Nurse Charles enters Stacy's hospital room but finds it empty - then hides as Rex and Kim walk in, wondering where Stacy is! Kim and Rex argue about Kim leaving Stacy alone, and Kim informs Rex that Stacy wasn't in labor - it was a false alarm. Wondering if Stacy went home, Rex sees Stacy's bag left behind and tries to call her. Frantic that he can't get a hold of her, Rex wonders how Kim can be so calm. After Rex brings up the note he left for Fish, Kim remembers throwing it away then urges Rex to call him for help, while Kim secretly calls Stacy…

Down in the parking garage, Dorian is demanding that Stacy get in the car, claiming she, as mayor, needs to get her away - so Mitch can't hurt her. Stacy gets a call from Rex, but Dorian warns that Mitch is monitoring her phone calls - and refuses to allow Stacy to answer it. Charlie arrives, and Dorian explains to Stacy that they're taking her to a safe house, but just as they go to leave, Nurse Charles appears - and holds a gun on Stacy! The nurse reminds Dorian that she betrayed Mitch and warns, "Which one of your girls is going to pay for that?" Charlie and Dorian are forced on the ground, but when the nurse rushes off with Stacy, they jump up, get in the car and follow them!

Driving in the snow storm, Nurse Charles looks at Stacy's belly and says that the messenger has big plans for her. As the nurse talks about Stacy's soon-to-be newborn son, Stacy informs her that she's having a girl - and that the baby isn't Rex's! The nurse allows Stacy to answer a call, from Kim, so as to not raise suspicion, and Stacy lies, saying, "I went home." Kim argues that Stacy isn't home, and begs her to tell her where she is, then Stacy cries, "Kim, I've been kidnapped, please help me!" The nurse grabs Stacy's cell from her!

Snow or not, Dorian demands that Charlie put the pedal to the metal, so they can get to Stacy. Charlie accuses Dorian of not caring about Stacy, saying she only wants to get to the nurse before she reports back to Mitch. Dorian admits she only wants to protect her girls and feels helpless when faced with Mitch's threats. Charlie assures her she won't have to suffer the loss he has and says, "I'll see to that."

Back at the hospital, Rex hears Kim yelling Stacy's name into her cell, and Kim is forced to explain that Stacy is in trouble then says, "They've got her."

After John, Brody and Natalie get a hit on Mitch's whereabouts, from inside the SUV, they realize Mitch's location is somewhere on Llantano Mountain. Natalie makes a quick turn then assures John that Marty will handle Lowell. John demands that Natalie get out, at the next gas station, but she refuses saying, "I'm not coming off this mountain without my sister." Natalie calls Viki to let her know she, John and Brody are okay then John gets an idea, that coincides with the samples found on Mitch's letter, and wonders if Mitch is holed up in the old observatory. As the snow comes down heavily, John warns Natalie about the bad conditions of road then comments on how great she's doing. Over talk of a snow-outing Brody and Jessica planned for Bree, Brody says, "Jessica gave me the world without even knowing it… She saved me. I'll die before I let Mitch take her away."

Back on the road to Llantano Mountain, Stacy grabs the wheel from Nurse Charles, as Dorian and Charlie, who slams on the brakes, see oncoming headlights - and Natalie, who sees the other vehicles, struggles to keep control of the SUV!

Still at the Manning Estate, Todd kisses Tea, who says, "Don't stop." Though she changes her mind, and suggests they slow down, Todd persuades her to let him make love to her.

When Langston is searching for Markko at Llanview University, she comes upon Ford, who thinks she's really there to see him. Langston takes offense, but Ford brings up their kiss - and how passionate it was. Langston claims that Markko is everything she needs, but when Ford wonders if she told him about their kiss, Langston says no - she didn't want to hurt him. Ford says their kiss consumed him, but since she's not available, the only thing left to say is, "Goodbye." However, Langston thinks they can be friends, and Ford agrees to give it a test-drive. Over talk of the full house at her apartment, Ford offers up his office, when he's not there, as a getaway for Langston to concentrate on her musical and homework then holds out his key…

At the apartment, Starr explains to Markko that Cole is at the station, trying to bail out Marty. Starr briefly goes over what happened with Brody and John then Markko wonders what's taking Langston so long to get home. Over talk of Ford, Starr assures Markko that Ford's attraction to Langston is one-sided, but Markko starts to rant about always finding Langston and Ford together - and slips about them looking for a new apartment. Starr is upset that they feel the need to leave but listens as Markko talks about how he caught Ford looking at Langston - like a dog would with a pork-chop. Suddenly, Langston arrives home, and as she's kissing Markko, Ford's office key sticks out of her bag.

Next on One Life to Live:

Fish and Rex are on the hunt for Stacy.

In order to stay alive, Stacy tells Mitch the truth.

Many lives are in danger on Llantano Mountain.

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