Adriana shows up at Rodie's where Rex tells her about his lead on Todd's baby, about the woman that he's meeting at Rodie's. He asks for Adriana's help, tells her she needs to look pregnant. Adriana agrees. The woman shows up, the secretary of the lawyer who set up Todd's baby's adoption, and Rex and Adriana make up a story, saying that the dead lawyer had been handling their case. They ask her for the records, for the names of the couple who were planning to adopt their 'unborn child.' Abruptly, the woman remembers seeing Adriana on a billboard, states that she's a model. The woman is suspicious and 'pops' Adriana's fake belly! When the woman tries to leave, Rex shows her that she's been recorded, that she better give him the info he needs! After giving Rex the code to the lawyer's computer files, the woman leaves. Adriana leaves Rex to his work.

Starr arrives home, giving Blair an attitude when asked how the party was. Starr stomps upstairs. Blair finds Starr's ripped shirt from the night before, yells for Starr to come downstairs, asks how her shirt got torn. The doorbell rings. It's a detective, saying she needs to speak with Starr about what happened the night before. The detective tells Blair and Todd about the party, about Starr calling the police. Starr denies making the call, then asks if Cole's okay. When the cop says that Cole was out of control, that he may face charges, Todd goes to Starr, asks if he hurt her. Starr insists he didn't hurt her. The detective says they think drugs were involved. They all leave to go to the station

At the station, the detective prompts Starr to tell her what happened. Starr recites what happened after the game, at the party. She says although Cole stuck up for her at the party, he freaked out on her once they were alone in the bedroom, after he kissed her. Todd asks if he hurt her, and Starr starts to cry, says she wishes none of it had happened.

Suddenly, it's announced that Cole Saybrooke and his mother have arrived. They're brought in Cole's mother is Marty Saybrooke! Blair and Todd are shocked!

Natalie and Vincent are at the station. They can't find Bo, and Natalie starts to flip out, says she needs to get to the bottom of this! Natalie apologizes, tells Vincent she knows he's hurting, too. They both realize that Bo is at the trial.

The judge asks Spencer how he pleads, and Spencer says, "Not guilty." Evangeline stands, gives her opening argument to the jury, saying she'll prove that Spencer Truman murdered Officer Thomas McBain. Paige and Bo arrive in the courtroom as Evangeline explains the chain of events leading up to the death of Thomas McBain. After the defense pleads his case, the judge goes to his chambers.

At the courthouse, Natalie and Vincent enter Spencer's trial. Natalie makes eye contact with Bo, saying she needs to talk to him. Natalie and Bo go out into the hall, and Bo says he needs to talk to her, too, hands Natalie a paper. It's about John. The Atlantic City PD called Bo, said that someone tried to dig up John's grave. Natalie tells Bo it was her, says she needed to get proof, tells Bo that John's alive!

David goes to Spencer, asks how much he'll pay for him not to testify against him. Spencer hands David a check, but David throws it back at him.

Antonio and Jessica share their first breakfast together as husband and wife.

Nash tells Bree that he has a big day planned for them. He makes a remark, saying that he hasn't had so much fun since he started planning his life with Jessica Nash correct himself, says, "I mean with Tess." Claudia shows up, wanting to see if Nash was okay after Jessica married Antonio. Leaving the door open, she asks to hold the baby and Nash lets her. Just then, Jessica walks through the door, asks Claudia, "What the hell are you doing with my baby!" Jessica pulls Bree from Claudia's arms, screams at Nash for allowing Claudia, an alcoholic, to hold her daughter. While Antonio takes Claudia out in the hallway, Jessica comments that she's not sure if Nash should be watching Bree while she's on her honeymoon. Nash assures Jessica he'll take good care of Bree, and Jessica hands the baby back to Nash. She and Antonio leave for their honeymoon.

Antonio asks Jessica if she's sure she's okay with Nash watching Bree while they're gone, and Jessica says yes.

Claudia goes back to Nash's, but he leaves to take Bree for a walk, says that Jessica doesn't want Claudia near Bree. Claudia pours herself a drink.

Marcie calls Rex, wondering if he found anything out about Tommy's birth parents. Rex promises to call Marcie when he's done with his current project. Rex searches through the files, trying to find Todd's baby He finds the people who adopted Todd's baby, the same people who adopted Tommy McBain before they died. Michael and Marcie have Todd's baby!

Next on One Life to Live: Rex tells Adriana what he found out about Todd's baby, Vincent and Natalie explain to Bo that John is alive and Cole wants to know why everyone is so shocked that Marty is his mother