Rex tells Adriana that he just found out that Todd is Tommy's biological father. Adriana is as shocked as Rex. Rex is torn, asks Adriana what he should do. She tells Rex that he has no choice but to tell them all. He says the whole situation is going to be horrible for everyone involved, that Michael and Marcie will be crushed. On the other hand, Todd hired him to find his son Rex is engulfed with misery, but says he knows what to do He tells Adriana that they are going to be the only ones who know about Tommy's paternity, that they can never tell a soul. Adriana tries to reason with Rex, says that he can't keep the information hidden. Rex finally agrees, says he needs to figure out how to break the news to Todd, Marcie and Michael.

Michael and Marcie show up at Rodie's. Michael asks if Rex has made any progress finding Tommy's birth parents.

Clint goes to the hospital, tells Kelly that Kevin's flight to London got off okay. Kelly says that the baby is doing well, that she'll be able to join Kevin in London soon. Overhearing, Dorian joins them, asks what's going on. Kelly explains that she wants a relationship with Kevin, that the baby needs a father, that she and Kevin want to raise him as their own. Though Dorian is upset about Kelly's plans, she surprisingly gives Kelly her blessing. Dorian expresses that she's losing everyone she loves, and Clint tries to comfort her, says that Kelly is doing what she needs to do.

Bo doesn't believe Natalie when she tells him that John is alive. Natalie begs for him to believe her, says that she needs his help now! Bo tries to reason with Natalie until Vincent steps forward, says that he can prove that the man they buried was Hugh Hughes. Vincent tells Bo everything he knows, about John's reactions in the hospital. Abruptly, Paige joins them, says she's going to try to get a hold of the hospital to check on Hugh. When she goes to make the call, Bo says that it's HER son in that burn unit. However, Vincent asks Bo if her son, Hugh, had brown eyes. As they try to sort through what happened, Bo says that the body must have been identified as John's Paige overhears, asks if it's true.

Bo asks to speak to Paige alone. He tries to cover up what she heard, tells Paige that he's worried about Natalie, that he needs to talk to her about how she's dealing with John's death. Before Paige goes, she says that Vincent is a good man, that he could be a real support to Natalie during this time. Paige looks forward to Vincent and Hugh picking up their friendship once Hugh gets better. Paige leaves

Bo tells Natalie he can't tell Paige about Hugh, that she just got her son back. Natalie says that Paige needs to know, but Bo doesn't have the heart to tell her now. Bo swears that he'll get to the bottom of this and goes back into the courtroom. Vincent leaves, and Natalie says to herself, "I'm sorry, but I can't wait" She leaves the courthouse.

Evangeline starts to prepare David for his questioning, telling him how important it is that he tells that truth! Spencer's lawyer goes to Evangeline, says she better be ready. He looks to David, says he looks forward to David's testimony.

Everyone is shocked that Marty is Cole's mother. Blair accuses Marty of screwing up their lives! Cole screams for someone to tell him what's going on. The detective has to hold Blair back after she lunges toward Marty. Cole wants to know how they are all connected, why they all hate each other! The results of Cole's drug test come in, and Cole leaves with the detective. Marty is surprised that Starr knows her name, knows who she is. Marty says that Cole has no idea about what happened, tells them to let her handle Cole her way. An emotional Marty goes on to say that Patrick died, that although she never wanted to come back to Llanview, she needed to be with her family. The door opens Cole comes back in, and the detective announces that steroids were found in his system. The cop explains that Cole could be brought up on assault charges, depending on Starr's statement. Cole and Marty leave, and Starr demands to go home.

Cole tells his mother that he took the drugs because he wanted to play football better, but that he feels bad about what happened with Starr. Marty is almost afraid to ask what he did. Cole says he didn't hurt her, physically, but that he yelled at her, threw stuff, says he wouldn't blame Starr if she never talked to him again. Cole again asks how she knows Starr's parents. Marty goes into a room at the station, sits down with Cole, tells him about what happened to her in college. Marty admits to her son that Todd raped her!

Back at the penthouse, Starr asks Todd if he hates Marty, and he says, "No." "But you did rape her," Starr states, and Todd says, "Yes, I did."

Next on One Life to Live: Natalie convinces Vicki that John is alive, Marty and Cole have a talk about her past, Todd begins to second guess his role in Jack and Starr's life, Rex struggles with the truth and David is cross-examined...