Still at the hospital, after Tea blurts out to Rachel that she's been keeping Todd's child from him, she explains how she and Todd had sex while stranded on the island - but that Todd left her there with Ross and she never wanted to know if the baby was Todd's. Tea talks about her return to Llanview, and how she got a DNA sample from Todd and found out her child was indeed Todd's - not Ross'. Rachel wonders why Tea didn't tell Todd the truth, and Tea says she wanted to tell him before their wedding, but she wanted him to marry her because he loved her - not because they had a kid. Tea shows Rachel a photo of her daughter, Daniella, then cries that she can't tell Todd about her - because he could use Danielle to get back at her. "I will not have her be a tug-of-war between us," Tea vows. Tea also vows not to let Ross take Daniella away from her, like he's threatened in the past, then admits that she hopes Blair never gets her memory back. However, Rachel warns for Tea to tell Todd the truth now - before Blair gets to him first. Tea rushes out…

Upstairs in her bedroom, when Todd tries to call the doctor, Blair stops him, says she needs to just lie down then tells Todd she's afraid of what she doesn't remember. Todd pulls her close and promises he's going to help her through this, as Blair grins from under his chin! After Blair takes a nap, she wakes up calling out Tea's name then tells Todd, "I think I remember!" Blair claims that Tea never loved him - and that she remembers Tea admitting some plan of her and Ross' to take Todd for all of his money! "That's why Tea was on a rampage," Blair lies. Just then, Todd gets a call from Tea but refuses to answer it - and threatens to kill Tea when Blair hesitates when he asks if Tea pushed her out the window on purpose!

After grabbing a shower in Elijah's room, Ross thanks his brother for springing him from jail, but Elijah reminds him to thank Blair - who is still hung up on Todd. Ross wants to concentrate on finding his kid, but Elijah warns him not to do anything stupid - he's out on bail! After Ross admits he wasn't always the best father, Elijah promises, "We're going to find your kid." Elijah hands Ross a photo of his daughter and listens as Ross rants about Tea taking 'Dani' from him! Elijah talks about his plan - saying that he hired a PI to go through Tea's cell phone records - and asks Ross to hang in there.

In London, Matthew is introduced to his new roommate, Tom, who appears just as miserable and cocky as Matthew. Once the headmistress leaves, Tom informs Matthew that the school is very strict - and that they are practically on lockdown all the time. Matthew tells Tom about being forced to London then wonders if Tom has a cell phone he can use. Though Tom doesn't, after hearing Matthew's desperation to get out of London, in order to get his surgery, he briefly leaves then returns with a phone!

Back in Llanview, Destiny storms into Dorian's mansion and demands that David help her find out what happened to Matthew! After David leaves a message for Bo, Destiny snaps, "I could've done that!" Destiny thinks Matthew's parents kidnapped him and is shocked to suddenly get a call from Matthew but the line goes dead! Destiny tries to call back, gets a girl's voicemail and leaves a message for Matthew to call her back. David wonders if Destiny is concerned about who Matthew's new friend is then shocks her after he looks at the number on her phone by saying that Matthew's call was made from England! Destiny admits that she needs to tell Matthew how she feels and says, "He needs me, and you have to get me there."

Across the way, back in London, a girl storms into Matthew's dorm room and demands that he return her phone! The girl snaps at Matthew to ask next time, screams for Tom to stay out of her room then stomps away - and looks at the calls on her phone in confusion. Tom informs Matthew about what a witch Daniella Rayburn is, but Matthew thinks she's pretty cool.

Back in Llanview, as Tea bursts into Dorian's mansion, and starts rushing up the stairs, she gets a call from Daniella and asks, "Is everything okay?" to which Danielle replies, "No, everything is not okay!"

Upstairs in Blair's room, after Blair admits how much she still cares for Todd, she takes him in a passionate kiss - and Todd kisses Blair back!

While Jessica is feeding Bree in the kitchen at Llanfair, Brody appears, dressed in his Llanview PD uniform, and assures her that he and John are working hard to find Jared. Seeing Bree with the elephant that the stalker gave her, Jessica admits to Brody that it freaks her out a bit to see it then Jessica takes Bree upstairs for her bath. Shortly after, Jessica rejoins Brody, alone, and they talk more about the case - and how Jared hired Landers to make it look as though Nash had come back to life. "What if he's gone for good?" Jessica asks, but they are interrupted when Brody gets a call from his sister, Nadine, who says, "I'm in trouble, I need help." Though she won't tell Brody what kind of trouble she's in, Nadine begs him to come to Detroit to help her - then hangs up! Brody tells Jessica that his sister was never there for him, but Jessica reminds him that she's his sister and says, "We'll be fine, go." Brody reluctantly agrees, promises to be back as soon as he can and asks for Jessica and the girls to stay close to the house!

After Brody is gone, Jessica gets a call. "Jessica? Baby, it's me," the voice says, to which Jessica gasps, "Nash?"

Next on One Life to Live:

Jessica is startled to hear Nash's voice!

Ross doesn't call Blair out on her lies.

Tea allows Todd to think the worst of her.

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