In Viki's cabin, Stacy can't believe that Gigi is going to have to deliver her baby, saying, "I don't want to be trapped here with you!" Gigi would rather be looking for Schuyler but neither can deny Stacy's labor pains. As the sisters argue, Stacy screams - and Gigi coaches her as she cries, "I wish Rex was here." Gigi says there's no time for Rex then rushes to get prepared, while Stacy talks to her baby. Shortly after, Gigi is guiding Stacy through the labor, who says, "I don't know anything about kids… she's going to hate me." Gigi comforts Stacy with reassuring words, even though she makes it clear she's doing it for the baby, then after a few more contractions, and a few flashbacks about Stacy's past with Gigi and Rex, Gigi says, "Open your eyes… say hi to your little girl." With the baby in her arms, Stacy thanks Gigi profusely, who admits the baby got them to stop fighting. Over talk of their childhood, and their dolls, Sierra and Rose, Gigi wishes they could have stayed that happy. "Maybe we can." Stacy says. "Sierra Rose, that's going to be her name." Though Stacy wonders if they could get their relationship back, Gigi says, "I don't know, Stacy… Maybe we could stop hurting each other." Gigi agrees if Stacy stops lying, they can be sisters again, which leads Stacy to admit, "There's something I need to tell you about Sierra Rose and her father." Suddenly, Gigi notices something's wrong with the baby!

Outside Schuyler's car, on Llantano Mountain, Rex loses control and begins strangling Schuyler, until Fish appears and stops him! Fish gets the guys under control then fills them in on everything that's happened on the mountain. Rex starts ranting about Schuyler and Stacy's lies then says, in regards to where Stacy is now, "At least we know she's not in labor." Rex wants to go find Gigi, hears a rescue chopper then says, "You don't need me." Schuyler can't believe that Rex is just going to ditch giving up on finding Stacy, but Rex vows to save Gigi - from Schuyler! Rex plans to get Gigi back and heads off to find her.

After Charlie fires the gun in the observatory, Brody rushes to Jessica, who's been shot! Mitch screams, "What the hell did you do?" as Jessica calls out, "Father…" Dorian hurries to Jessica's side, as Charlie looks on in horror - and Mitch accuses, "You planned this! If my daughter dies, it's on your head, Dorian." After looking Jessica over, Dorian says, "We've got to get her off this mountain, or she's not going to live." The rescue team arrives, and while they take care of Jessica, the FBI arrests Mitch, saying, "We don't work for Mr. Lowell." Charlie admits he shot Jessica and insists on answering for his actions, as Dorian pleads with the FBI, saying that it wasn't Charlie's fault. Dorian apologizes to Charlie, who takes full responsibly, as Mitch warns Dorian there will be hell to pay. Jessica is taken away… Though the FBI assures Dorian that Mitch will be locked up for life, she pulls out a gun and says, "I'm afraid that's not good enough for me."

John and Natalie are still in the abandoned cabin, when Natalie wakes up calling for Jared. After John makes sure she's back to herself, and knows who he is, Natalie wonders, "What if they all think we are dead?" John says they have to wait out the storm then Natalie talks about dreaming of Jared. "You were hallucinating," John says, which leads Natalie to realize everything she thought she was saying to Jared, she said to him. Natalie wonders why John told her he loved her, and kissed her back, but John claims he just wanted to keep her alive. Natalie thanks John but is confused and remembers that when she kissed Jared, he kissed her back. "Yeah he did," John admits. "I did." John admits there's still something between them and says, "I feel something for you. I always have, maybe I always will."

Still at the Buchanan Mansion, Clint and Viki get news from Fish that Jessica was found - and is fine. Kim and Marty appear, and though they are happy to hear about Jessica, they're upset to hear that John, Natalie and Stacy are still missing. Clint goes over what Fish told him, and Kim is horrified to hear that Mitch pushed Stacy out into the storm. Viki can't believe Mitch would throw his grandchild out like that, as Kim looks thoughtful - knowing Stacy's baby isn't any relation to Mitch. Kim worries about Stacy being pregnant, but Clint assures her the FBI is now involved and the rescue crews are looking for her. Kim can't wait, she wants to go up the mountain and bring Stacy home herself, then says, "Is anyone with me?" Clint and Viki convince Kim to change her mind - and to go rest - but when Kim tries to leave the mansion, Marty appears and asks, "Going somewhere?" Kim admits she's heading up the mountain, and asks Marty for a head start before she tells Clint - but Marty agrees to go with her! Back in the living room, Clint and Viki discuss their kids, as Viki becomes frustrated that they can't do more to bring them home. Suddenly, Clint gets a call and tells Viki, "Jessie's been shot." Clint and Viki rush to Llanview Hospital.

Over at the Manning Estate, Todd kisses Tea, who snaps, "This isn't going to solve anything." Todd refuses to give up on them without a fight and can't believe that Tea, who warns Todd things aren't that simple, is denying their love. Tea expresses how hard it is to leave him, so Todd begs her to stay. Tea needs to leave, for Dani's sake, and refuses to spend the night with Todd. When Todd comments on Tea leaving him there with Blair, she's offended and leaves in tears.

Next on One Life to Live:

Dorian is threatened by Mitch.

Gigi thinks something's wrong with the baby.

Natalie and John face their feelings.

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