Starr screams for Cole to stop as he tears the room apart. Starr says she's sorry, that she's not ready to have sex. When she tries to leave, Cole grabs her by the arm, tells her she's lucky to be with him, the steroids clearly having an effect over Cole's actions. Starr tries leaving again, and Cole goes to her, says he's sorry. However, Starr manages to leave with Cole screaming that he didn't mean to hurt her. Langston asks Britney if she's seen Starr. Britney makes a comment that she's probably doing drugs with her boyfriend, Cole. Starr grabs Langston, tells her they have to leave now! Cole yells for her to wait, Starr stops and Cole says, "I can explain." Britney goes up to the bedroom, sees the room a mess! Britney comes up with a plan to destroy Cole and Starr. She makes a call to the police, saying she's Starr Manning and a boy named Cole attacked her!

Down by the docks, David runs into Clint, tells him he's leaving town, that he's leaving Dorian in his hands. Clint admits that he never thought in a million years that he and Dorian would be together. It's strange, but Clint and David have a really nice conversation.

Rex and Adriana go back to his apartment to find the door unlock. When Rex walks through the door, a bag is placed over his head. It's Roxy, hanging out at Rex's with a hangover! Rex tries to kick her out, but Roxy wants to bond with Adriana. Roxy whips out a board game about morals and ethics! After a while, Rex finally gets Roxy to leave.

Todd confesses to Evangeline that he knew what Vincent planned for Cris's fight. Cris stands back, watching, as Todd tells Evangeline the whole story, that he went so far as to bet against Cris. Evangeline asks Todd what kind of person he is, and Cris comes forward, says they know exactly how Todd is. Cris says that he already knew what Todd did, that Vincent told him. Evangeline reminds Todd of everything she's done for him, asks him how he could've done something like this to her! She tells Todd that they are no longer friends. Evangeline leaves

The cops arrive, go to Cole, asking if anyone knows Starr Manning. Starr and Langston hide under a table as the cops take Cole away. Todd calls Starr, asking if she's having a good time.

Natalie asks Vincent why he's saying that John's alive, that he died in a car accident. Vincent says that John told him himself! "You've seen John?" Natalie asks, and Vincent replies, "Yes, and so have you." Vincent says that John is the one in the burn unit, that it's not Hugh, that the man in the bed has blue eyes. Natalie still isn't convinced, so Vincent goes further to tell her that the man said, "My name is John." Natalie can't believe it, says that Michael identified the body. Vincent reminds her that the body was burned pretty bad. Natalie brings up the St. Judes metal, the tattoo Vincent tells her that Hugh had a tattoo, too. Natalie says if this is true, she needs to see it for herself, to find out for herself.

At the hospital, Natalie barges in the hospital room. It's empty. Bo and Paige come in, telling Natalie that they took 'Hugh' to surgery. Bo says, "Natalie, what's wrong?" Paige explains the surgery, goes further to thank Natalie for coming to support Hugh. Natalie asks to talk to Bo in private, asks Bo if they can leave the hospital for a while. However, Bo says he needs to stay with Paige. Natalie storms off and Vincent follows.

Natalie tells Vincent that she can't wait until the surgery is over to find out if it is John for real! Vincent says this is hard on him, too, that if John's alive it means Hugh is buried in John's grave. Natalie gets an idea, rushes off with Vincent close behind.

At the cemetery, Natalie starts digging up John's grave!

Next on One Life to Live: Natalie is caught digging up John's grave, Spencer's murder trial is near and Marcie and Michael hire Rex to locate Tommy's birth parents