Kim finds Stacy in the park, gives her a fake sonogram photo to show Rex then whines about her mission to get Bo - saying Bo still has a thing for his ex. Kim explains how Bo is in London, with Nora, who left her husband, and Bo's billionaire brother behind, causing Stacy to suggest that Kim forget about Bo - and set her sights on Clint! After Stacy explains all of the reasons why Kim should go after Clint, Kim starts to mentally spend Clint's money before she's even snagged her new Buchanan man!

In his office at The Sun, Todd draws a mustache on Dorian's photo, on the front page then looks at an old cover story of him and Tea. Suddenly, Todd's PI appears and hands him a file on Tea, explaining that she went to London! Just as the man tells Todd that Tea went with a tall, dark, handsome man, Todd blurts out Ross' name - and Blair appears wondering what's going on! Todd dismisses his PI, deters Blair from any further questions then listens as Blair talks about how Starr put her in charge of throwing a party for Hope's birthday. Blair asks Todd for his help then notices some pictures of Tea on the floor and asks, "Why can't you let this witch go?" Todd can't shake the feeling that Tea is hiding something big, causing Blair to think back to Tea's confession of having Todd's child! Blair tiptoes around the situation then suggests that Todd worry about his family right now - and forget about what's in London and concentrate on what's in Llanview. After Blair leaves, Todd instructs his PI to get to London now - so he can find out what Tea is up to in order for him to get on with his life!

Over in London, in the headmistress's office with Elijah, Tea listens about how it took several staff members to remove Ross from the boarding school. Tea warns for them to keep an eye on Dani, and to keep Ross away from her, then the headmistress goes to get Tea's daughter!

In his room, Matthew takes a call from Rachel, where Matthew asks for Rachel to call him if she hears from Destiny. After he hangs up, Matthew, Dani and Tom talk about their escape plan - until the headmistress appears, takes Dani away, and leaves Tom telling Matthew that their plan will never work!

As the headmistress tells Dani she has a visitor, Dani rushes into her office, thinking it's her dad, sees Tea then says, "Oh, it's you." Dani wants to see her father, is introduced to her Uncle Elijah then asks Tea if she's keeping any other relatives from her - and refuses to leave with Tea, who wants to transfer her to another school! Tea claims it's not safe for her there anymore then Dani brings up how she thought she heard her dad screaming in the hallway - and sees a printout of Ross on the headmistress's desk! Dani screams at Tea for keeping her father away from her, wonders if she's in love with someone else, like her father always thought, then storms away - refusing to leave with Tea!

Dani rushes back into Matthew's room, tells the boys about her mom wanting to take her away then vows that she's only leaving the school with Matthew! Tom hands Matthew some money then heads out to cause a distraction, so Matthew and Dani can leave. Dani rushes out to pack some things, saying, "We're in this together."

Elijah tries to calm Tea, who is wondering what's taking Dani so long. He also warns that Dani is smart - and that sooner or later Tea is going to have to tell Dani who her real father is!

At the Buchanan Compound, as David asks Destiny, who wants to see Matthew, to leave Nora and Bo to him, Neval calls Nigel and promises to get him the scoop on what David is up to - then Nigel asks if Nora's available for a call from Clint. Back in the living room, as Bo wonders if Nora is avoiding him, David appears to clarify and says that Nora's afraid if she's alone with Bo she'll jump his bones! Just as Bo and Nora warn David to back off, Neval appears and hands a phone to Nora - it's Clint! While Nora takes the call, David begs Bo not to be like him and Dorian - and to go after what he wants! "Learn from us, Pa," David says. "I can't wait to see my Daddy happy - and to call Nora Big Mama!" On the phone, Nora assures Clint, who wants to come to London, that she's managing, reminds him that he's needed in Llanview, and insists that she'll be home soon. Nora says she misses him, and replies, "Me too," to Clint's, "I love you," then hangs up, just as Destiny and David bombard her with a request to see Matthew! Bo and Nora finally allow it then send David off to take Destiny to Matthew - and to relay the message that Nora and Bo love him. Out in the foyer, Destiny convinces David to stay behind, so she can go alone and tell Matthew how she really feels about him.

Alone, Nora explains to Bo that she halted Clint from coming to London. Though they both agree that they are in love with each other, Bo reminds Nora that it doesn't change the fact that she's still married to his brother. When Bo wonders where they go from here, Nora announces that she wants him to stay in London while she goes back to Llanview.

When Destiny arrives at the school, she reaches Matthew's door - just as Matthew and Dani are making their getaway!

Back in Llanview, Greg appears in the park, and Rachel explains how she ended things with Shaun - and how she lied about having feelings for Greg! Though Rachel doesn't want to pursue a relationship with Greg, for fear of hurting Shaun, Greg takes her in a kiss - and Shaun appears and sees them! As they break away from the kiss, regretting that they'll have to hide their feelings, Shaun approaches and lashes out at Rachel and Greg for playing him - behind his back! Though Shaun can't be sure how far Rachel went, he knows Greg went after her - then warns Rachel that Greg will get bored with her as soon as a new tail comes his way! Rachel apologizes but her apology means nothing to Shaun, who warns for them both to leave him the hell alone!

At the Buchanan mansion, Clint stares at a photo of Nora and appears distracted - and never realizes that at that same moment Stacy is commenting to Kim on how easy it'll be to snag Clint - since it's only a matter of time before Bo and Nora have an affair while in London! When Nigel enters the room, Clint instructs him to pack him a bag and make arrangements for him to get to London!

Next on One Life to Live:

Stacy taunts Gigi.

Nora and Bo come to a decision.

John dissects his findings.

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