Rex and Natalie arrive in Napa at the old vineyard and are shocked to find Jessica there! After they all explain what brought them to Napa, Natalie finds a coffee pot and says, "This place is not abandoned anymore. It's still hot." Jessica remarks the place looks just like her and Nash's vineyard in Llanview and explains that this is where Nash and Tess first fell in love. Suddenly, Rex gets a call from his Aunt Corrine, who claims she has cancer, and only has a few days to live. "I need to make things right, before I die. I need to tell you who your father is," Aunt Corrine says but refuses to tell him over the phone. She gives him an address, where she's staying with a friend, then Rex promises he'll come as soon as he can. Once Rex hangs up, Natalie urges him to go find out the truth now! Rex calls Gigi but doesn't get an answer, and when Natalie makes a call, claiming she called John, Rex finally agrees to leave, knowing John will be there soon. However, when Rex leaves, Natalie breaks the news to Jessica that she lied - she has no intentions of calling John! Natalie and Jessica know that whoever used the coffee pot will be returning - and say that they're sure they'll find what they came looking for right at the vineyard! Little do they know, someone is watching them from outside...

John goes back to the motel that Natalie and Rex stayed at and demands to know the truth from the worker who told him that Natalie and Rex headed to Llanview. John grabs the guy, who warns that John doesn't have jurisdiction there, which causes John to bring in a cop, count off the guy's rap sheet, give the man his card, for when he brightens up in jail, then has him taken away.

In Michigan, Brody is tied to a chair and screams for Nadine. When his cell rings, she appears, sees it's Jessica, turns his phone off then apologizes, "I'm really sorry. I couldn't let you leave." Though Brody promises to help Nadine, she grabs a gag, covers Brody's mouth then follows Brody's gaze to the doorway, where Aunt Corrine appears!

After they hide Brody, Rex arrives, and Corrine says to Nadine, "You know what to do." Nadine drugs some tea, invites Rex in then Corrine urges him to have a cup and relax - before she reveals what he came to hear.

Back in Llanview, Clint, Viki and Charlie talk about how no one's heard from Jared - and Natalie and Jessica have left town suddenly 'to get away'. They talk about their kids a bit more, as well as what Nora and Bo are going through with Matthew, then Clint assures Viki that he's already voted - and that she'll always have his vote! Suddenly, John arrives and warns that Natalie and Rex are chasing a lead - hoping to find Jared before John does. Charlie is happy that Natalie is fighting for Jared, and John asks them to let him know if they hear from Natalie.

The residents of Llanview line up in Angels Square to cast their vote for mayor, and Langston assumes that Markko is going to vote for Dorian. However, Markko reminds her that Viki took him in then is interrupted when Dorian joins them to find out what the response has been among the kids' peers. Amelia goes to Nick, who is seated at a bench, and tries to comfort him, as he looks at a newspaper photo of Kyle and Fish kissing. Later, Mr. and Mrs. Rivera arrive, and as they are badgering Markko about being at the rally, Dorian introduces them to her partner - Amelia! The Riveras aren't impressed and walk away, leaving Dorian to thank Markko for being able to think for himself, and for be open-minded, unlike his parents.

Across the square, Gigi runs into Schuyler and again says she doesn't want to have feelings for him then explains that she's ready to concentrate on her relationship with Rex. Schuyler reminders her that Rex isn't there for her then leaves, as Noelle approaches. Noelle talks about her indecisiveness over the mayoral vote, which leads Gigi to wonder what if the love of her life isn't Rex - but is someone else. She explains her love of Rex, to Noelle, as well as how she wanted to kiss Schuyler. Noelle can understand why Gigi turned to Schuyler but warns her not to 'stir' her emotions too much in the other direction - unless she's done with Rex!

Noelle joins Moe, and Dorian approaches and asks if he'll cook for her, for the victory dinner, when she wins. Moe laughs, says that he already agreed to cook for Viki then comments that either way, he'll be cooking! As Langston and Markko continue arguing over Markko's vote, Starr runs into Schuyler and they catch up. Starr just wants Schuyler to be happy, and he agrees, saying, "I'm working on that." Schuyler glances from afar at Gigi. Later, one by one, the voting winds down, as Cole assures Starr that he's fine with her talking to Schuyler.

After placing her vote, Marty runs into Gigi, who has received Rex's message that he's going to Michigan to see his sick aunt. Though Gigi apologizes for missing their session, Marty suggests that Gigi come in alone - to get a head start on their issues. Gigi stares at Schuyler. Later, John arrives and informs Marty that he has no idea where Natalie and Rex have gone… Marty tells John that she doesn't know where Natalie is but relays what Gigi said, that Rex went to Michigan! John realizes that Brody is also in Michigan - on a family emergency! "I think someone's trying to keep Rex from helping Natalie," John says. "The same person who is trying to keep Brody from helping Jessica."

Up on the Angles Square Hotel roof, Fish wants to talk to Kyle about their future and wonders where they go from here. Kyle agrees to show Fish the ropes and asks him out on a date, promising him that as long as they are honest with each other, everything will be great. Fish holds Kyle close then they head to get some breakfast - but not before expressing their love and sealing it with a kiss!

Viki and Charlie arrive in Angels Square, and as she is addressing the crowd, Dorian and Amelia join her. Dorian puts out her hand and says, "May the best woman win!" Viki shakes it. Fish and Kyle appear, and though Kyle tries to talk to Nick, he walks away. Meanwhile, Markko heads into the booth and places his vote.

Next on One Life to Live:

Bo and Nora talk about the future.

Kim sets out to snag her man.

Todd wonders what Tea is up to.

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