Lying on the courtroom floor, John is shot, as Marty promises he'll be okay. "What have I done," Brody gasps. As everyone around them is in an uproar, John opens his eyes and winks at Marty! The EMTs arrive, as Lowell and Brody bash each other to the press. Lowell demands that Brody be locked up then Brody is taken away, as is John by ambulance. When Lowell screams for Brody not to think about using the insanity angle, Brody whispers, "Not a chance. I knew exactly what I was doing."

Blair receives a text from Eli saying he's not wearing any clothes then happily pulls him inside Todd's when he arrives at the door with a big smile. After Eli explains what happened in court, and how John is on his way to Statesville, he wonders if Blair still cares about John, romantically. Blair makes it very clear that Eli is the only one on her mind. Blair wonders if Eli has any past girlfriends who she should worry about, but the two decide to keep things on a 'no strings attached basis' and have hot sex - right on Todd's desk in the living room! Afterwards, they both joke about how fun it is not to care about each other.

At the hospital, as Gigi and Schuyler are talking about getting away for some alone time, a doctor appears and asks if Schuyler knows about the labor inducing drugs that were released - ones she didn't sign for. The doctor, though confused, thinks it's possible, like Schuyler claims, for the scrolls to have gotten mixed-up. Once the doctor leaves, Schuyler gets a call from Kim saying that Stacy's in labor, and it's time to buck up!

Over at the loft, as Kim arrives, Rex panics as Stacy claims she's going into labor. After Rex goes to get the car, Kim assures Stacy, who abruptly stops her laboring act, that Schuyler will come through for her. Rex returns, leaves a note for Fish then leads Stacy, who's back in labor mode, out the door - as Kim follows, taking Rex's note to Fish and throwing it away as she goes!

Dorian and Charlie arrive at the loft momentarily and find it empty. Dorian worries that Mitch got a hold of Stacy, leaving Charlie to say, "We need to kidnap her before he does, huh?" Charlie isn't sold on kidnapping Stacy, but Dorian makes it clear that they have to - to protect her. Charlie thinks about Viki, and how he walked out on her, then claims Viki will never look at him the same - after he kills Mitch. Dorian assures him Viki will see the light, but Charlie reminds Dorian how her family walked out on her. "At least they'll be alive," Dorian says. "That's all that matters." However, Charlie's son is dead, it's over for him, but Dorian tries to comfort him by saying, "I'm the mayor… I'll give you a key to the city!" Suddenly, Dorian sees the water on the floor, finds Rex's note to Fish in the garbage then tells Charlie that she thinks she knows where Stacy is.

Rex, Stacy and Kim rush into the hospital, and as Rex explains, "The baby's coming," to Gigi, Schuyler appears nervous! As Rex, Kim and Stacy head into an exam room, Schuyler listens as Gigi sadly talks about everything being 'real' now - Rex is about to have another child… Gigi hopes the baby is born healthy, assures Schuyler that she's lucky to have him then heads up to Viki's cabin - with Schuyler promising to be there as soon as he can.

In the exam room, Kim and Stacy manage to send Rex out to get her lollipops, so her mouth isn't dry during labor, then Schuyler appears - and the girls demand that he administer the drug now! "No," Schuyler says.

Still at the apartment, while waiting for Dani to get ready, Starr and Tea talk about how Dani and Todd are handling their new connection - and the dangers of Mitch. "I wish someone would finally do something about Mitch," Starr says. "Once and for all." Tea apologizes for keeping Dani from Starr, but Starr is just happy that Dani can share Tea with her. Tea takes Starr in a tight hug.

In Mitch's lab, Jessica vows not to let Mitch erase her memories, but Mitch replies, "We'll see about that." Though Jessica finally agrees to take care of Stacy's baby, she wonders what Mitch has planned for Stacy once the baby is born. Mitch doesn't want Jessica to be concerned about Stacy then urges her to forget about everyone in her past. "Your life with me will be rich and full," Mitch says, and Jessica, who's scared for her life, goes along with him replying, "I know." Mitch agrees to untie Jessica, and allow her to look around their new home, but warns that there are no exits in sight. Jessica plays her part to make Mitch think she's onboard, as Mitch shows her the bland makeshift nursery. While Jessica points out areas that could use improvement, she manages to steal the nurse's cell and tuck it out of sight! Jessica acts tired, leaving Mitch to allow her to lie down on the bed in the nursery. After he gives her a kiss goodnight, and leaves with his nurse, Jessica tries to call Brody - but Mitch returns and stops her! Mitch drags Jessica back onto the metal table, ties her up, attaches the memory erasing equipment then turns up the knobs - as Jessica shakes in response!

Back in the courthouse, outside the courtroom, Brody has turned the tables on the two guards and screams into his cell, "Jessica, is that you?" Brody cuffs the guards then rushes off! When Lowell appears, he demands to know how they allowed Brody to get away!

Outside, as they are getting John into the ambulance, he kicks one of the guards, unhooks an IV and allows Marty to help him. Marty and John continue to fight off the cops until Brody appears, takes care of the last one then explains to John that he knows Jessica just tried to call him! After the EMTs, who were helping John and Brody, agree to drive the guards away, John explains to Marty that Brody had handed him a fake blood capsule - and that the gun was rigged - then promises to be in touch with her soon. As John and Brody run toward the getaway car, Lowell approaches Marty - and accuses her of being in on the escape!

John and Brody climb in the SUV, and John is shocked to see that Natalie is their getaway driver!

Next on One Life to Live:

Marty covers for John.

Schuyler wants all the lies to end.

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