As David, who's returned from London, barrels into the commissioner's office, yelling, "Pa, I need you to arrest someone for me," he sees Blair and Eli getting dressed and asks, "You're doing it on my Dad's desk?" Blair and Eli fill David in on the turn of events then David rushes off to find Dorian, as Eli and Blair say their goodbyes.

Nora is at the station when she's served with divorce papers. Once she gets a glimpse of them, she stews in a fury! When Eli emerges from Lowell's office, she shows him the papers then Eli says, "Looks like you need a lawyer."

At the Buchanan Mansion, when Kim and Clint arrive home, Renee and Nigel are shocked to hear that Kim is moving in! As Clint leaves the room to take a call, Renee cracks a joke, at Kim's expense, then Kim warns she'll be in Clint's bed soon - and there's nothing Renee can do about it. Kim threatens to put Renee and Nigel in the same nursing home then turns her attention back to Clint, who rejoins them, saying Nora received his divorce papers. Suddenly, Nora and Eli arrive at the mansion to hear that Kim is living there. As they go over the crazy things Clint is after in the divorce papers, 42 million in damages, Eli warns Clint that if he pushes forward, Nora will have to liquidate the largest asset she owns - the Buchanan mansion! Clint argues that Nora gave him back the mansion, when she left him for Bo, but nothing was put into writing, so Eli instructs Clint, and everyone who lives in the mansion, to vacant the premises. Kim asks for a moment alone with her boss. For fear of losing her meal ticket, Kim quietly convinces Clint that there are other ways to get back at Nora. Clint drops his lawsuit, and as Kim goes off to unpack, Nora tries to reason with Clint, asking him not to trust Kim - but Clint throws her and Eli out!

In their hotel room, Bo approaches Matthew, who is looking at a photo of Dani on his cell and admits to his dad that they kissed and now he can't stop thinking about her. Over talk of Dani, and Bo and Nora's reunion, Bo advises, "If this thing with you and Dani is real, you two will have another chance too."

Just then, David barges in, excited to see Matthew walking again! As David brings up how happy Destiny must be, Matthew snaps that she's not talking to him - and says that the girl who he can't get out of his head has left town. David reminds Matthew that he can run after her now then turns to Bo and asks his Pa to arrest a man for him - Robert Ford! After Matthew gives them some time, David explains that Ford broke their contract - and stole his identity. Bo advises that David get a lawyer - just as Nora arrives! Nora rants about what happened at the mansion, and about Kimberly Andrews, to which David says, "Did you say Kimberly Andrews?" David claims he doesn't know Kim then heads out, leaving Bo to tell Nora about Matthew's woes. Talking about family, and how Nora and Bo haven't made love yet, Bo asks her to make a home with him and Matthew. Nora and Bo kiss to new beginnings!

Later, back at the Buchanan Mansion, when Kim asks if it's okay if she blasts her tunes in the living room, Clint says, "Want me to put up a pole?" They laugh then Clint leaves to do some work. Kim turns on the music but stops dancing when the music stops. It's David, claiming he's there because he knows what she did!

Over at the Manning Estate, Starr wonders who Todd is talking about when he says he refuses to lose another daughter - by having Starr move in with Cole. Todd backtracks then listens as Starr states her case about being mature enough to move in with Cole. Blair arrives, and Starr asks her to help convince Todd to let her and Hope move in with Cole.

Todd and Blair step out into the foyer, where Blair warns that they need to let Starr make her own decisions - or they could lose her forever. "We've just got to let her go," Blair says. They rejoin Cole and Starr, give them their blessings but warn that the kids will have to do everything on their own. Starr and Cole vow to do everything to make it work then rush off to pack. Though she was all for Starr making her own decisions, Blair can't believe Starr is leaving. Later, packed and ready to go, Starr says her goodbyes then leaves with Cole and Hope.

After Blair has left too, Todd puts the picture of Dani up to a picture of Starr. Suddenly, he hears a crash, looks at the opened front door and snaps, "What the hell are you doing here?"

At his apartment, Markko listens as Langston rants about what Dorian did then reminds her that Dorian has always been there for her. Langston agrees but refuses to go back to the mansion, which brings Markko to admit that he hates that she's staying at Todd's. Markko asks Langston to move in with him, and after a bit of debating, Langston happily agrees! Langston rushes into Markko's arms, who is sore from overexerting himself at the gym. "Yeah, I heard," Langston says. "Ford told me." Markko puts on a confident front then starts to seduce Langston, claiming they'll have the place to themselves, most of the time, as Cole is always with Starr and Hope.

Later, Starr, Hope and Cole arrive home and find the place a mess - with clothes strewn everywhere! Once Langston and Markko reappear, half-dressed, they announce that Langston moved in - and Starr and Cole fill them in on how Starr and Hope are moving in too!

Blair finds Eli outside his hotel room, briefly tells him about the day she's had then pulls him into his room by his tie!

In Tahiti, Dani sees Ross and rushes into his arms screaming, "You're alive!" Ross admits he almost didn't make it, saying, "Good thing Todd's a lousy shot," then explains they can pick up where they left off - and that he has a new place for them. Dani smiles, and just as Ross urges her to leave with him, Tea arrives home - and drops her grocery bag! Tea pulls Dani behind her and warns for Ross to stay away from them - until Dani begs them to stop fighting over her! "Dad," Dani says. "I'm sorry, but I can't go away with you. I would miss Mom." Dani begs them both to become a family again, together, but Ross admits that Tea is in love with someone else. Over talk of Todd, Ross finds out that Dani tried to kill Todd and listens as she says, "I did it for you." Ross feels horrible then says, "You don't understand." Ross asks Dani to promise him that she'll stop hating Todd, but Dani says, "Just because I wouldn't run away with you, I love you, you're my father." In tears, Ross replies, "Thing is, I'm not your father. Todd Manning is."

Next on One Life to Live:

Todd sees that Mitch hasn't changed a bit.

Ross helps Tea tell Dani the truth about Todd.

David and Kim go toe to toe.

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