Roxy arrives at Statesville and tells Mr. Evans, who is head of security, "I need to see the baddest guy you got here." Once Mr. Evans finds Roxy's name on the visitor's list he asks, "Are you sure you want to do this?" Roxy has a bone to pick with his prisoner and follows Mr. Evans to Mitch's cell. Once alone, Mitch says, "Hello, Roxanne," while reading his bible. Roxy accuses him of hurting her family but refuses to go into details, with Mr. Evans standing to the side. Mitch taunts Roxy, about being Rex's father, but Roxy says he's going to rot in that cell. "Are you sure about that?" Mitch asks, leaving Roxy to gasp, "What do you mean by that?" Mitch just smiles and says he's thinking about writing a memoir, about his past, which causes Roxy to rush to the door, screaming, "Get me out of here. Let me out!"

Shortly after Mr. Evans leaves his shift, a woman appears and tells the guard she's there to see Mitch… that her name is Roxanne Balsom - but it's Allison Perkins!

Clint awakens Brody, who was asleep in the hospital waiting area. He insists to Brody that Jessica will remember him in time. Brody isn't so sure, but Clint says, "Don't you give up on her." Brody promises he won't then Clint heads in to see Jessica… Charlie arrives, and Brody tells him how Mitch erased Jessica's memory. Charlie worries about Viki then realizes that Jessica doesn't remember Brody - and a lot of others close to her. Brody urges Charlie not to give up on Viki.

Inside her room, Jessica smiles when she sees Cris in a photo with her and Brody. Clint appears and Jessica asks about Natalie saying, "Is it true you're not my biological father?" Clint forgets she doesn't remember anything after high school then breaks the news that Asa passed away. Jessica breaks down in Clint's arms, as he talks about the night Asa died. "I didn't get to say goodbye," Jessica cries, but Clint says she was there when they laid Asa to rest. Over talk of the prom dress that Asa gave Jessica, she asks if Cris still lives in Llanview. Clint says yes then leaves to take a call from a specialist - and Jessica calls information for Cris' number!

While working out at their apartment, Cris asks Ford why he didn't come home last night - since he ditched him at the club. Layla appears, and Cris brings up the student who has Ford's attention. Though Layla warns that what he's doing is wrong she says, "Don't break her heart." As Layla talks about how naïve she was in college, Ford heads to the shower and Cris butters Layla up with compliments. Cris wants to take Layla back to bed, but she has to go to work, even though she'd rather stay there with him. After Layla leaves, Cris gets a call from Jessica and agrees to go see her.

When Cris shows up at the hospital, Brody is surprised to hear that Jessica called him but shows Cris to her room…

Cris walks into Jessica's room, who says, with excitement, "Cris!" Though Jessica admits that she doesn't remember a lot of people, she remembers Cris. Cris is glad, since she means a lot to him. When he goes to kiss her on the cheek, Jessica says, "You can do better than that," then takes him in a romantic kiss!

Over at the apartment, Starr catches Langston looking at her neck in the mirror then listens as Markko appears and talks about Langston feeling sick last night. After Langston pulls Markko close and apologizes profusely, Starr watches with suspicion. Langston halts Markko's sexual advances, cries then pulls away. Though Langston manages to convince Markko that she's fine, who leaves for school, once alone, Starr says, "Start talking… You are so hiding something." Starr wonders if Langston is pregnant, or has an STD, and Langston assures her she has neither but admits she feels guilty. Starr thinks she's stressed about her musical then suggests she call Ford - he's an expert, who can help. After Starr talks about how Ford asked about her at Capricorn, and knew she was babysitting Hope, Langston rushes out! Cole joins Starr, and they briefly talk about Langston then joke about Hannah. Starr says she loves when girls crush on him!

Langston arrives at Ford's apartment, finds him in a towel and snaps, "You lied to me!" As Langston accuses him of trying to seduce her, Ford replies, "I would have, if your boyfriend hadn't arrived." Langston slaps him hard across the face! However, after Ford claims she wants him just as bad as he wants her, he kisses Langston - and she kisses Ford back!

Blair and Dorian are at the mansion, preparing for their Cramer family party. Dorian wants to show her girls how important they are to her and feels at ease that Mitch is locked away. "All my girls are finally safe," Dorian says, but Blair reminds her of Mitch's followers - who are still out there. Dorian hushes her and asks Blair to call to make sure the girls' flights are on time. Blair makes a call and informs Dorian that one of the flights have been delayed. Dorian worries about what could have happened.

On a flight to Llanview, Kelly and Adriana talk about Emile and Dorian then are shaken when the plane experiences turbulence…

On another flight, Cassie asks a stewardess for some hot water then pulls out a tea bag, of the calming kind that Addie sent her. Later, a voice comes over the intercom and asks if there's a doctor onboard - and Cassie is no longer in her seat, only the cup of tea sits in its holder!

Kelly enters the mansion, and though there's no love-loss between her and Blair, she's happy to see Dorian. Dorian wonders where Adriana is, and Kelly replies, "I'm afraid I have some bad news." Suddenly, Adriana appears, on crutches, and says she hurt herself during the flight. Dorian leads her girls into the living room and demands that Blair and Kelly, who are bickering, hug it out. They give Dorian an emotionless hug then Starr arrives, greets her cousins and tells Dorian that Langston is going to be late. Suddenly, Andrew enters the room, and Dorian wonders where Cassie is. "I'm afraid I have some bad news," Andrew says.

Next on One Life to Live:

Langston gives in to Ford.

Jessica wants to be with Cris.

Dorian blames Mitch for her latest tragedy.

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