Outside his car, Schuyler confesses that Stacy's baby is his - not Rex's. Rex is in shock, but Schuyler asks, "Why would I lie?" Schuyler admits that Stacy had a miscarriage then explains how Stacy drugged him to get pregnant again. Rex continues to make excuses to prove that the baby is his, but he can't help to think back to all of the things that never made sense. "You know what I'm saying is true," Schuyler says then admits he's known the truth for months. Once Rex realizes Schuyler kept quiet, so he could be with Gigi, he calls Schuyler selfish, who admits Kim and Stacy asked him to induce Stacy's labor. "But I couldn't do it," Schuyler admits. "I couldn't put my child in danger." Schuyler apologizes, but Rex can't forget the fact that he lost Gigi, his family and everything - because of Schuyler! Rex starts beating Schuyler, screaming, "I will kill you!"

Dorian walks in the snow, screaming for Charlie then looks to the sky and tells Mel, "You're right, I have to stop him before he kills Mitch." Dorian becomes frustrated that she keeps going around in circles but puts her hand to her heart and promises Mel she'll keep looking. Nearby, Charlie sees the observatory and says, "That's got to be the place. You're as good as dead, Laurence." Charlie reaches the observatory and enters… Shortly after, Dorian finds one of Charlie's gloves and follows the tracks in the snow…

In the observatory, Brody is horrified to hear Jessica say, "I've never seen you before in my life." Jessica begs Mitch to tell her why 'this man' insists he knows her, but after Brody grabs Mitch, he spots the machines and says, "You gave Jessica electric shock." Mitch confirms, "My daughter is lost to you forever." In tears, Brody tries to jog Jessica's memory by talking about her family, Bree and the love they share. Brody kisses her then tries leading her to the door, but Jessica calls out, "Father?" Just as Brody talks about all the horrible things Mitch has done, Charlie appears, with his gun drawn, and says, "You killed my son." Brody urges Charlie to put the gun down, so they can get Jessica to the hospital, but Charlie demands that Mitch confess to the crimes that Jared died having been blamed for. Mitch refuses, and when Jessica begs Charlie, "No," and stands in front of Mitch, Charlie insists that he's doing this for Jessica. Again, Brody tries to get Charlie to back down, but Charlie aims the gun and says, "Get ready to meet your maker." Just as Charlie fires, Dorian barges in, grabs his arm then they look toward Mitch, Jessica and Brody.

Over at Viki's cabin, Gigi accuses Stacy of Rex not being her baby's father, but Stacy denies it and says, "Who else's would it be?" As Gigi rants about why Stacy would fake labor, Stacy starts screaming in pain. Gigi thinks she's faking it again but, after checking her over, finally admits, "It must be Rex's baby because you're definitely in labor." Gigi does her best to comfort Stacy through the labor then heads outside to try to find a cell signal. When Gigi returns, she breaks the news that Stacy is going to have to have her baby at the cabin. Stacy wonders who's going to deliver the baby, and Gigi replies, "I guess I am."

At the Manning Estate, Todd suggests to Tea that they make Dani move in with them, but Tea reminds him they need to give Dani space. Tea thinks by her living with Todd, Dani may decide she's choosing him over her. "She and I need to share a home again," Tea says. "And it can’t be here." Todd can't believe Tea is leaving him again, but Tea makes it clear she's doing this for their future. "I want her to know you," Tea says then Todd agrees to give Dani space but wants to know, "What about us?" Tea needs to focus on Dani right now but can't resist Todd's kiss.

Dani joins Starr and Cole in their living room, happy that she missed Todd. Starr assures Dani that he only wanted to make sure she was okay then all three notice the hotline on television - for anyone who's seen Jessica. Dani can't take hearing anymore about crazy fathers then rushes out to the diner, leaving Starr upset for having provoked Dani with her comment about Todd. Surprisingly, Cole can understand why Todd's done the things he's done to get closer to his kids. Starr thanks him for being there for her then they both agree they're lucky to have each other.

After Greg drags Rachel away from Destiny and Matthew's table, at the diner, Matthew admits that Dani is back in Llanview for good. Just as Destiny assures him that she's okay with Dani, Dani appears and begins ranting about Jessica - the missing relative she doesn't even know. Though Destiny offers to leave them alone, Matthew has to take a call, and Dani apologizes to Destiny for getting off on the wrong foot. Once they realize that Matthew confided in them, about the other, Dani and Destiny bond over chatting about what a blabber mouth Matthew is. "I think we could be friends," Dani says, and Destiny agrees. As Matthew looks back at their table, he's shocked to see them hugging!

Across the room, Greg informs Rachel they have proof that Schuyler stole drugs from the hospital. Rachel denies that Schuyler would do that, but once she finds out it was a labor inducing drug, she becomes nervous and thinks back to Schuyler planning to play off Stacy's baby as Rex's. Greg wonders if Rachel knows more than she's letting on, but Rachel defends Schuyler and reminds Greg that he's only being accused of stealing drugs. Greg hates being put in this position but admits if Schuyler did steal the drugs, his career is over.

Next on One Life to Live:

Gigi delivers Stacy's baby.

Rex flips out on Schuyler.

Charlie's aim is off.

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