Kyle runs into Kim at the hospital, who admits that Stacy has been kidnapped.

Over at the Buchanan mansion, as Viki is ranting about Lowell's lack of help, Todd arrives and says, "I think I know what Mitch wants with Jessica." Todd talks about Mitch's visit to his house, and his threats, then says, "What I should've done is kill him." Clint heads into the other room, as Viki warns that killing people isn't the answer. Todd knows how much Viki loves Jessica then talk turns to Dani and Viki's situation with Charlie. Viki becomes disturbed and remembers her last conversation with Charlie then tells Todd, in confusion, "He promised me I would get Jessica back."

Kim arrives home at the Buchanan Mansion and tells Clint that Mitch has kidnapped Stacy. As Clint comforts Kim, who blames herself for leaving Stacy, Nigel watches from the stairs. While Clint is making a call, Nigel brings Kim tea, who apologizes for treating him badly, but warns, "You know I'll probably just treat you horribly again." Nigel knows it's true but feels bad for her - and her friend. Later, Kim almost admits to Clint that Stacy's baby isn't Mitch's grandchild.

Starr and Cole are still making out in bed when he gets a call saying that Marty's been arraigned. "I'm going to pick her up right now." Cole smiles. Starr reminds him that they have people there to watch Hope and insists on going with him.

In the old observatory, as Jessica asks Mitch if Stacy's baby is hers, Stacy cries, "You have to believe me, it's not Rex's baby!" Mitch believes her but freaks out, starts trashing the place and desperately starts talking to his Lord - then turns his anger on Stacy. Mitch starts choking Stacy, but Jessica says, "Father, stop." Mitch knows Jessica is right, he shouldn't kill Stacy, then vows to let God judge Stacy. Mitch grabs Stacy and says, "If you survive the storm, it will be God's will."

After Mitch has thrown Stacy outside into the storm, Stacy promises her baby that she will make sure they're okay, as long as Schuyler hasn't told Rex the truth, then walks away from the observatory. As she screams for Rex, for anyone to help her, Stacy cries in pain and gasps, "Oh my God! This isn't happening." It appears Stacy is in labor!

Mitch returns inside and asks his Lord, "If the boy was not to be of my son's loins…" Mitch waits then turns to Jessica, saying he's received his answer - and knows what they must do. Mitch tells the nurse to leave them alone then informs Jessica that she will have a child to raise, one who will be his own flesh and blood. "Together, we will create the chosen one," Mitch instructs. "I will give you a child."

Rex and Fish drive up Llantano Mountain, as the radio airs a warning for unsafe driving conditions. Over talk of the weather, Rex offers to drop Fish off at a gas station, saying, "It's not like it's your baby we have to rescue." Fish vows to help Rex protect the baby then gets a call from Kyle, who says, "You have to tell Rex this baby might be yours, and if not, it's Schuyler's."

Back at the hospital, Roxy arrives with balloons for her new grandchild, but Kyle informs her that Stacy wasn't in labor - but Mitch kidnapped her. "No, no, no!" Roxy screams, but Kyle assures her that Rex and Fish are headed up to Llantano Mountain to find her. Roxy tells Kyle that Stacy, the baby, Fish and Rex could all die because of her then admits, "I've been lying for so long." As Roxy is about to admit how she allowed herself to have Mitch father Rex, Kyle wants to ease her guilt - and confesses that Stacy's baby isn't Rex's! Roxy cries saying, "I was going to give that baby everything I wasn't able to do for Shane. I love that baby." Roxy realizes Stacy lied to break Gigi and Rex up then says, "The witch is dead."

After Brody has taken off, the SUV Natalie and John are in explodes!

Schuyler wakes up in the wreckage, tries to start his car, sees he has no cell signal then is forced to take off on foot. He sees Dorian's abandoned car, finds it empty and screams for help, as he continues stumbling through the snow…

Rex and Fish pull over and find Dorian and Schuyler's cars - and blood on Schuyler's steering wheel. Rex hopes that Schuyler made it to Viki's cabin, but Fish worries, "What if he didn't?" Rex sees Schuyler's backpack, opens it to look for some gloves and finds Stacy's will! "Why does Schuyler have it?" Rex says in confusion - then sees that Stacy named Schuyler as their baby's guardian!

Bleeding, Schuyler looks at Gigi's picture on his cell and says, "I need to get to Gigi." He continues limping on…

Charlie and Dorian trudge through the snow on Llantano Mountain toward the light when Charlie realizes it must be Viki's cabin. Though Dorian doesn't want to risk Viki being at the cabin - and seeing them together - Charlie insists they need to get to shelter, as Dorian cries, "My girls are in danger. We've got to stop Mitch!"

In Viki's cabin, Gigi is frantic to get a hold of Schuyler, but just as she grabs her coat to go find him, Dorian and Charlie come through the door. As Charlie talks about the vehicle that went over the embankment, Gigi thinks of Schuyler. Charlie tries to stop her from leaving, but Gigi says, "I love him! If it were Viki out there, would you go?" Charlie reluctantly allows her to leave, as Dorian warns Charlie, "You have got to find Mitch before he hurts my girls or Jessica." Charlie takes out the gun, promises Dorian he won't let Mitch hurt anyone else then leaves.

Next on One Life to Live:

Natalie thinks she's kissing Jared.

Jessica does her best to fight Mitch.

Stacy can't make it through the snow.

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