David arrives in Paris, and though he wants to get cozy over some champagne, Kelly says, "Adriana's in trouble, and we have to find her before it's too late!" Kelly explains her visit with Adriana, Cassie's call, and how she let the stranger, Emile, drive Adriana home. David suggests that they try to get Emile's, if that's his real name, receipt from the restaurant then has Kelly create a diversion while he snags it from the front desk. When David returns to the table, he shows Kelly Emile Monroe's receipt, which contains the last four digits of his credit card! David calls the credit card company and doesn't get anywhere, until Kelly takes the phone, throws around the Buchanan name and gets the name of the last place that Emile used his credit card. David and Kelly rush off.

Viki, Clint and Brody are awaiting word on Jessica, when a nurse tells them Natalie has been brought into the hospital. Brody promises to stay in the waiting area while Viki and Clint rush off to find Natalie.

John and Marty help Natalie into the hospital emergency room. As Kyle takes Natalie away, she begs John to get out of there - before he's seen - but John refuses to leave, until he knows she's okay. With Natalie in the exam room, Mitch is brought by - and Mitch warns John, "They can lock me up, but I'll be with you… forever, my friend." Marty briefly calls Cole then starts to walk away, but John stops her. Viki and Clint rush by, and into the exam room, leaving John and Marty to follow…

Inside the exam room, Clint and Viki hug Natalie, as Kyle assures them that she's going to be fine - since John took good care of her. Clint and Viki explain that Jessica was shot, by Charlie, but when John expresses how glad he is that Natalie is okay, Marty rushes off in anger to check on Jessica. Natalie insists that Clint and Viki go check on Jessica, and John agrees to stay with Natalie, who urges John to fix things with Marty. Again, Natalie says she and John just had ' a moment' and warns that he has a good thing with Marty - and that he shouldn't screw it up.

Marty joins Brody in the waiting area, who explains that Mitch gave Jessica electroshock therapy. When Brody asks if he will be a stranger to Jessica, once she wakes up, Marty explains that it depends on a lot of factors. Brody fills Marty in on how Mitch tried to rape Jessica and admits that he hasn't told Viki and Clint about the electroshock therapy. Brody hopes Jessica wakes up with her memory intact, so he doesn't have to tell her parents. However, Marty says Clint and Viki have a right to know then heads to her office, as Viki and Clint reappear. Viki talks about getting Bree, saying Jessica will want to see her, but Brody says he isn't so sure then starts to tell them what Mitch did to her - but a nurse appears and leads them in to see Jessica, who is now in recovery.

John runs into Marty in the hallway, where Marty wonders if they are going to be okay. However, when John pauses, she says, "This isn't the time or place," then walks away.

With everyone gathered around her at Starr and Langston's apartment, Dorian tries to explain why she wanted all of her girls together then assures them that Cassie is safe in Georgia and Kelly and Adriana are in Paris. Blair, Starr and Langston listen as Dorian talks about the poisoned eggnog and how she had to do everything Mitch told her to - like firing Bo and hiring Lowell. As Blair asks Langston and Starr if they should forgive Dorian, the FBI tells Dorian it's time to go to the station. Dorian is forced to admit that Charlie shot Jessica, while trying to kill Mitch, and for her part in it, then is taken away to the station, begging, "I tried to do the right thing, for your sake. Thank heaven you'll all be safe now." Cole and Markko follow close behind, heading off to school, then Blair admits to Starr and Langston that doing something desperate, like Dorian did, may have been the only way to attempt to get rid of Mitch. Later, while Starr is checking on Hope, Langston admits to Blair that she ran into Ford last night and ended up kissing him again. Blair warns that Langston is going to get hurt.

Charlie is being questioned at the station, and Eli appears, saying Dorian hired him to represent Charlie. Just as Eli is explaining that he'll also be representing Dorian, for pulling a gun on Mitch, Charlie wants to know if Mitch is still alive - and gets his answer when Mitch is brought in! Mitch warns Charlie if Jessica dies, he'll make his life a living hell. Eli has to stop Charlie from attacking Mitch, as he taunts Charlie further, then Mitch is taken away, as Dorian is brought in. Eli briefs Dorian on the situation then leaves her with Charlie. Though Dorian thinks Eli can get them off on the charges, Charlie says, "I don't deserve to get off!" Dorian begins to explain why she tried to stop him from killing Mitch, when Mitch is brought back into the station room. Mitch taunts Dorian, asking her if she's sure that all of her girls are in fact safe.

Still in his office, Ford daydreams about his kiss with Langston when Cris arrives to let him know their apartment is ready. When Cris sees him holding a woman's scarf, Ford admits a girl did visit him, and though they didn't sleep together, he can't help thinking that they will. When Cris talks about getting his certificate to teach art at Llanview High, Ford says until he does, Cris can check out the students all he wants. Cris would never cross that line and then warns that Ford better not either. Cris runs into Cole and Markko as he's leaving. After Cole heads off to his class, Markko asks to talk to Ford, who's still holding Langston's scarf! Ford hides the scarf then leads Markko out of his office to talk.

Next on One Life to Live:

Jessica doesn't remember Brody.

Adriana is found - by Kelly and David.

Kim shocks Rex.

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