When Bo and Nora bring Shane and Bree home to the carriage house, Bree wants to see her mommy. Nora leaves with Bree, but Bo stays with Shane, who can't wait to see Rex, Gigi and his baby sister.

Still at the hospital, after Schuyler announces that he's Sierra Rose's father, and Rex verifies it, Gigi insists on seeing the baby before surgery. While she's in with Sierra Rose, Schuyler thanks Fish for saving his daughter then Rex asks him if he's now claiming the baby because Stacy is dead - or because he's succeeded in destroying his life! Schuyler makes it clear his priority is the baby then Rex takes a call from Bo and chats briefly with Shane. Rex promises Shane he'll be home soon to talk about the baby. Gigi reappears and goes to Rex, who says he's heading home to talk to Shane, then Rex leaves. Gigi sits down and cries. When Schuyler walks toward her, she lashes out at him for all of the lies! Though Gigi thinks he was sleeping with Stacy, while with her, Schuyler tries to explain Stacy's miscarriage, how she drugged him into having sex, then says, "I wanted to tell you, Gigi, that's why I was driving in the snow storm." Gigi feels bad, thinking Schuyler just found out he was the father, but Schuyler shocks her by saying he's known for a while. Schuyler finally admits that he was afraid if Gigi found out the truth, he would lose her. "The day you told me you loved me was the greatest day of my life," Schuyler cries. Though he thinks nothing has to change, Gigi replies, "It changes everything."

As John runs into Todd while leaving the hospital, he warns, "You run that story, you'll regret it." Todd looks at his notes and asks John if he has his facts straight, which Todd does. Todd wonders where Marty will fit into the equation after he takes the next step - and takes Natalie to bed! Todd claims he's just looking out for Marty, but John thinks Todd's just bored - because Tea tossed him away. John brings up Viki and reminds Todd that his story will hurt her, which causes Todd to agree not to run it. After John leaves, it's clear Todd has no intentions of giving in to John's demands so easily.

Natalie appears outside of Jessica's room and hears that Jessica's memory has been erased - and that she can't remember anything after her senior year of high school. Even though they warn that Jessica will not remember her, Natalie heads into Jessica's room…

Inside her room, Jessica asks a nurse what year it is and is shocked to hear it's 2010! The nurse leaves, and Natalie enters saying, "Hey Sis." Jessica replies, "Natalie," but looks at Marty and comments about Natalie having been John McBain's girlfriend. Viki goes to her side, where Jessica cries, "This is my twin? I don't remember her." Marty urges Natalie, along with Brody, back out into the hallway and tells Clint and Viki to be gentle with Jessica's state of mind. Once alone, Jessica asks Viki and Clint who Bree is, and they explain she's her daughter. Jessica wonders if 'that cop' Brody is Bree's father, but Viki talks about Nash - who Jessica doesn't remember. Viki shows Jessica a picture of Bree…

Back out in the hallway, Marty tries to reassure Brody and Natalie, as Nora arrives with Bree. As Marty explains Jessica's prognosis to Nora, Bree yells, "I want to see my mommy!"

Marty peeks in and asks Jessica if she's up to seeing Nora and Bree. Jessica hopes seeing Bree will jog her memory and urges Marty to send them in. When Nora brings Bree in, she jumps up on her mommy's bed and gives Jessica a photo of her, Jessica and Brody ice skating. Jessica acts as though she knows her and asks Bree to wear a certain dress she likes for when Jessica comes home. Jessica promises she'll be better soon then allows Nora to take Bree for hot chocolate. Clint thinks Jessica remembered Bree, because of the dress she asked her to wear, but Jessica shows them the photo Viki gave her, admitting she didn't remember Bree at all. Jessica cries, "I'm scared… I'm really scared."

On Marty's way out, she informs Natalie and Brody that Jessica didn't remember Bree. Though Natalie warns Brody there's nothing they can do, he says, "Yes, there is."

Kyle brings Fish to his room at the Angels Square Hotel, where he brings up how Fish is ignoring the possibility that he's the baby's father. As Kyle pushes Fish to get a DNA test, Fish refuses and says, "She needs a mother and a father." Fish thinks the baby should be with normal parents, which Kyle takes offense to. After Kyle brings up their bond, and how Gigi and Schuyler are bound to fall apart, he says, "Just because you're gay doesn't mean you have to give up your child." Fish begs Kyle, if he loves him, to let this go, then heads off to take a shower. While he's gone, Kyle bags a water bottle that Fish was drinking from!

Rex arrives at the carriage house and tells Shane the baby's name. Over talk of Stacy's death, and how she died trying to get to Sierra Rose, Rex explains the baby's health and paternity. "It turns out the baby's not your sister," Rex says then admits that Schuyler's her dad. Shane realizes how bad Stacy messed with his parents but vows to be there for his new baby cousin. After Shane goes upstairs to unpack, Rex tells Bo how he watched Gigi almost die, how he watched Stacy die and how he lost a baby, one who he thought was his. Bo comforts Rex and promises he's going to be okay. Rex thanks Bo, promising to call him, then Bo leaves. When Shane comes back downstairs, he asks if Rex and Gigi can get back together now… now that Stacy's baby isn't his.

Next on One Life to Live:

Blair doesn't want history with Todd to repeat itself.

Roxy tries to push Rex toward Gigi.

Gigi banishes Schuyler from her life.

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