Fish tries to shield himself from the storm, as he screams out for Rex. Unfortunately, he's knocked down, as an avalanche erupts through Llantano Mountain…

With his gun drawn, Brody barges into the observatory and demands that Mitch get the hell away from Jessica! Mitch grabs a syringe, puts it to Jessica's neck and warns Brody to back off. However, Brody takes aim, shoots Mitch then ties him to a chair - before he's attacked from behind. It's Nurse Charles there to save her messenger! Mitch chants, and Nurse Charles tries to strangle Brody, as Jessica lets her hand fall to Brody's gun, which now lies next to her on the bed. Brody watches as Jessica slowly lifts the gun then a shot rings out, and Brody is freed. When Brody turns around, Fish is standing there, having shot Nurse Charles. The nurse is dead, Fish places Mitch under arrest then Brody goes to Jessica, who has no idea who he is! Brody knows they have to get Jessica help, but Fish and Brody wonder what happened to John and Natalie - and Stacy, who Mitch explains, "She's in God's hands now." Fish listens in horror and threatens Mitch, which causes Mitch to question what deep bond Fish and Stacy share. When Fish heads out to find Stacy, Jessica calls out, "Father." Brody rushes to her side, and Jessica asks, "Do I know you?" Mitch laughs and screams, "Yes, Lord!"

As Rex wanders along the mountain, screaming out for Stacy, he comes across Schuyler's body, buried in the snow. When Schuyler comes to, he jumps up, saying he needs to tell Gigi the truth. Rex explains that he's up there looking for Stacy, which causes Schuyler to change his mind - he wants to help Rex find Stacy. Suddenly, they hear a crash, and Rex screams, "Avalanche!" Rex and Schuyler stand back until it's safe then go back to Schuyler's car for shelter. Rex wastes no time bringing up the fact that Stacy named Schuyler their child's guardian and makes it clear Schuyler will never raise his kid. "Like hell I won't," Schuyler snaps. Rex demands to know what he's talking about, but Schuyler replies, "Not until I tell Gigi first." Rex grabs Schuyler and asks, "What does Gigi have to do with this? Why would Stacy want you to raise our child?" Schuyler finally admits, "Because it's not your child… It's mine."

Gigi trudges through the snow, yelling out for Schuyler, and finds Stacy buried. Gigi manages to bring Stacy around, and once she sits up, Stacy explains how she was kidnapped by Mitch. Gigi helps Stacy up and tells her they have to find Schuyler, who was on his way to tell Gigi something. The women briefly watch the snow pummeling down the mountain then head back to Viki's cabin…

In the abandoned cabin, though John breaks away from the kiss, Natalie says, "I know you missed me as much as I missed you." Even though Natalie thinks John's Jared, he kisses her again. Hearing the noise outside, John goes to the door, thinking he heard a truck, then assumes he was hearing things. John goes back to Natalie's side and listens as she talks to Jared, saying, "I don't want to let you go, but we need a plan… Jessica needs our help." John tries to get Natalie to keep talking by asking her to tell him a story. Though Natalie talks about when she first met Jared, John remembers back to the first time that he taught her how to play pool. Natalie continues down memory lane, and though both are thinking of different memories - John's of Natalie, and Natalie's of Jared - Natalie says, "Those were some of the most special moments of my life. John agrees, "Mine too."

Gigi and Stacy make it to Viki's cabin, where Gigi listens to the events that led up to Stacy being on Llantano Mountain. Gigi makes it clear that she knew Stacy wasn't in labor, back in Llanview, then demands to know what Schuyler wanted to tell her about the baby! Stacy plays the martyr and starts ranting about the lengths she had to go to in order to save her child. Stacy almost slips about telling Mitch the truth, that Rex isn't her baby's father, but catches herself, as Gigi wonders, "You actually faked your water breaking… Tell me, what else are you faking?" Gigi thinks Stacy's lie is much bigger and asks, "You aren't having Rex's baby, are you?"

Back at Llanview Hospital, Kyle comforts Roxy, who's still upset about Stacy's baby not being her grandchild. Kyle reminds Roxy that she can't let on that he told her, in order to protect his career, and Roxy promises she won't… But she has to vent to someone - and takes off. Kyle leaves a message for Fish, warning him that he told Roxy the truth.

Todd brings Cole and Starr back to their apartment, where Starr wonders if he was hoping to see Dani. While Cole goes to check on Dani, Todd and Starr talk about Dani and Tea, which leads Starr to urge Todd not to give up on Tea - or Dani. Later, once Todd is gone, Cole tells Starr that he's worried - no one's heard from John.

At the Buchanan Mansion, as Marty assures Viki that Mitch wouldn't hurt Jessica - and John wouldn't let anyone hurt Natalie - Kim tries to calm Clint's fears. Clint makes a few calls then reports to Viki and Marty that the search has been called off, due to the weather.

Outside the mansion, Kim leaves a message for Stacy, hoping she'll get away from Mitch soon. Just as Kim assures Stacy that hopefully no one will ever know that Rex isn't… Roxy appears and asks, "Isn't what? Stacy's baby daddy?" Kim denies Roxy's claims then warns her that she'll fight back twice as hard if Roxy pushes her. Kim stomps back inside, as Roxy leaves Rex a message.

Next on One Life to Live:

Rex gets the whole truth about the baby from Schuyler.

Charlie waves a gun at Mitch.

Jessica doesn't know who Brody is.

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