Dorian aims a gun at Mitch, in the observatory, as the FBI warns, "Drop your weapon!" Dorian vows she has to shoot him, for her girls, and says, "This time, I'm going to make sure you're dead." However, Mitch brings up her girls and asks whose fault it will be when one of her girls is fighting for their life - like Jessica is. Dorian counters that her girls are safe, but Mitch asks, "Are you sure?" As the FBI threatens Dorian with jail, she hands over the gun - and Mitch, who's being taken away - warns that the wheels are already in motion… one of her girls are already doomed. Dorian wants to know which one of them he's talking about and screams, "What have you done, you filthy bastard?"

Over in Paris, Kelly and Adriana run into each other and hug with excitement! Kelly assures Adriana that she would've called, but the trip was spur of the moment. The two catch up over how irresponsible Dorian has been and wonder if there isn't something else going on - like maybe Dorian didn't have a choice for her actions. The girls remember all the bad things Mitch has done and realize, since no one's found him yet, that Mitch could be anywhere. Suddenly, a handsome stranger takes a seat at a table behind them and watches Kelly and Adriana with a smile. As Kelly listens to Adriana's gossip about Rex's run of bad luck, where Gigi is concerned, the stranger has a bottle of champagne sent over. Kelly sends him a flirtatious thank you, against Adriana's warning, then says to her, "Why not… what could happen?"

Before he rushes off on foot to find Gigi, Rex warns Fish and Schuyler, who are ranting about Rex giving up on Stacy, that he's going to tell Gigi the truth. Alone, Schuyler wonders why Fish is adamant on finding Stacy. As Fish makes excuses, Kim and Marty arrive to learn they're still searching for Stacy. When Fish shows Marty where the SUV went off the mountain road, she asks, "Oh, my, God…Where are they?" Back by Schuyler's car, Schuyler fills Kim in on Rex knowing the truth, who says, "Find her… If Rex finds Stacy first, he'll kill her." Schuyler refuses to believe Rex would kill Stacy then demands they find her - and his baby - but Kim reminds him he's just the donor. Though Fish orders Marty and Kim to go home, after he takes off with Schuyler, Kim heads to the cabin to find Stacy - and Marty sees smoke and sets off toward it…

From within Viki's cabin, Gigi holds Sierra Rose and thinks something's wrong. The baby appears a bit paler, and Stacy can see that she's turning blue in spots. Though Stacy is scared, Gigi bundles the baby up and heads out, down the road, to search for someone to bring Sierra Rose to the hospital, promising to send someone for Stacy. "Don't worry about me," Stacy cries. "Just take her."

Rex makes his way to Viki's cabin, sees Stacy and asks, "What're you doing here?" Stacy explains she had her baby, as Rex goes over her lies, refusing to believe she had the baby. After Stacy shows him proof, she explains that Gigi delivered and took the baby to get help - then Rex rushes out to find her! Stacy cries, and begs God to help Rex find them - in order to save Sierra Rose. Kim arrives and runs into Stacy's arms, as she says, "I had the baby."

Still awaiting rescue in the abandoned cabin, after John admits he still cares for Natalie, she's surprised he admitted it. John realizes that Natalie is still mourning her husband, and clarifies that he's involved with someone, but Natalie confesses, "I still feel something for you too." Natalie talks about still loving Jared, and about how John has come back into her life, but John chalks their feelings up to extraordinary circumstances. However, Natalie reminds John that they've both felt this way before then takes his hand. Natalie changes her tune, and makes excuses for her feelings, and talks about Mitch being on the loose, but John says, "You don't need to be afraid." Natalie can't deny that every time she looks in his eyes, it feels as though nothing's changed between them. Though they will always feel something for the other, they agree they've moved on - and they need to forget about their admission. However, they fall into another kiss - and Marty sees them when she rushes into the cabin!

Gigi is walking in the storm when she continues to slip - every time she tries to stand. As she talks to the baby, Gigi realizes she's on the frozen lake! Gigi decides to take it slow but as she does so the ice begins to crack. Over Sierra Rose's cries, Rex, Fish and Schuyler arrive from different directions, and Gigi calmly says, "Don't move. The ice is cracking."

Clint and Viki arrive at Llanview Hospital, wondering how Jessica ended up shot. When Jessica is brought in, they rush to her side, as Greg warns Brody to stay out of his way. While the doctors are with Jessica, at Viki and Clint's insistence, Brody explains that Mitch was about to rape Jessica, which sickens Viki, who says, "Thank God Brody got there in time before nothing awful happened." Brody is forced to tell them the rest, but just as Viki asks him who shot Jessica, Greg appears to inform them that Jessica is going into surgery. They watch as she's wheeled away. Charlie arrives, with the FBI by his side, and Viki rushes to him, asking if he knows that Jessica was shot. "I know," Charlie says. "I shot her."

Todd goes to Starr's apartment, wakes up Starr and says, "Tea dumped me." Not wanting Dani to see him, Starr goes into the hallway and assures Todd that Tea still loves him. "I have nowhere else to go," Todd sighs, and Starr wraps him in her arms. "Tea and I are over for good," Todd continues then the two say good night, and he leaves.

Next on One Life to Live:

Fish grabs the baby from Gigi.

Things become tense between John and Marty.

Adriana leaves the Paris café with a stranger.

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