John manages to find shelter, after pulling an unconscious Natalie from the explosion, and carries her into an abandoned cabin. When Natalie awakens, she takes John for Jared and says, "Now we can be together forever, Jared." As John tries to make her realize she was in an accident, and explains that she's still hurting over Jared, Natalie hushes him saying, "Don't say that. I need you so much. Call me Sparky or something…" In an attempt to keep Natalie alive, John goes along with her fantasy and says, "Okay, Sparky, I'm here." John listens as Natalie says, "I love you," and wonders why he didn't say it back. "Please," Natalie cries. "Tell me that you love me too." John pauses then replies, "I love you too." John starts a fire, holds Natalie close and asks, "Are you still with me," to which Natalie replies, "Always." John promises to never leave her, and, at Natalie's persistence, kisses her!

Still at Viki's cabin, Mel appears and says Dorian's colder than he thought - for getting Charlie to kill Mitch! Dorian makes excuses for why Charlie wants to kill Mitch, but Mel thinks she's beginning to sound like the man she once murdered - Mitch! Mel keeps on her about ruining Charlie's life - if he goes through with this - then accuses Dorian of setting her sights on Charlie to get back at Viki. "Deciding to kill Mitch is the best decision I've made in a long time," Dorian screams, but Mel wonders why she isn't killing Mitch herself. Dorian vows to be there for Charlie, and to buy him the best defense money can buy, but Mel warns her to stop Charlie from making the biggest mistake of his life! Mel puts his hand to Dorian's heart, understanding that she's just trying to protect her girls, but reminds her that the only life she's in control of now is Charlie's. "We have a date, many years from now, I just want to make sure you come to the right place," Mel says then disappears… Dorian gets dressed warm then says, "I've got to get to Charlie before he pulls that trigger." Dorian heads out into the storm…

Charlie trudges through the snow, stops to look at the gun then vows that Mitch is as good as dead. When Charlie falls, Jared appears and asks, "What're you doing, Dad?" Charlie keeps saying, "You're gone," but Jared stares him in the eye and says, "A murderer… Is that who you really are?" Charlie vows to murder Mitch - for murdering any chance that he and Jared had - but Jared says, "I'll still be dead… Will you be able to accept it then?" Jared wonders if Mitch is just the middle man, saying, "Maybe you don't need him to do what you really want to do." Charlie takes out the gun, agrees that his life is worthless now - now that he's lost Jared and Viki - but vows to avenge Jared, so he can rest in peace. "That's what you want, isn't it?" Charlie asks, but Jared disappears. "I know what I have to do," Charlie says then rushes off.

Sitting in Schuyler's car, Rex wonders if Fish knows why Stacy would name Schuyler his baby's guardian. Fish downplays it, but Rex demands, "Did Stacy tell you something?" Suddenly, Fish smells smoke, and they decide to check things out. After they don't find any bodies in the SUV, Fish finds a piece of the tracking device and tells Rex that John, Brody and whoever they got to drive the getaway car were the ones who occupied the vehicle. Fish wants to sweep the area for survivors, but Rex goes off in another direction saying, "I've got to find Stacy!"

Out in the snow storm, Stacy begins going into labor and talks to her baby, reassuring her that Schuyler loves Gigi too much to tell Rex the truth. Suddenly, Stacy falls face down in the snow in pain! As the snow buries her, Stacy hears Rex calling her name and whispers, "Rex?" However, Rex walks by her, missing her by mere feet, as Stacy's eyes close, as she gives in to the cold.

Schuyler finds himself lost but continues looking for Viki's cabin - until a tree branch falls and knocks him over the head! Schuyler falls, unconscious, face first into the snow.

In the observatory, after Mitch tells Jessica they'll create a child together, he hands her a nightgown to wear - for when the chosen one is conceived. Jessica reminds him that he's her father, but Mitch claims, "This is what must be." As he rants about the bond they'll share, saying, "I love you, and you love me," Jessica replies, "I think there's someone else I love." Jessica pulls away, runs to the door and screams, "This isn't right… I don't want to create this child with you… Help!" However, Mitch drugs her…

Over at the Buchanan Mansion, Marty, Starr and Cole arrive. While Starr and Todd discuss Dani, Marty finds out that John is with Natalie. Later, Cole goes to Marty and wonders how she's feeling about the fact that John is with Natalie. It's clear that Marty is worried about John's lack of commitment to her, but Cole reminds his mom of just how much John cares about her. Seated on the couch, Clint assures Viki that Natalie and Jessica are going to be all right. Just then, Marty gets a call from Fish, who talks about John and says, "There's been an accident."

Back at the observatory, just as Mitch lays Jessica in bed and begins kissing her, Brody busts through the door, aims a gun on Mitch and screams, "Get the hell away from her, Laurence!"

Next on One Life to Live:

Brody manages to get to Jessica.

Kim is confronted by Roxy.

Gigi helps Stacy.

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