Though Dorian admits to Langston that she still loves David, she asks her to hold onto her phone, in case 'someone' calls, then goes off with Amelia. Nick urges Kyle to join him in the ceremony, and Fish says, "I'll see you after you get married." The ceremony begins, and as Andrew talks about marriage, Langston leaves a message for David to get over there soon - and stop Dorian! Nick expresses his love to Kyle, Cris and Layla comment on how devastated Fish looks and Amelia wonders who Dorian is looking for… Suddenly, as Andrew instructs everyone to take out their rings, Kyle says, "Wait, I can't do this." Though Nick professes his love to Kyle, Kyle denies loving Nick then says he wants to one day marry the man he loves - Kyle goes to Fish and asks him if they can give it another shot! Nick runs off upset, as Kyle tells Fish how much he loves him - then Roxy approaches and tells Kyle to marry Fish! Though Fish wants to give his relationship with Kyle another shot, neither is ready for marriage.

At Llanfair, Todd arranges to help Viki win the election, by putting some interns to work on her behalf, then talks about his Halloween with Blair and the kids. Viki sticks up for Tea, especially after Todd relays that Tea and Ross planned to rob him. Viki suggests that Todd get to the bottom of the truth surrounding Tea, and although Todd doesn't want to talk about Tea anymore, Viki suggests they just hang out - and Todd happily agrees. Viki turns on the television, and she and Todd watch the drama unfolding in Angels Square…

Just as Rachel admits to Nigel that her date tonight with Shaun is their last date, Shaun arrives at the Buchanan mansion. Once alone, Rachel starts to explain how Shaun made her feel safe, and as soon as Shaun gets the hint, he asks if her change of feelings have anything to do with his brother. Rachel talks about Shaun having stronger feelings for her than she has for him, which causes Shaun to say, "I hope you find what you're looking for. Whoever he is, he better treat you right, or I will make him sorry."

Greg's female doctor friend, Viv, appears at his hotel room door, finds Greg in a towel then opens up her trench coat! Though she gets Greg down onto the bed, he pushes her away - and she calls him out by asking, "This is about Rachel, isn't it?" Greg talks about owing his brother, and not wanting to hurt Shaun or his family, but even Viv admits that Rachel isn't into Shaun - she's into Greg!

On a plane to London, Tea admits to Elijah that she believes that Ross would take Dani from her. Though Elijah reminds her that Ross is Dani's father, Tea confesses that Dani is really Todd's daughter! Tea explains the details, but Elijah warns that Ross is going to kill her when he finds out! Tea and Elijah talk about the future and how everyone involved is going to react to the news, especially Todd, the man she loves.

Ross arrives at the boarding school and says to himself, "Daddy's coming for you, Dani, and I'm not going to leave without you." Suddenly, the headmistress appears, knowing who he is, and asks him to leave.

In a room, Dani and Matthew try to figure out an escape route - with Dani wishing she could get a hold of her dad, saying, "He'd help us." Dani turns up the stereo, so no one hears them talking but suddenly hears her dad calling her name from outside the room - as the headmistress is having security take him away! However, when Dani looks out into the hallway, no one is there.

Destiny and David arrive outside of the Buchanan Compound. After David instructs Destiny to hide in the bushes, while he goes in and distracts Bo and Nora, he bangs on the door and is shocked to see the butler - Nigel's lookalike cousin, Neval, who slams the door in David's face! After David gets him to open the door, he threatens Neval, who tells David to bring it on! As the men are about to fight, Destiny jumps out of the bushes, distracts Neval and ushers David inside the compound - so she can go find Matthew!

Inside Bo admits to Nora that he loves her then says, "I've got a feeling that you love me too." Nora reminds Bo of how he could never forgive her for being with Sam, but Bo explains that he blew it - and he knows how long Nora has waited to hear that he does forgive her. Over talk of Clint, Bo promises he didn't plan to hurt either of them, and Nora not only admits that she wouldn't have married Clint if she hadn't loved him - but she admits she still loves Bo!

Bo and Nora share another kiss, and are shocked when they see David in the doorway, watching them! Bo demands to know what David is doing there, as Destiny and Neval join them. After Neval leaves, Destiny begs them to see Matthew, as Bo berates David for bringing her to London! As David is trying to convince Bo and Nora to let Destiny see Matthew, he gets Langston's message, warning that he's going to lose Dorian to another woman!

In the foyer, Neval calls Nigel to gossip about David being Bo's son then Neval says, "These Buchanans… They're a handful."

Just then, Neval heads into the living room and instructs everyone to turn on the television - Nigel said they wouldn't want to miss this! Watching the ceremony in Angels Square, David drops his cell phone when he hears Andrew say, "You may kiss your spouse," and Dorian and Amelia kiss!

Back in Llanview, Roxy hushes the protester, Markko's mom's friend, by saying, "Don't knock it till you try it," and kisses her - as everyone applauds Kyle and Fish, as they kiss!

Next on One Life to Live:

Kyle and Fish debate what to do next.

A trap awaits Rex.

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