Tea and Todd are happily kissing in his bed. Though they savor in the fact that they don't have to leave the house tonight, thinking about Jessica, Todd gets ready to go see Viki, and Tea agrees to stay there, in case Dani calls. Looking out the window, Tea tells Todd to be careful then he leaves.

Cole arrives home, upset that Marty didn't get bail. Starr comforts him, as Cole expresses, "I don't know what I'd do without you." Though Cole wants to head back to the station, Starr convinces him to go to bed with her. Shortly after, in bed, Starr suggests that Cole count sheep, to help him sleep, but he admits he's afraid of sheep then talks about a time at a petting zoo, as a kid, when a sheep sneezed at him. Cole suggests they forget about farm animals then Starr starts counting his freckles until they come together in a kiss.

Still at the hospital, after Kim tells Rex that 'they' got Stacy, she explains the phone call - and Mitch's part in the kidnapping. Fish arrives and gets caught up on Stacy's disappearance. While Rex makes some calls, Fish begins panicking about the baby. Kim admits Stacy was faking the labor but refuses to let Fish call Schuyler.

Gigi, who's at Viki's cabin, gets a call from Schuyler, who's driving through the storm to get to her. Gigi asks him to go back, for his own safety, but he has to talk to her about the baby. Gigi keeps pushing for answers, and just as Schuyler says, "I'm going to tell you the truth… Rex isn't," the line goes dead… Gigi calls Schuyler back and leaves him a message telling him to call her.

In the snow storm, on Llantano Mountain, as Nurse Charles manages to miss the oncoming vehicles, Dorian and Charlie swerve to prevent hitting another vehicle. When they get out, they see the broken guardrail and Charlie says, "I think they went over the side." Charlie and Dorian argue about rescuing the people in the SUV until Dorian reminds Charlie that they need to find Mitch - and kill him! Suddenly, Charlie hears what sounds like another crash then Dorian hears a horn. The two begin walking through the snow, as Dorian cries about her frozen feet, until they see a light. Dorian thinks they've located Mitch's hideout!

On another part of the road, Schuyler has crashed with his head resting against his steering wheel…

Down the embankment, the SUV has crashed, and though John and Brody are okay, Natalie is unconscious! When she comes to, they realize she's trapped under the steering wheel. Natalie begs them to leave her, and go find Jessica, but John refuses. They hear a horn sound then Brody rushes to answer his cell phone. It's Rex, who's telling him about Stacy's kidnapping, then Brody tries to scream through the static that they were in an accident on Llantano Mountain - but the phone goes dead. After John hears that Mitch has Stacy, he tells Brody to go find them. Brody quickly rushes off, and Natalie asks, "John, do you smell gas?" The SUV begins sparking, as gas pours out of the tank onto the snow. Suddenly, a spark ignites and there's an explosion in the SUV!

As Nurse Charles drives away, Stacy begs her to turn around and check on the other drivers involved in the crash, but the nurse says the messenger is waiting - and so is the baby's mother! "I'm the baby's mother, you witch!" Stacy snaps.

Jessica opens her eyes in Mitch's hidden lab, in the abandoned observatory, where Mitch assures her she'll now embrace her future and says, "You're about to have a baby. He's on his way right now." Jessica realizes she's not pregnant, so Mitch starts filling Jessica's head and shows her the nursery. When the nurse arrives with Stacy, she tries to plead with Jessica to work with her - to escape - but Jessica's empty look causes Stacy to ask, "What the hell did he do to you?" As Stacy tries to get through to Jessica, Nurse Charles tells Mitch about Dorian's deception and how she thinks she and Charlie could be dead - after being involved in an accident - leaving Mitch to say, "God rest their souls." Jessica puts her hand on Stacy's belly, as Mitch instructs Nurse Charles to examine Stacy. Once she does, and reports Stacy isn't due for another few weeks, Stacy says, "Rex is not this baby's father." Mitch demands that Stacy tells him everything, and Stacy starts from the beginning and tells Mitch the truth… how she lost Rex's baby and became pregnant with another man's child. "You believe me, don't you?" Stacy asks. "Father?" Jessica interrupts. "Is that my baby?"

Back at the hospital, Rex, Fish and Kim look at a map then Rex and Fish rush off to head up the mountain - demanding that Kim stay behind! Kim begs the guys to bring Stacy back to her.

Up on the mountain, Brody trudges through the snow, as he notices he no longer has a signal on his cell.

Next on One Life to Live:

Stacy is no use to Mitch.

Rex comes across something.

Mitch creates an even crazier plan.

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