Todd buys Evangeline a drink, tells her he's trying to escape Blair. Evangeline says that Blair is in love with him, that she'll do anything to fight for him. Todd says that Blair isn't getting anywhere with him, asks why Evangeline always wants to talk about him getting back with Blair. Once again, he tells her he has an 'arrangement' with Blair, nothing more, nothing less. Evangeline talks about Cris, about how happy they are, about working through the drama of his career being trashed by Vincent. Evangeline says if Todd wants what Cris and she have, he needs to be totally honest. Todd says there's something he needs to tell her.

Nash spends some time with Bree at the vineyard. He shows the baby a photo album of Tess, tells her of all the plans he and Tess had for them all. Nash takes some new pictures of him and the baby to add to their photo album. Nash tells Bree that no matter what, he will always take care of her.

Jessica and Antonio ravish each other before Antonio picks her up and carries her over the threshold of The Palace suite. Antonio surprises Jessica with a beautiful, romantic setting. Antonio lays her on the bed, and they share a passionate wedding night surrounded by candlelight.

Vincent goes to Natalie, says he needs to tell her something. Natalie tries to leave, but Vincent doesn't let her. When Natalie asks what's so damned important, Vincent says, "John McBain." Natalie flips out, asking how he could bring up John of all days. Vincent says she needs to hear what he has to say. Natalie screams for him to please stop, says that she's trying so hard to get through this. Vincent holds Natalie, and Natalie asks him to please take her away from The Palace. As they're leaving, Cris grabs Vincent, slams him into a wall, tells him to never touch Natalie again! Natalie tells Cris to let him go, and Cris does. Vincent says he's sorry, then leaves. Cris tells Natalie he's there if she needs him. As Cris walks out, Vincent stops him, tells Cris that Todd Manning knew ahead of time how Cris's fight was going to go down.

Vincent goes back to Natalie, tells her John McBain is alive!

Cole and Starr arrive at a wild party where everyone is drinking and having a blast. Everyone's chanting Cole's name, fellow football players pick him up and whisk Cole off. Langston tells Starr that Cole totally likes her. Britney approaches, says if Starr hooks up with Cole, she'll regret it. Britney claims to be looking out for Starr, tells her that Cole is who Starr should be worried about. Cole's friend asks him if he's going to take advantage of Starr's interest in him. Cole's friends taunt him about Starr, causing Cole to flip out and fight. When Starr and Cole are ready to walk away, Cole's football buddy yells out, "Starr, try not to rape Cole. I know it's in your family." Cole turns around and punches the guy in the face. As Cole and Starr go upstairs, Britney takes a picture of them on her cell phone.

Upstairs, Cole and Starr apologize to each other for what happened. Cole kisses Starr. Cole starts to push himself on Starr, pushing her to the bed. When she asks him to back off, Cole goes crazy, throws things around, calls Starr a tease!

Asa stares at the picture of Spencer's mother. Clint takes Asa's drink from him, angering him. After Clint describes Jessica's wedding, Asa talks about how upset Renee is with him. Clint demands that Asa tell him about Emma Bradley. Asa says okay, but wants Clint to promise that he'll never see Dorian again. Clint agrees, but Asa won't talk. Clint shows Asa pictures of Bree, of Zane, says that he needs to put the kids first, that he needs to let go of his vengeance toward Spencer. Asa says he'll handle things his way. Clint leaves

Asa again looks to the picture, tells Nigel that the woman is still giving him troubles Nigel questions Asa whether David could be his son! Asa tells him to forget it, throws the picture of Emma Bradley into the fireplace.

David and Dorian go over the wedding, thinking back on their own wedding day, the mistakes they've made. When Dorian suggests they go home, David says it's time he leaves Llanview, that it's time he follows his dreams. Although no music is playing, David and Dorian have one last dance They express how much they'll miss each other.

Next on One Life to Live: Vincent explains to Natalie that John was mistakenly taken for Hugh, causing Natalie to search for the truth, Todd finally confesses knowing that Cristian's boxing match was fixed...