Todd joins Evangeline, tells her that Blair is home sleeping, that he needed to come back to the wedding. Cris swoops Evangeline in his arms, away from Todd, holding her in a passionate kiss.

At the wedding reception, the couple is introduced as Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Vega. Jessica, Clint and Vicki go to take pictures, leaving Antonio confronting Nash, asking why he and Jessica were late for the wedding. Nash claims he had business to take care of, says he's not sure why Jessica was late. Jessica approaches them, and Nash leaves.

Dorian watches on as Clint and Vicki dance. David suggests that she dances with him, and they do.

Jessica and Antonio engage in their first dance as Nash stands back, his heart breaking in a million pieces. Jessica sneaks off while Antonio is talking with the guests. She goes to Nash, thanks him for not making a scene at her wedding after what happened back at Vicki's before the wedding. She goes on to rehash about Nash asking her not to marry Antonio. Jessica starts to feel guilty, wants to tell Antonio why she was late for the wedding She goes to Antonio, says that she needs to tell him something. Cris interrupts to make a toast as the best man. After Cris is done, Nash comes forward, says there's something he wants to say, too. Nash expresses how happy he is that his baby will grow up in a home so full of love, thanks them for including him in their day, then tries to leave. However, Clint stops him, thanks Nash for not ruining Jessica's wedding. Antonio asks Jessica if that's what she wanted to tell him, that Nash was going to give them a toast, Jessica says yes

Jessica throws her bouquet, and Evangeline catches it! Antonio removes Jessica's garter, throws it, and Todd catches it!

Jessica goes outside to get some air, sees Nash. Nash admits to Jessica that he came by to talk to her before the wedding to try one more time to get her to not marry Antonio. When asked if Antonio knows about that, Jessica says no, says let's keep it that way. Around the corner, Antonio hears their whole conversation.

Kevin and Kelly sit with her new baby. They profess their love to one another, to where Kelly says that she wishes Zane was Kevin's baby. Kevin asks Kelly if she and the baby will move to London with him. With a little reassurance, Kelly says yes.

Britney finds the steroids in Cole's locker, but doesn't take them. She leaves the lock room Cole's makes a big play in the game, and Britney goes to Starr during halftime, asks for a truce. Although Starr knows that Britney is up to something, she goes along with Britney's game. Britney and her friends talk about the drugs Britney found in his locker. In the locker room, the coach puts more pressure on Cole to win the game. Before heading back on the field, Cole pops some steroids.

After the game, the coach praises Cole for winning. Britney looks to Cole and Starr, says they'll get what's coming to them.

Still in the church, Natalie says how alone she feels. Vincent walks in, tells Natalie that he just came from seeing Hugh. Vincent tries to tell Natalie about Hugh getting better, opening his eyes However, Natalie accuses Vincent of trying to get back at her by rubbing Hugh's progress in her face- while John still remains dead. Natalie claims to have lost faith, but Vincent reminds her that some times miracles do happen Natalie makes a comment about John having never believed anything unless he had seen it with his own two eyes, and Vincent thanks her, says that she gave him the answer he was looking for. Vincent leaves.

John whispers to the nurse, "Get Natalie." The nurse says, "Hugh, you're lucky to be alive."

Natalie sits in the church, envisioning John, her in a beautiful wedding gown, the two of them together again. John stops, says there's something he needs to say to her Natalie's phone rings. Vicki calls to check in with Natalie.

Vincent goes to see 'Hugh'. He talks to the man, says that Hugh has brown eyes, says he has to know Suddenly, John turns his head, opens his eyes! Vincent says, "It's true! You're not Hugh Hughes!" Vincent asks the man who he is The man under the bandages says, "I'm John" Vincent is shocked!

Next on One Life to Live: Britney toasts to Cole, Antonio asks Jessica if she has any regrets and Vincent goes to Natalie with his findings