Todd is alerted to Mitch's presence, as he walks up behind him at the Manning Estate. "What the hell are you doing here?" Todd asks, but Mitch doesn't appreciate Todd's greeting, claiming they're old friends, and brings up all of Todd's latest cover stories involving him. Mitch comments on how well Todd wears his brother Walker's face, and how he killed him and stole his identity, then says, "You owe me, and it's time to pay up." Todd thinks they're even, but Mitch talks about his kids, brings up Todd's daughters, Starr and Dani, then claims all children need guidance. Mitch plays on Todd's abandonment issues, and says how family is everything to both of them, then promises to get Starr back for him - say, if Cole would have a fatal accident. "Whose arms do you think she'll come running to?" Mitch asks, but Todd thinks he's nuts. Mitch reminds Todd that he's the one who tried to kidnap Hope, for a new beginning, leaving Todd to ask, "Is that what Stacy's baby is for you?" Mitch wants Todd to put in a good word with Rex and Jessica for him, claiming that he is not leaving Llanview without Rex's child, but Todd throws him out, leaving Mitch to say, to himself, that Todd will learn to regret his decision!

David, at the Buchanan Mansion, tells Kim that he knows what she's up to! David brings up Nevel, and the secret he told him about Kim, then says, "You remember Nevel, don't you?" Kim tries to deny it, as David calls her a gold-digger, and realizes that David isn't worried about Clint - but about Kim getting her hands on the Buchanan fortune! David refuses to let Kim sleep her way through his fortune, calls her Miss Velvet Thighs then warns he'll tell Clint the truth - if she doesn't get out of his life! "Tell Clint the truth about what?" Clint asks, as he joins them in the living room. David urges Kim to tell Clint the truth, and Kim admits that she convinced Nevel to pretend to be Nigel, so Clint could hear the truth about Nora and Bo - because she cares for Clint that much. David laughs, as Kim grovels for Clint's forgiveness, and asks, "You're not going to stand for this, are you Uncle Clint? What're you going to do, throw her out?" Clint shocks David by shaking Kim's hand, thanking her for opening his eyes to Nora and Bo, then bashes David for knowing about them all along - and not telling him! Clint reminds David that he's Bo's son, who means nothing to him, then demands that he get out of his house! David claims he was trying to protect Clint, but Clint replies, "I have Kim for that." Once David leaves, Clint makes it clear that though he's appreciative of what Kim did, it's obvious that she's looking for a sugar-daddy. "If I'm going to be the daddy?" Clint says. "We need to talk about the sugar."

Outside the mansion, David tries to call Ford, again, and leaves a message, warning that he's going to find him - because he's the real David Vickers!

When Rex goes to the loft, Stacy tells him that Kim moved out - she got an offer she couldn't refuse. Just then, Jessica arrives and hears what Mitch tried to do to Stacy - and how Mitch thinks Stacy's baby is the chosen one. Jessica worries about Shane and Bree, but Rex and Stacy claim that Mitch wants to start from scratch - with Stacy's baby. When Jessica asks when she's due, Stacy thinks back to having to change the date, to make Rex believe he's the father, then answers, "February 14," leaving Jessica to comment on how lucky Stacy is - because she's so small for how far along she is. As Stacy pretends to go to the bathroom, she listens as Jessica blames Stacy for breaking him and Gigi up. Rex thinks Stacy's really trying, but Jessica warns him to watch out for her. Stacy is pleased to hear Rex defend her, saying that she's going to be a good mom.

Over at the apartment, everyone takes in the news that Cole, Starr, Hope, Markko and Langston are going to be living together then listens as Starr explains how she broke Todd's heart by leaving. Later, while Markko and Langston are trying to do homework, Hope is crying, leaving them to say, "We've got to do something about this." Cole reappears and wonders what they're talking about.

Cris wakes up and finds Layla in their kitchen, who informs Cris she's been let go - by the new commissioner. Cris manages to distract Layla with sweet kisses, but as things get heated, Fish arrives home, and they talk about the changes at the station. Ford arrives next, to head to the gym with Cris, but when Ford gets a call about his student housing falling through, Layla informs him that there's an apartment open in their building. Ford can't afford an apartment like theirs, and after Layla, Cris and Fish have a group meeting, they ask him to move in with them. Ford, who has just ignored another call from David, agrees!

In Tahiti, Dani refuses to believe what Ross is saying - that Todd is her father - and asks Tea why he's saying that. Tea is happy to see that Ross loves Dani enough to tell her the truth then explains to Dani about how Todd was on the island, with Ross and Tea, and how she was conceived. Dani thinks Tea is lying then looks at the DNA test that proves she's Todd Manning's daughter. Though Ross and Tea admit that they found out the truth a while ago, Dani blames Tea - saying she's not Ross' daughter because she slept with Todd! After Dani hears that Tea got the test done months ago, she thinks her mother stayed quiet because she was afraid Todd would try to kill her - like he tried to kill Ross. Dani is shocked to hear that Todd knows the truth too then thinks back to almost shooting him. Tea and Ross want to help Dani heal, but she begs them to be a family again. Ross tells Dani that she can't stay there, that she needs to go back to Llanview to get to know him. "Todd?" Dani asks, and Ross replies, "Your father." Dani refuses to accept Todd as her father, and though Ross agrees that no paper will change the fact that she is his daughter, she's Todd's too. Ross begs Dani to give Todd a chance, claims he was only trying to save Dani when he shot him, but Dani wonders what'll happen to Ross now - since everyone wants to put him in jail! Tea promises not to tell anyone that Ross, who is presumed dead, is alive - on one condition… "You return to Llanview to get to know Todd," Tea tells Dani then watches as Ross takes Dani in his arms, urging her to do this for herself. Dani promises that she'll return to see him, and Ross says, "I know you will. I'll be waiting."

Next on One Life to Live:

Blair refuses to forgive Dorian.

Langston finds Ford half naked.

Gigi worries Shane will be Mitch's next target.

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