Outside his house in Tahiti, Ross peers through the window at Tea and Dani…

Inside, Tea urges Dani to go to the beach with her, to say goodbye to Ross, but Dani cries that she keeps expecting him to walk through the door. Once they walk out the door, Ross watches after them then goes inside, looks in Tea's wallet, pulls out a picture of her and Todd then places something over his photo that Dani has included in her shrine to him…

When Tea and Dani return, she notices Ross' necklace, the one he had on when he went over the bridge, draped across his photo in her shrine. After Tea heads to take a shower, Dani goes to the door and calls out, "Dad?" Tea reappears, and when Dani doesn't want to go out for lunch, Tea gives her some space - and Dani comes face to face with Ross, who smiles. "Hello, Sweetheart."

Back in Llanview, Clint brings Kim back to the loft, after a business trip, and expresses liking her because she's up front - and tells it how it is. Clint admits he had fun and gives Kim the rest of the day off…

Kim goes inside and listens to Stacy's ordeal with Mitch, and his nurse, and how Rex rescued her. Over talk of how Rex is moving back in with her, Stacy wonders when Kim, who is moving right along with her plan to snag Clint, will be moving out.

In Lowell's office, Nora informs Lowell that she can't prosecute John McBain then he watches as Jessica enters, hands over a letter-opener and admits to stabbing Mitch! After Jessica is shown out, Marty arrives next, with a letter-opener, and confesses to stabbing Mitch - and Cole does the same! Nora wonders how Lowell would like her to move forward, in regards to charges…

Outside Lowell's office, John is shocked to hear about Jessica, Marty and Cole's confessions. When Lowell appears, Eli demands that he drop the charges against his client, John, and after a few exchanged threats between Nora and Lowell, he has no choice but to drop the charges against John and says, "But McBain, you're fired!" Brody quits too, but John urges him to stay on the force. Once Lowell is gone, John thanks Cole, Marty and Jessica then heads out.

Starr, Blair and Todd are at the Manning Estate, talking about how Hope isn't sleeping well and about Dorian's new hire at the police station. When Todd and Blair are alone, Blair looks at Eli's business card, suggests Todd get over Tea by getting something going with someone else then thinks back to her romp with Eli, claiming Todd needs a simple pleasure. Blair places a call to Eli, makes plans to meet him then leaves.

Later, while Todd and Starr are talking about her upcoming eighteenth birthday, Cole arrives to inform everyone that John's been released. Todd and Cole argue over John, and what Todd did to his mother, then Cole asks Starr if she'd like to move in with him - like they talked about doing after she turned eighteen. However, Todd refuses to allow it and vows not to lose another daughter, leaving Starr to ask, "Another daughter?"

Blair meets Eli at the station, and as the two trade seductive remarks, they end up going at it on Lowell's desk!

Over at Llanfair, Bo catches Viki and Charlie up on the new commissioner then says that Lowell had John arrested. Natalie enters the room, says John was arrested for something he didn't do then says she has something to tell them all. Just as Bo tries to stop her, Clint arrives and the brothers argue - until Natalie admits, "I stabbed Mitch." While Bo and Clint instruct Natalie how to handle the situation, with each having their own opposing ideas, Charlie rushes off, promising Viki he's not going to drink. Suddenly, John and Nora arrive and announce that no one is going to be prosecuted for stabbing Mitch. While Clint and Nora trade barbs, Natalie thanks John, saying he could've gone to prison for her. "Why did you do that?" she asks, but John replies, "You know why." Natalie rushes into his arms! Later, Viki begs Jessica and Natalie to forget about Mitch and to get on with their lives, for Bree's sake. Jessica promises 'no heroics', as does Natalie, who still thinks someone needs to make Mitch pay.

While John and Bo leave, they meet up with Brody outside Llanfair, who agrees to help them nail Mitch - as a mole from inside the police force!

Clint arrives back at the loft and asks Kim to lunch, to take notes about his divorce, but, with Stacy watching from the shadows, Kim says she has to find a place to live today - and Clint invites her to move into the mansion with him! Though Kim turns down his offer, claiming she's concerned for how it would look for him during his divorce, Clint convinces her to move in then accepts Kim's hug, who says, "I guess you've got yourself a houseguest!" Stacy smiles from across the room.

At the mansion, Dorian drugs some food before she brings it to Mitch, who is reading the newspaper about how he will not stand trial. Mitch looks at the food, asks if Dorian poisoned it then warns that if something happens to him, he can't promise that Starr, and Dorian's girls, will be able to leave Todd's house alive. Dorian takes the plate away and says, "I guess you're not hungry, are you?" Mitch makes it clear that he's calling the shots then hides, and takes a call from Lowell - and warns for him to get things done, when Charlie arrives, demanding to know how Dorian can live with herself! Charlie begs Dorian to fire Lowell, but she can't and says, "I'm really sorry," to which Charlie replies, "No you're not," then leaves, as Mitch comes out of hiding and reminds Dorian of all the cruel things she's done to Charlie. Dorian hands Mitch some money, who again threatens her girls, then pulls out the vile of poison that she used to drug Mitch's food after he leaves.

Next on One Life to Live:

Clint's divorce demands outrage Nora.

Tea finds Dani with Ross.

Cole and Starr make their independence known.

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