. "I should've never let you go," Kevin says, but Kelly wonders if he's fully forgiven her. Kevin reminds her that they've been raising Zane for years, so Kelly brings up how she slept with his son, which resulted in Zane. Kevin knows there's more between them other than shared parenting. However, Kelly cries, "I can't marry you," even though she'll always love him. For Zane's sake, Kelly says they need to let go and figure out what they really want. "I want you," Kevin states. Kelly is touched by his gesture and will never forget it. Kevin takes comfort that Kelly knows him so well then leaves. Dorian arrives, apologizes for being late then asks, "Are you all right?" She takes Kelly in her arms, promising she has a beautiful future ahead of her.

Outside of Sierra's room, Kim asks Clint to marry him - and he replies that the boots he's given her aren't that nice! Clint wonders what the hurry is, and Kim admits she needs him to marry her in order to keep her promise to Stacy - so she can raise her baby. Kim talks about the reasons why Gigi and Schuyler shouldn't raise the baby - but as Mrs. Clint Buchanan she'd have a chance. Clint wonders if this is just a ploy to get a Buchanan ring on her finger, and Kim takes offense. She agrees that there's no reason to ruin the fun they're having, but she needs to get custody of Sierra. Though he knows it would be a marriage of convenience, Clint asks, "What's in it for me?" Kim gets upset, stares at Sierra through the window then is excited to hear Clint say, "It's a deal… I'll marry you."

Charlie shows up at Llanfair, and after Viki catches him up on Jessica, he wants to be there for Viki. He vows to stand by her, and says that he's now in recovery, then asks for one more chance. Viki can't allow it, especially since he teamed up with Dorian, a woman who tried to destroy him. Viki brings up how Mitch was going to rape Jessica, says they all hate and want to kill Mitch, but Charlie used Jared's memory to justify his actions! "I don't have the right to take any life, even Mitch's… Murder, Charlie? What were you thinking?" Viki screams, and Charlie admits, "I made a bad choice, but Viki, you have to let me make it up to you." Viki wants a divorce and says, "It's over." Charlie goes upstairs, packs his bags then leaves.

Natalie arrives at the hospital to see Jessica, but Marty confronts her and says, "We need to talk." Marty makes it clear that John told her about Natalie and John's second kiss - the one that had nothing to do with Jared! Natalie claims it didn't mean anything, but while Marty can understand why it happened, it better not happen again. Natalie is impressed that John opened up about his feelings, and Marty assures her John said the kiss didn't mean anything - and that there was nothing between him and Natalie anymore. Marty thinks Natalie feels differently then stands up - and becomes dizzy. After Marty goes to get something to eat, John arrives - and Natalie asks him about telling Marty their kiss was a mistake. John mumbles, but Natalie stops him, saying they shouldn't go down that road again. Just as Natalie tells John to go find Marty, because she was feeling dizzy, Marty appears. Natalie takes off, and Marty assures John she's fine then agrees with John - that she wants to work on them too. Natalie listens sadly from around the corner… A nurse appears with a bag for Marty, and while Marty goes to take it, which contains a pregnancy test, Natalie and John make eye contact - then Natalie rushes off.

Next on One Life to Live:

Someone spies on Jessica.

Kyle can't believe Fish's reaction to Kim's news.

Gigi wants custody of Sierra Rose.

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