Still at Capricorn, John orders a drink and Cris wonders if he's waiting for someone - since he keeps looking at the door. Over talk of what happened on Llantano Mountain, Cris thanks John for helping Jessica and admits that he's never stopped caring for her - since they meant so much to each other in high school. As Cris goes back to work, Marty appears and tells John about Jessica's diagnosis - that she can't remember anything after high school. Marty apologizes for being distant and is willing to move on from his kiss with Natalie - unless there's a reason why she shouldn't? John admits that when Marty found them kissing, Natalie knew he wasn't Jared - and John kissed her too. Marty wonders how far they would've gone, if she hadn't interrupted, but John tends to think he and Natalie wouldn't have gone any further. "Can you forgive me?" John asks.

Across the room, Star, Cole and Markko talk about Langston and how sorry they are that she missed the concert. Suddenly, a girl appears and hugs Cole! Cole introduces her as Hannah, a girl from college, one who's never seen Starr around campus. Starr admits she goes to Llanview High then Hannah pulls Cole aside to talk about college - and Markko urges Starr not to become jealous and to remember how much Cole loves her. Markko brings up how Starr reassured him about Langston then rushes off to head home - to tell Langston how much he loves her. When Cole rejoins Starr, she asks what Hannah wanted then appears as though she doesn't care when Cole tells her about them becoming partners for a class. Cole insists Starr has nothing to worry about but says if she has an issue with him working with Hannah, he'll work with one of the guys. After Cole jokes with Starr about the project surrounding human sexuality, Hannah reappears to say good night. Starr thinks she seems really nice then tells Cole she trusts him.

Back at the apartment, Ford and Langston engage in another steamy kiss. Langston allows Ford to unbutton her shirt but pulls away saying, "This is wrong." Though she tries to throw him out, Ford starts unbuttoning his own shirt and asks, "Do you really want me to go?" Langston locks the front door and admits she wants him to stay. As their clothes come off, Langston says, "Wait, we don't have protection." Ford pulls out a condom then Langston pushes him into a chair and straddles his lap. When they move to the couch, Ford rips open the condom, but they are prevented from having sex - because Markko arrives home! Langston used the chain lock, so Markko doesn't see her and Ford, who Langston hides in the closet. She rushes to let Markko in, claiming she used the chain lock because she heard a noise. Markko is glad she did, since she was alone, but Langston blurts, "I wasn't alone." Ford listens from the closet as Langston lies and says, "I felt like I had company because the TV was on." Markko wonders if she has a fever, and Langston acts as though she feels sick. When Markko goes to get her an aspirin, she ushers Ford out of the apartment - and Ford reminds her that tonight happened for a reason! Markko returns, and when Langston pushes him away, claiming she doesn't want him to get sick, Markko is touched because she always puts him first. Markko kisses her neck and reminds Langston, who look weary, that they'll have the rest of their lives to make love.

Rex and Gigi are in the hospital waiting area, when Natalie and Viki arrive. Gigi talks about her last moments with Stacy then Viki and Natalie break the news that Jessica doesn't remember anyone from the last ten years. After Viki and Natalie take off, Gigi tells Rex, "Go ahead say it… You were right about Schuyler all along." Schuyler overhears them from behind an open door then rushes off, as Gigi and Rex continue to talk about the results of Stacy and Schuyler's lies. Gigi feels bad for Rex's loss, thinking he was Sierra's father, then talks about how she delivered the baby. When Rex talks about Gigi having a big heart, she replies, "Too bad I gave it to the wrong guy." Gigi tells him how Stacy came up with Sierra's name then Rex reminds Gigi that Schuyler will always be in her life - because he's the baby's father. Just then, the doctor appears and announces that Sierra is out of surgery.

Down the hall, in the chapel, Rachel finds Schuyler and pulls him into a comforting hug. Schuyler blames himself for Stacy's death, but Rachel wants to know if he gave Stacy the drug to induce her labor - because the hospital is investigating him! Schuyler admits he took the drug but says he didn't administer it to Stacy - it would have made him feel like a user again. Rachel tells Schuyler about giving the drug to Tea, promises they can trust her and says that everything will be okay. However, Schuyler doesn't care about himself right now.

After Gigi goes to find Schuyler, they rejoin Rex and the doctor and hear that the surgery went well - now they just have to wait. Gigi vows to wait as long as it takes, so Rex and Schuyler take a seat and wait with her.

Sitting outside of Jessica's room, Viki rants about Charlie's involvement in Jessica's shooting, but Natalie defends him. Viki only has time to concentrate on her daughters then expresses how terrified Natalie must have been in the cabin. Natalie thinks back to kissing John then says, "John got both of us through." Natalie talks about how she thought John was Jared, how she kissed him then admits she kissed him again - when she realized he was John. "Are you falling in love with John again?" Viki asks.

In her hospital room, Jessica dreams and says, "I need you, my love. I love you… Where are you?" Brody enters and says, "I'm right here," which wakes Jessica up. Brody opens a laptop and plays a DVD to show Jessica how much they mean to each other. She's stunned to see herself telling Brody how much she loves him and how much older she looks. Brody shows her some pictures next and talks about how they met. Jessica apologizes for not remembering him, but Brody understands and asks for one more thing before he leaves - for Jessica to let him kiss her. Jessica acts like a shy schoolgirl but agrees. After their kiss, Jessica laughs, says he was good but that they can never kiss again. Brody asks her to keep looking at the pictures, because they'll tell her everything she needs to know, then leaves. Jessica looks through the photos, smiles then stops at one. Viki joins her, and though Jessica admits she doesn't remember Brody, looking at the pictures did stir up a certain feeling.

Brody and Natalie arrive at Capricorn, and while Brody talks to Cris about Jessica, Natalie stares across the room at John and Marty kissing…

Next on One Life to Live:

Someone visits Mitch.

Starr thinks Langston has a secret.

Dorian thinks her troubles are over.

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