On the phone in his living room, Todd screams at his editor while looking at a photo of him and Tea. When Blair appears, she's shocked to hear that Tea moved out for Dani - and basically threw Todd away - then calls her a witch. Todd likes how Blair always makes him feel better then returns the favor by kissing her! Though they make it up to the bedroom, Blair breaks away and refuses to be Todd's blow-up doll, in order to get over Tea, then says, "I've moved on and suggest you do the same." Blair apologizes for Todd's pain but urges him to break the cycle and finishes with, "The boys and I are moving out." Todd accuses Blair of leaving him too, but she claims the move back home is for the boys' sake - now that Mitch is in jail, they need stability. Blair leaves Todd with some advice… to quit moping around and fight for Tea and Dani.

Rachel summons Tea to her apartment for legal advice and shows her the drug vile she found in Schuyler's belongings. After Rachel tells Tea about Schuyler's plans to induce Stacy's labor, Tea admits that if the baby dies, due to Schuyler administering that drug, he could face murder charges. However, Tea says without proof, no one can prove anything. Tea takes the vile with her but warns, "If you want things to work out with Greg, let this be the last secret you keep from him. Take it from me."

Dani and Matthew arrive at Tea's room at The Palace, where Dani is angry that her mom wasn't waiting for her. Over talk of Todd, Matthew urges Dani to get along with her mom, but Dani replies, "Not until she sees Todd for the real creep he is." Changing the subject, Dani reminds Matthew that they're alone then the two kiss. When things move to the bed, Matthew pulls away, but Dani wants to have sex. "I'm not ready to have sex with you yet," Matthew says. "I really don't think you're ready to have sex with me either." Dani pushes and tells Matthew to take his clothes off already… But it becomes apparent that she'd rather have sex with her friend than be a victim to someone like Todd Manning. Matthew comforts Dani as she cries and talks about how a girl at school called her 'the rapist's daughter'. Though Dani wants to forget about Todd's past, Matthew insists that having sex isn't the way to do it. As Dani kisses Matthew, thanking him for always being there, Tea arrives home - and Matthew gets up to leave. Dani follows him out and thanks Matthew for turning her down. Matthew hopes one day it'll feel right - for them both. Tea sits by the window and stares at the drug vile in her hand.

Still at the carriage house, Rex tries to explain to Shane why he and Gigi can't immediately get back together. Roxy barges in and starts talking about Stacy and the baby, saying, "I hope you let her have it." Rex informs her that Stacy died after she gave birth then shocks Roxy by pin-pointing Schuyler as Sierra Rose's father. Roxy is happy to hear that Gigi knows too, then demands that Rex bring her back home. Rex brings up all that Gigi is going through and says now isn't the time for him to get in her face. However Rex grabs his coat and leaves, promising to tell Gigi how much Shane is sorry about what happened to Stacy. Alone, Shane asks Roxy why she had a baby with Mitch if she didn't love him. Roxy doesn't want to think about Mitch but assures Shane that he and his dad were worth it.

Standing outside the neonatal unit, Schuyler cries, "I believe in us! Don't you?" Gigi goes over how she lost her family, but was reassured to have him, just to find out their relationship was all a lie. "I turned to you, and you, Stacy and Kim used that baby to tear my family apart," Gigi says, causing Schuyler to admit he made a mistake. Talk of the baby comes up, and Gigi can't believe that Schuyler was willing to watch another man raise his child. Schuyler rambles about how he thought he could keep an eye on the baby, from a distance, to make sure nothing happened, but Gigi reminds him that Sierra Rose almost died - because of him. Gigi thinks of Mitch, and how he thought Stacy's baby was his grandchild, then starts hitting Schuyler, screaming, "My sister is dead because of you!" Schuyler relents and takes the blame but makes it clear that falling in love with Gigi made his life matter. "You didn't trust me enough to tell me the truth," Gigi replies. "It's too late. I can't even look at you…" Gigi leaves to go be with the baby.

Gigi goes inside the baby's room, talks to Sierra Rose about Stacy then promises to be there when she gets out of surgery. As the doctor push her cart out into the hallway, Schuyler asks for a moment - and apologizes to his daughter, wishing he could take away her pain. Rex arrives and stands next to Gigi, as Schuyler tells Sierra Rose, "I love you so much, and I'll never stop." Rex tells Gigi he thought she could use a friend, and Gigi agrees… Schuyler watches as they walk down the hallway together.

In her bedroom at the Buchanan mansion, Kim screams at Nigel, who is pouring water into her footbath. As she threatens to have Nigel thrown out, Clint appears and asks, "Who the hell do you think you're talking to?" Clint apologizes for Kim and excuses Nigel then warns Kim, who he calls a thoughtless little girl with a mean streak, that he won't allow her to abuse Nigel! Kim begins crying then says, "Stacy's dead." Clint had no idea and comforts her, as Kim relives finding and losing Stacy. Kim thinks back to demanding that Schuyler give Stacy the drug to induce her labor then blames herself for everything that's happened. Clint urges Kim to tell him what she did, but Kim just admits, "I let Stacy out of my sight." Clint assures her Stacy's death wasn't her fault and reminds Kim she needs to focus on keeping Stacy's memory alive through Sierra Rose. "Stacy found love through Sierra Rose," Kim cries. "Nobody knew it but me." Kim talks about leaving her boots for Stacy, in case she got out alive, but Clint promises to buy her another pair. Clint tucks Kim in bed then lies down next to her, holding her close.

Next on One Life to Live:

Dani snaps at Todd.

Ford sets his sights, again, on Langston.

Snoop Dogg performs at Capricorn.

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