As Rex, Fish and Schuyler approach the frozen lake, Gigi warns that the ice is cracking. Seeing the baby looks blue, she says, "This is your daughter Rex." Though Rex almost admits he's not the father, he holds back, as they all try to figure out how to save Gigi and Sierra Rose. As the guys throw Gigi a rope, the tiniest move causes the ice to break - and Gigi and the baby fall through! Gigi manages to put the baby above the ice, on a jacket that Fish has thrown out. Though the baby is safely rescued, Gigi goes under the water, leaving Rex yelling, "Gigi!" With Schuyler holding his feet, Rex glides across the ice on his stomach, pulls Gigi up and out of the water then allows Schuyler to give her CPR, as Fish holds the baby, telling her that no matter whose she is, she's safe.

In Viki's cabin, Stacy explains to Kim how Mitch threw her out, how Gigi found her, delivered her baby and is now off with Sierra Rose, trying to find help. Stacy says the baby looks just like her daddy, and it's a miracle that she turned out to be Rex's. Kim is shocked to hear Stacy call Gigi amazing then says, "It's a good thing your wish never came true… that Gigi disappear, permanently." Stacy tries to get up, to try to go to the hospital, but Kim convinces her to lie back down while she goes to get Stacy another blanket, as Stacy says to herself, "I love you Rex… It's not over for us." When Kim returns with the blanket, she's shocked to find Stacy gone!

Marty walks into the abandoned cabin - just in time to catch John and Natalie kissing - and says, "I was worried, obviously, you're fine." Once Marty lets them know Jessica is fine, she snaps at John for leaving her to hold the bag - while he left with Natalie as his driver, who he's been carrying on with while she's been worried sick! Natalie assures Marty what she walked in on isn't what she thinks then explains everything that happened - and how she thought John was Jared. "I kissed him," Natalie says. "It's my fault, don't be mad at John." Natalie makes it clear that John is with Marty, which John agrees to, then cries in pain as she tries to get up. With a little help, Natalie gets up and the three leave the cabin, with John assuring Natalie that the fire will go out on its own.

At the hospital, Mitch warns Dorian that one of her girls is in danger and says, "A daughter for a daughter," before he's taken away. The FBI agent allows Dorian to call Cassie, who appears to be okay, in Savanna, then Dorian says, "Good, you're not the target." Dorian begs Cassie to call Blair, to ask her to get all the girls together and safe - because Mitch is after them all. Cassie agrees to call Blair and to check back in with Dorian.

Down the hall, Charlie admits to Viki that he shot Jessica, that it was an accident, and that he went to the observatory to kill Mitch. Charlie confesses that he hadn't been drinking, and that he went to the bar to buy a gun, and that he prays he didn't kill Jessica because of it. Suddenly, Mitch appears and asks Viki, "How's Jessica?" Viki is stunned to hear that Dorian tried to stop Charlie from killing Mitch - and that they were conspiring to kill Mitch together! Once Mitch is led away, Viki snaps at Charlie, "You and Dorian? Dorian gave you the gun?" The cops lead Charlie away, and Viki is faced with Dorian, who has appeared from around the corner!

Back at the Manning Estate, Todd catches Blair singing, "We only have one life to live…" when he asks, "How can I make Danielle like me? A car?" Blair warns that he can't buy his way out of this. As Todd refers to Dani as his daughter, Jack, who's been listening to their conversation from outside the room, looks confused. Jack heads back upstairs, whispering, "No one tells me anything," as Blair leaves to take a call, while Todd calls to make sure Tea has checked into The Palace Hotel. Shortly after, Blair returns and tells Todd she needs to get to Starr and cries, "It was Cassie on the phone."

From Savanna, Cassie calls Dorian to assure her that she got a hold of Blair, who promised to protect the girls, then Dorian begs her to convince Kelly that their whole family is in danger!

Over in Paris, after Kelly and Adriana thank the stranger with a lift of their glass, the man joins them - and thanks them for improving the scenery. Over talk of where they're from, and when Kelly will be leaving to head back to London, the man squeezes his champagne glass then proposes a toast - that it's a pity Kelly won't be around much longer. Kelly makes it known that Adriana isn't going anywhere, and the man wants to get to know her better - and is amused when Adriana refers to some of the food as, "To die for." Suddenly, Adriana's phone rings. Kelly answers it and assures Dorian that Adriana is fine. Though Dorian warns that they are all in danger, Kelly makes her aware that she knows what she's been up to then hangs up on her! Back at the table, after the man claims he works for a very important man, one who could be anywhere right now, Adriana realizes she's late, and has to get home - and agrees, at Kelly's persuasion, to allow the man to give her a ride! After Kelly and Adriana say goodbye, the man leads Adriana away - and Kelly gets a call from Cassie, about Mitch, asking her and Adriana to stay together and to be extra careful of strangers. Kelly is sick to realize she just sent Adriana away with a stranger!

Next on One Life to Live:

Ford is still on Langston's mind.

Rex tries to save Stacy.

Dorian confesses her sins.

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