In the waiting area of the hospital, Brody informs Clint that Charlie had a clear shot at Mitch, until Dorian appeared. Clint wonders why Dorian wanted to protect Mitch and vows to kill her. Just then, Lowell appears and tries to arrest Brody for his part in John's escape, but Clint stands tall and says Lowell will have to go through him first. Lowell ends up arresting them both!

When Dorian rounds the corner of the hospital hallway, she runs into Viki, who blames her for the fact that Jessica is fighting for her life. Dorian blames Mitch for everything and claims there were underlying circumstances for her involvement - her girls' lives. As she tries to explain, "I didn't know what else to do," Viki brings up Charlie and rants about all of the people Dorian has hurt by involving him in her scheme. "I had to protect my girls," Dorian sighs, but Viki prays for the day that her girls are safe from her! As they argue, Lowell appears with Clint and Brody, who are cuffed, and after they explain why Lowell arrested them, Dorian looks at Viki then fires Lowell! Lowell is forced to hand over his badge, and though Dorian promises Brody that he won't be troubled anymore, Viki says, "If you think this squares us, you're wrong." Dorian claims she fired Lowell because he's a menace - not because of Viki - then reminds her that Mitch is a threat to everyone they hold dear. Dorian offers to be there when Viki realizes that, offers to partner up should Viki decide she needs help getting rid of Mitch, then is led off by the FBI. Viki goes to Brody and Clint and berates them for fighting with the police, while Jessica needs them, and Clint takes her in his arms, as Viki cries, "I just want my babies to come home."

On the frozen lake, Schuyler does CPR on Gigi and manages to revive her. With Fish holding the baby, Gigi looks at Rex and says, "Your daughter's name is Sierra Rose." Though they want to get Gigi to a hospital, Gigi thinks about Stacy - who suddenly appears! Everyone tries to halt Stacy from coming any closer, but she wants to get to her baby and continues - then falls through the ice! When she bobs up, Stacy begs for Gigi to take care of her baby, and Gigi promises to, as she rushes off with Schuyler to the hospital. Rex throws Stacy a rope, but she continues to bob up and down in the water. When he tries to get to her, Fish warns him that the ice is breaking beneath him. "There's something you need to know about the baby," Stacy cries. "I'm sorry, Rex, I'm sorry." Stacy disappears beneath the water's surface… Even though Fish objects, Rex jumps into the water after Stacy. However, when he can't find, or save, Stacy, Fish manages to get Rex out of the water, reminding him, "Your son needs you." The rescue crew arrives and puts a blanket on Rex, as he stares at the hole in the ice. Later, after they've left, Fish and Rex can't believe that Stacy is gone. Though Fish assures Rex he did everything he could to save Stacy, Rex worries about the baby, who now doesn't have a mother.

On their way to the hospital, Schuyler asks Gigi to tell him everything that happened leading up to the baby's birth and after, which Gigi does. Gigi scolds herself for walking out onto the lake with the baby and wonders, "Do you think Stacy is going to be all right?" Gigi talks about finding Stacy just in time then remembers she went out into the storm to look for Schuyler. "You said you had something to tell me," Gigi says. "What was so important it couldn't wait?" Schuyler says it can wait, asks how the baby is then promises he'll get them the help they need. As Gigi kisses Sierra Rose, saying she's strong like her mom and dad, Schuyler looks disturbed. Schuyler calls the ER to let them know they are on their way then turns on the radio. Gigi recognizes the song as one she used to sing to Shane and cradles the baby.

Schuyler manages to get Gigi and Sierra Rose to the hospital. When a nurse appears and asks if they are the parents, Gigi replies, "No, but they are on their way." Schuyler looks nervous!

Blair arrives at Cole and Starr's and demands that they get Hope and Langston and come with her. Starr refuses until Blair explains Dorian's message. Markko panics when he doesn't find Langston in their bedroom, so Starr suggests they call her…

When Langston enters Ford's office, she's grabbed from behind. She manages to break free and kick her attacker in the head, who turns out to be Ford - in his underwear! Langston gets Ford some ice then they discuss what brought them there in the middle of the night… Ford's apartment not having any heat, and Langston's insomnia and need to work on her musical. After some small talk, Langston goes to leave, but Ford leans in for a kiss - and Langston kisses him back! However, Markko's call, wondering where she is, interrupts them. Langston listens, as Markko passes along the message that she's in danger, and agrees to get a cab and come home. Though Ford wants to talk about their kiss, Langston rushes out.

Soon after, Langston arrives home, and everyone wonders where she was. Langston explains she was at the university library then demands that someone explain what's really going on. Suddenly, Dorian appears, with the FBI, says she fired Lowell and promises to explain… if they let her. With her girls seated around her, Dorian shows them the Christmas card that Mitch sent her - with their faces x'd out in red.

In Paris, Kelly leaves a message for Adriana and relays Cassie's warning about strangers. As Kelly panics, wondering if the strange man Adriana left with works for Mitch, she calls the Buchanan compound, but Neval informs her Kevin isn't there but offers to put the only Buchanan on the line - David. Kelly is desperate for help and has to offer David a free trip to Paris in order to get him to listen to her.

Next on One Life to Live:

Kelly is desperate to find Adriana.

John and Marty are still at odds.

Mitch isn't giving up yet.

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