On their flight back to Llanview, Bo takes a call from John, updating him on Stacy's death and the fact that Dorian fired Lowell. Once he hangs up, Shane asks if his Aunt Stacy had the baby yet. Nora takes Bree aside, who can't wait to see her mommy. Bo sits across from Shane and breaks the news that the baby is fine, but Stacy died. Shane listens to the details, remembering how his Aunt Stacy hated the cold, then claims he has no right to be upset - since he hated her and wanted her to die. Bo reminds him how he patted Stacy's belly before they left for Texas, and understands how he felt about Stacy, then Shane sadly admits, "I didn't really want her to die." As Shane cries for Stacy, he and Bo exchange cell numbers, to which Bo expresses wanting to check in with Shane from time to time. Shane likes the idea of Bo being there for him.

Standing near Llantano Lake, after Kim blurts out that Schuyler isn't any more Sierra Rose's father than Rex is, Rex demands to know who the father is. Kim recalls how Stacy lost herself while giving up her life for Rex and claims she loved him more than Gigi ever could have. "Who's the father, Kim?" Rex asks, but Kim continues blaming Rex for Stacy's kidnapping and death. Rex wants to take Kim home, but Kim cries, "She's in that freezing water and you don't even care! Get out, I'm not leaving her!" After Rex leaves, Kim looks at the hole in the ice and talks to Stacy about her new boots that Clint bought her and how she threw them on to come and look for her. "We would've been okay if you hadn't taken off! We were supposed to be a team, why'd you leave me!" Kim screams in tears. Kim vows to give Sierra Rose everything her heart could ever desire, leaves Stacy her designer boots then heads to the hospital to check on the baby.

Shortly after, the boots that Kim left on the bench are gone - and there are footprints in the snow traveling away from the lake!

Outside of the baby's hospital room, Kyle explains the congenital heart defect to Fish and says Sierra Rose's best chance of having a full recovery would be to have heart surgery. Kyle warns that the doctors will need permission from the baby's father to perform the surgery and asks Fish if he wants him to do a quick DNA test - but Fish refuses! Fish talks about Stacy claiming Schuyler was the father and refuses to make things worse for Gigi right now. "Would you let it go, please?" Fish asks.

With Fish and Kyle looking in through the window, inside the baby's room, Schuyler comforts Gigi, as she mourns Stacy. A doctor enters and explains that Sierra Rose has a congenital heart defect. Gigi wonders where they go from here, to which the doctor suggests emergency heart surgery. Schuyler assures Gigi that doctors do this surgery all the time then reminds her that Stacy asked her to save Sierra Rose. However, when the doctor asks if the father is available, since they need his consent, Schuyler becomes nervous. Schuyler tries to stop Gigi from calling Rex, but she leaves the room.

Gigi runs into Rex outside the baby's room, and with Fish, Kyle and Schuyler listening, Gigi explains Sierra Rose's condition and says the doctors need Rex's permission for surgery. "I'm sorry," Rex says. "I can't give permission." Gigi can't understand why Rex is arguing this, but Schuyler blurts out, "Rex isn't the baby's father… I am."

John enters Marty's office, fills her in on Dorian firing Lowell and begs her not to shut him out. John makes it clear that he hopes Natalie recovers from the accident, and Jared's death, then asks Marty if she loves him enough to let him back into her life. Marty accepts John's kiss, asks to talk about this later then leaves…

Todd arrives at the hospital and gives a nurse a hard time, looking for Jessica. Natalie appears in a wheelchair, informs him Jessica is okay then explains that she was in an explosion. After Todd hears that John saved her, he takes out his notepad and starts rehearsing the makings of a news story. Natalie refutes Todd's taunts that John still has the hots for her then heads off to get some x-rays. Todd calls The Sun and reports their next headline, "Super Cop John McBain Leaves Marty Saybrooke In The Cold, Burns For Recently Widowed Natalie Banks."

On her way to x-ray, Natalie runs into John outside of Marty's office and asks if he patched things up with Marty. John claims they're trying to work things out, but Natalie says if she was Marty, she'd want to know what was behind their kiss - what did it mean? Natalie makes it clear that she wants John to be happy - and if Marty is the one, she wants him to be with her. Natalie and John say goodbye but share a lingering stare as she goes to get her x-rays.

As John leaves the hospital, he runs smack-dab into Todd, who's still on the phone badmouthing him.

Inside Jessica's hospital room, when she asks Brody who he is, Brody replies, "You do know me. It's me, Brody Lovett." Jessica remembers him as the man who helped save her from Mitch and the nurse. Brody explains what she went through, and Jessica thanks him for saving her. "Are you a cop or something?" she asks and becomes confused when Brody claims they know each other. As Jessica screams for Brody to leave, Viki and Clint enter the room. While Clint takes Brody out into the hall, Viki verifies that Jessica does know Brody then begins talking about how Bree is on her way home and can't wait to see her. "Who's Bree?" Jessica asks.

Outside Jessica's room, Clint asks Brody to give Jessica some time, but Brody can't understand why she remembers everyone else but him. Viki appears and tells Brody and Clint she had Marty paged. When Marty shows up, Viki fills her in on Jessica's condition then Marty heads into Jessica's room to examine her.

Jessica welcomes Marty, remembering her as one of her best friends. After a bit of small talk, Marty explains that Jessica was given electroshock therapy, that's why she's having a hard time remembering. Marty talks about her own memory loss, and she didn't remember her own son, but Jessica interrupts, "Wait… you have a son?" Jessica is so confused… She thinks Marty and Patrick are still dating, has no idea who John McBain is or that she has a sister named Natalie - she can only remember her sister Megan! Marty asks Jessica what year she thinks it is…

Marty goes back out into the hallway and tells Viki, Clint and Brody that Jessica doesn't remember anything after her senior year of high school!

Next on One Life to Live:

Gigi wants answers from Schuyler.

Kyle takes charge.

Jessica's family can't believe her condition.

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