At the Llanview PD, Dorian apologizes for getting Charlie into this mess, but Charlie just prays that Jessica is going to be okay. Soon after, Eli appears with good news, that Charlie and Dorian made bail. Before Charlie leaves, he tells Dorian he hopes her girls are okay, and Dorian assures Charlie that Viki will forgive him.

John brings Mitch to his cell and says, "Enjoy your new home." Though Mitch warns he won't be there for long, John reminds him he could be tried for murder - if Jessica dies. Mitch makes excuses for what he did to Jessica but vows that Dorian and Charlie will answer for what they've done. "Dorian will learn…" Mitch says. "What comes around goes around." After John leaves, Mitch says, "You'll never be free of Mitch Laurence."

From Georgia, Cassie takes a call from Dorian and assures her that she's okay. She talks about some calming tea, that Addie sent, and tells Dorian not to worry about Mitch. "It's over," Cassie says, as she takes a drink of tea.

Rex and Fish are at Llantano Lake, overseeing the driving team, who end up calling off the search. Rex and Fish stare at the ice as it's officially announced, "Stacy Morasco is dead." Rex demands that they continue looking for her, but Stacy's body can't be located. Fish worries about the baby not having a mother, but Rex sadly says, "She has a father." Over talk of how much Fish cares for the baby, and the fact that Schuyler is the father, Fish gives Rex some space and heads to Llanview, promising to relay the news to Gigi. Kim arrives and asks Rex if he's seen Stacy. As gently as possible, Rex explains how Stacy fell through the ice, and is now gone, which causes Kim to lash out. She accuses Rex of wanting her dead then falls apart in his arms. Talk of the baby comes up, and Kim verifies that Sierra Rose isn't Rex's. Kim begins ranting at Rex, but Rex demands to know how she and Stacy could have let him believe that the baby was his - when she was really Schuyler's. As they continue to argue, Kim blurts out that Schuyler is no more Sierra Rose's father than Rex is!

At Llanview Hospital, just as Viki and Clint wonder what Brody was going to tell them, Greg appears and says that Jessica is going to make a full recovery. Viki and Clint are overjoyed but wonder why Brody doesn't seem happier. Brody is forced to explain that Mitch gave Jessica electroshock therapy. Clint vows to kill Mitch, as Viki listens to everything that Brody knows…

Later, permitted to see Jessica, Viki and Clint go to her bedside, as she opens her eyes. Jessica doesn't remember being shot but knows who Viki and Clint are. They tell Jessica there's someone who wants to see her and then head out to tell Brody that Jessica remembers them - the memory loss wasn't permanent! However, when Brody goes to see Jessica, she stares blankly at him. He just wants Jessica to know how much he loves her then goes to leave, so she can rest. As he goes, Jessica asks, "Who are you?"

Seated outside Jessica's room, Clint and Viki are happy that both their girls are safe. Just then, Charlie arrives and apologizes to Clint and Viki for what he did to Jessica. He vows never to forgive himself - or to stop loving Viki. Viki turns away from him and cries.

Outside the neonatal unit, Gigi tells Schuyler that nothing will stop her from taking care of Sierra Rose until Stacy can do it herself. As they go in to see the baby, Kyle watches from a window. Gigi begs Sierra Rose to hang on, promising her that her mom and dad will give her a beautiful life - if they can't, Aunt Gigi will. Gigi admits she's so happy that she has her sister back - the one she's known and loved.

Schuyler goes out into the hallway and cries to Kyle, "It's my baby girl in there." He fills Kyle in on what happened to Stacy and how Fish is still at the lake overseeing the diving crew. Schuyler admits that he told Rex the truth, and Kyle warns that he told Roxy too - and that Schuyler better tell Gigi the truth before someone else does. As Schuyler goes to look for a doctor, Kyle stares at the baby through the window, knowing she's Fish's. Fish appears and rushes into Kyle's arms, explaining that Stacy is dead. From around the corner, Schuyler overhears then looks toward the baby's room. Once he gets confirmation from Fish, he rushes in to tell Gigi… A doctor appears and informs Kyle and Fish that he has bad news about the baby.

Inside the room, as Gigi is talking to Sierra Rose about her mommy, Schuyler joins her and says, "It's about Stacy…" Gigi cries in Schuyler's arms, realizing that Stacy is gone.

Over in Paris, at a hotel, Kelly and David argue, as they wonder which room Emile is in. When Dorian calls, David warns Kelly not to answer it, saying Dorian will kill her for sending Adriana off with a stranger! A maid appears, and though it takes paying her off, she points to a room where she last saw Adriana. David doesn't think he can kick the door in, so Kelly does it - and they're shocked by what's inside... Adriana is tied to a bed in a red negligee. After they ungag her, Adriana asks, "What are you doing?" as Emile emerges from the bathroom. Kelly goes after him, but Adriana explains that he doesn't work for Mitch, but for the prime minister, then admits they were playing a sex game - it was her idea! Adriana calls Dorian to assure her she and Kelly are fine - and that her phone was off because she was 'tied up'. Kelly and David smirk at Adriana's choice of words. Dorian informs Adriana that Mitch is being sent to a federal prison and makes her promise to keep in touch. Once off the phone, Adriana thanks Kelly for worrying about her, as David snoops through Emlie's belongings!

Next on One Life to Live:

Rex demands answers.

Marty is shocked after examining Jessica.

Gigi receives bad news about Sierra Rose.

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