Tea arrives at Todd's, and after they briefly talk about the lack of tips on Jessica's whereabouts, Tea lets him know that Dani is enrolled at Llanview High. Again, Todd worries about Dani never forgiving him, but Tea assures him she just needs some time. Todd wonders where things stand between him and Tea, and as she tries to explain how she feels, she accepts Todd's kiss.

At their apartment, after Starr, Dani and Cole see the news on John, Cole remembers that his mom is at the courthouse then rushes off. Though Dani brings up how Todd must hate John, because he busted him for holding Cole's mom captive, she refuses to 'go there again' then looks through some clothes and talks to Starr about Matthew. They have a big sister moment when Dani admits she and Matthew kissed. Just as Dani worries about not having heard from Matthew in a while, he arrives.

Lowell confronts Marty outside of the courthouse, and as Marty taunts him, Lowell gets word that John has escaped - that it was a setup - then accuses Marty of being involved. Marty warns that Lowell will get everything that's coming to him, which infuriates him more. Just as Lowell grabs Marty and puts her under arrest, Cole appears, grabs Lowell and warns, "Get your hands off of her!" Lowell taunts Cole, saying, "You want to share a cell with your mother, hit me," but Marty calms Cole down then says, "Cuff me." As Marty is cuffed, she warns Lowell that as soon as Mitch is done with him, he'll throw him away! While Lowell is taking a call, Marty tells Cole about John's escape and says there was something familiar about the person driving the getaway SUV.

Back at the apartment, Starr gives Matthew and Dani some alone time, but just as they start to kiss, the phone rings. Starr renters the room then everyone hears, from Cole, that John escaped - and Marty's been arrested! When Starr leaves the room again, Matthew takes another shot at a kiss, but Starr returns to get something. Matthew and Dani decide to head out to get something to eat.

In the getaway SUV, John is furious that Natalie has gotten involved and demands that she pull over - and get out. However, Brody reminds him they don't have time - they need to get to Jessica! Natalie drives while John and Brody look at the laptop Fish left for them, as John worries about Marty being left to take the fall. As Brody is explaining the GPS on Lowell's phone, which Fish also included, Natalie alerts them to the cops on their trail. John gives Natalie directions on how to outrun the cops then he and Brody start firing out the back window! Once the cops back off, they get a signal on Lowell's phone GPS and listen as the cops report to Lowell that John and Brody blew their tires out. John and Brody pray that Lowell calls Mitch, so they can get a tip on his whereabouts.

Mitch talks to an unconscious Jessica in his lab, telling her when she awakes, she'll make new memories - and raise Rex's baby as her own. Suddenly, Mitch's nurse appears and says she just got word - Stacy's at the hospital about to have her baby! Mitch demands that she bring him the vessel! The nurse rushes out, as Mitch explains that the hole in Jessica's heart, for Chloe, will soon be healed - and things for Stacy will be painful. Suddenly, Mitch gets a call from Lowell, who explains that John and Brody escaped. Mitch says it doesn't matter - they'll never find him - but never realizes that John and Brody are listening in and saying, "Gotcha," as they get a pinpoint on the vicinity of Mitch's location!

Rex runs into Gigi at the hospital and tells her, "I saw how upset you were, and I want to make things right for you… for us." Gigi remembers being pregnant, having Shane all alone and how she wished she could have called him to come and be with her. Rex apologizes for not being there, but Gigi admits, "It's not anyone's fault, but I wish I had what you're giving Stacy… the best of you." Rex assures her that his heart may be with the baby, but it still belongs to Gigi then places his hand on hers. Gigi pulls away, rants about how they got to this point but assures him everything ended up the way it's supposed to be. When Gigi says she needs to head to Viki's cabin, before the storm hits, Rex wonders if Schuyler will be going with her - to the place where Gigi cheated on Rex. He begs Gigi to tell him if she loves Schuyler, so he can move on with his new life, and Gigi admits it - she loves Schuyler. Though Rex will always love Gigi, he sadly accepts it, as Gigi reminds him of his gift… "This time you'll get to hold your child the second it's born. I wish you and Stacy luck and happiness." Rex closes his eyes in sadness, as Gigi walks away.

Facing Stacy and Kim in the exam room, Schuyler refuses to administer the drug and says no matter what he risks losing, he's sick of the lies. Though Kim offers him a few free lap-dances, Schuyler snaps, "It's about telling Gigi the truth!" Stacy and Kim make it clear that Gigi will never forgive him, but Schuyler says, "That's a chance I'm going to have to take." As he starts to squirt the drug from the syringe, into the garbage can, Kim grabs his arm! It's too late, the syringe is empty. Again, Schuyler refuses to have any further part in this, and though Kim and Stacy argue with him, Schuyler leaves the room. Kim assures Stacy that she'll find a way to get through to Schuyler then Kim rushes out…

Outside the room, Mitch's nurse lurks in the shadows, as Rex runs into Schuyler down the hall. After Rex tells Schuyler that Gigi left for the cabin, Schuyler runs off, and Rex runs into Kim - and demands to know how she could leave Stacy alone! Meanwhile, Mitch's nurse enters Stacy's room!

Next on One Life to Live:

Brody and John follow Mitch's trail.

Rex finds out that Stacy's in trouble.

Dorian and Charlie's plan takes a surprising turn.

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