Nash questions why Jessica would tell Antonio about their pre-wedding conversation. Jessica says she doesn't want her marriage to start out with lies. Antonio overhears as Nash comments to Jessica that her marriage was one that almost didn't happen, hears Nash reminding Jessica that earlier she was having doubts. Jessica tells Nash she loves Antonio, that she never had any doubts. Antonio finally interrupts them, and Jessica tells Nash she wants a moment alone with Antonio. Nash leaves

Antonio asks Jessica if she's sorry she married him. Jessica says no, says she loves him more than anything. Antonio takes Jessica in a kiss The couple rejoins the crowd as Cris makes another toast to their future. Antonio and Jessica thank everyone for coming, then leave the reception

As Evangeline and Cris dance, they talk about their future. Cris expresses that he wants to spend his life with her, but Evangeline says she wants to take things slow. They enjoy their night together.

Rex and Adriana talk about marriage, and Rex says that marriage isn't all that it's cracked up to be, that she needs to focus on her career. David goes to them, asks Adriana when she's going to forgive Dorian. Adriana says Dorian's love can be fatal, that Dorian hasn't apologized, that she's never going to forgive Dorian. After David walks away, Rex says that Adriana should think about what David said. Adriana gets mad and walks away from Rex.

David goes to Dorian, expressing that he needs to start a new life.

Rex gets a call, tells Adriana that he finally got a lead on Todd's kid.

Clint finds Vicki crying. She's so happy that Jessica made it through all this mess. However, Vicki admits to having worried that Tess would come out today. Clint is relieved, too, he takes Vicki's hand.

The man in the bed tells Vincent that he's John, causing Vincent to act as though he's seen a ghost. Vincent repeats the man's name, "John McBain," as he thinks about Natalie. The nurse comes in and John begs her not to give him any pain medications. However, she does anyway. Paige comes in the room, tells Vincent that they'll be taking 'Hugh' in for a skin graph. Paige comments that Vincent has been such a good friend to Natalie, after losing John, to 'Hugh,' for being there. Paige says she wants to know everything about 'Hugh,' that she almost lost him again. Vincent looks to Paige with sorrow, tells her that sometimes you can't get back the things that you lost. Vincent leaves

Kevin and Kelly say goodnight to the baby. Kelly asks Kevin what he thinks about the baby calling him daddy. When Kevin question's Duke's part in this, Kelly says they'll have to explain the situation to the baby when he's older. Kevin tells Kelly he loves her, makes her promise that she'll meet him in London once the baby can leave the hospital. Kelly promises, then they kiss...

Cheers explode after Cole won the game. Britney approaches Starr and Cole, hands them a pop. Cole freaks on Britney, says that he isn't buying her friendly act. Starr tells Cole she's not worth it. Langston warns Starr that Britney is up to something. Before Cole goes into the locker room, he invites Starr to a big party. Langston tells Starr if she doesn't go to the party with Cole, Britney will be all over him. Starr agrees to go to the party. Britney tells her friends that tonight Cole is going to get what's coming to him!

In the locker room, Cole tells his friend he doesn't want to use steroids anymore. When he goes to hand him back the drugs, the coach come in, asks them what's going on. The coach says he needs to talk to Cole. He continues to put more pressure on Cole, tells him he needs to prove himself every time he's on the field. The coach leaves, and Cole tries to give his friend back the drugs, but he won't take them. Cole's temper is out of control as he throws the drugs back in his locker and slams it shut.

When Cole comes out, Britney pushes herself on Cole, and he screams for her to get away from him. Starr calls home, tells Todd that she's going to stay at Langston's. Cole calls his mom, tells her he's going to a party. Britney looks on, witnessing how on edge Cole is, commenting that the pills are doing a number on Cole. Everyone leaves for the party.

Vincent bursts into The Palace, finds Natalie, tells her there's something she needs to know!

Next on One Life to Live: Natalie mistakes Vincent's motives, Todd and Evangeline have a long overdue talk, preparing Todd to make a confession and David decides it's time to leave Llanview...