During his limo ride to Llanview, Snoop Dogg talks about the scenery then says, "Look out, ladies, the boss is back!" Snoop anticipates seeing Blair's curves but has to make a stop before Capricorn…

Over at Bo's, Nora sees lipstick on Matthew's cheek, but Matthew chalks it up to comforting Dani, who was upset over Todd. After Matthew stomps off, Bo tells Nora about Mathew and Dani's kiss, and Nora wonders, "Do you think it's a good idea for our son to be involved with Todd Manning's daughter?" Bo tries to help Nora weigh the pros and cons, but she can't forget how Todd beat the daylights out of Cole after finding him with Starr. Bo thinks the relationship will fizzle out then answers a knock at the door… It's his old friend, Calvin - Snoop Dogg! Snoop tells Bo about his concert at 'The Cap' then kisses Bo's new 'old lady's' hand. Nora's surprised to hear that Snoop knows all about her recent past with Bo, and Matthew's hardships. Snoop is introduced to Matthew and explains that he got the scoop from Shaun Evans - and that he also knows about Matthew and Little D. Nora's reluctant to let Matthew go to Snoop's concert, but Snoop convinces her to let him go. Over pizza, Snoop gives Matthew and Bo some romance advice then Snoop tells Bo he wouldn't let his daughter near the young Buchanan - because Matthew's a player!

Outside her apartment, Langston daydreams of kissing Ford when Markko appears behind her. Langston pulls away, and Markko wonders why? Langston apologizes for being distant, blames it on her writer's block and again thinks about Ford. "I just need to get this musical out of my system," she says. Markko looks forward to reconnecting with her over the concert tonight…

Inside the apartment, while Starr and Cole are getting ready for the Snoop Dogg concert, they talk about Dani - and how much Starr misses her living with them. Suddenly, Cole gets a text that their babysitter canceled because she's going to the concert. Starr cries about their night being ruined, but Cole teases her by saying, "We have the place to ourselves." As Starr and Cole kiss, Langston and Markko come through the door. Markko is disappointed when Langston volunteers to babysit Hope and offers to help her, but Langston begs them all to go have fun - so she can work on her musical.

Blair enters Todd's bedroom, as he's instructing someone, over the phone, to keep an eye on Dani, and demands to know where Jack is. Todd finds Jack's room empty, and Blair worries that Mitch got to him! Todd dismisses the thought, and the two argue about their kids, Tea and how much Dani hates Todd.

At The Palace, Dani sees Tea holding the drug vile and asks what she's hiding - is it a drug? Tea claims it's an exhibit for a case, but Dani doubts it. Jack arrives, sees Dani and asks, "Who the hell are you?" Dani introduces herself as Jack's sister, leaving Jack to say, "Like I need another big sister." Dani feels the same and replies, "Like I need a mini Todd." As the new siblings argue, Tea calls Jack out for not telling Todd where he is. Tea calls Todd, tells him that Jack is there then lashes out at him for not telling Jack about Dani - but Todd reminds Tea that she didn't tell him he had a daughter! Tea hangs up and plays referee over the kids' arguing - until Todd and Blair arrive for Jack. While Tea, Todd and Blair argue about their own relationships, Jack warns Dani that their mothers fight over their dad like a dog with a bone! Dani is relieved when Matthew calls to invite her to the Snoop concert, but Todd refuses to allow her to go! Dani snaps at Todd until Tea agrees to go with Dani. Dani defends Matthew, saying he wouldn't get drunk at a frat party and… Tea stops her from bringing up the rape in front of Jack then Todd, Blair and Jack leave. Jack wants to go to the concert and says Todd and Blair owe him - for not telling him he had a sister!

Ford helps Cris set up for the Snoop Dogg concert at Capricorn, where Cris asks, "Are you going to invite this new girlfriend of yours?" Ford brushes the question off, but Cris wonders why he's keeping this girl a secret - is she with another guy? After a bit more back and forth girl talk, Cris tells Ford to man the door - and to let Cole, Starr, Markko and Langston in for free. When Langston doesn't arrive with Cole, Starr and Markko, Ford acts as though he's getting the flu, like Layla, and Cris tells him to go home.

Across the room, Greg informs Rachel that the hospital board is going to be investing Schuyler for signing out the labor inducing drug. Greg gets a call about Sierra Rose's surgery then relays to Rachel the ramifications of Schuyler giving Stacy the drug. When Rachel thinks back to finding the drug, and giving it to Tea, Greg wonders if she's hiding something. Rachel defends Schuyler then is saved by the bell when Destiny appears and rants about Matthew giving her the 'just friends line' - like Rachel gave to Greg! While Rachel and Destiny talk about Matthew and Dani, Greg buys his old fling, Vivian, a drink and informs her that he's serious about Rachel. When Shaun joins them, and passionately kisses Vivian, Greg's shocked to see that Vivian hasn't been pining after him at all. Greg and Shaun's parents arrive, and though Rachel thinks Mrs. Evans is happy to see her - she's really excited to see Vivian. Greg warns Rachel not to let his mother get to her.

Later, Snoop arrives at Capricorn and chats with the Evans clan. On her way to the bathroom, Rachel spots Tea and says, "Greg thinks I know something." Tea suggests that Rachel come clean. Across the room, Starr, Cole and Markko tell Blair about Langston staying back to watch Hope. From different areas of the club, Todd, Bo and Nora watch Matthew and Dani - until Snoop takes the stage and sings his hit single, "I Wanna Rock," off his new "Malice In Wonderland" CD. Snoop makes his way through the crowd and dances with all of Capricorn's patrons.

Ford goes to Langston's apartment, claiming to be returning her scarf. Langston tries to slowly shut the door on him, but then allows Ford to come in. While Ford looks over Langston's shoulder, as she tries to work on her musical, she gets up then accepts his kiss.

Next on One Life to Live:

Gigi welcomes Rex's support.

John tells Marty how much he cares.

Brody vows to jog Jessica's memory.

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