Jessica looks confused as Clint asks if she's ready. Jessica glances at Antonio, at Nash, remembering Nash's plea to not marry Antonio. She turns to Clint, smiles, says, "I'm ready." Together they start down the aisle. As she walks down the aisle, Jessica gives herself a silent pep talk, chanting, "I'm marring the man of my dreams." Jessica goes to Antonio. Rev. Carpenter begins the ceremony, asking if anyone objects to the marriage

Suddenly, Jessica says, "I can't do this!" Nash smiles Jessica pulls Antonio aside, tells him she needs to talk to Nash. Jessica goes to Nash, whispers to him that she can't marry Antonio until Nash knows how much she appreciates him being there for Bree, until Nash knows for sure that she really does love and want to be with Antonio. Nash thanks her, and Jessica goes back to Antonio, tells him she's ready to marry him now. They light the unity candle, exchange their emotional, personal vows and are pronounced husband and wife. Although Nash depressingly makes it through the service, Jessica and Antonio finally tie the knot!

Not feeling well, drunk, Blair leaves the church, and Todd follows her into the rectory. Blair says that the thought of him and Evangeline going to the wedding together caused her to freak, that's why she got drunk. Todd says he understands, as he's done the same for Blair. They talk about their weddings, about all the love and fun they shared. Todd kisses Blair!

Starr walks into the gym, awaiting Cole's big game, not knowing the cheerleaders are practicing. When she turns to leave, she walks into Cole. They talk about the game, his worries about losing, but Starr says he'll do great. Cole comments that everyone has been putting tons of pressure on him. He leaves to get suited up. Britney notices Starr, talks loudly to her friends that she's suppose to meet Cole in the locker room. Langston tells Starr that Britney is lying, tells her to go look into the locker room. Starr takes the mascot suit to disguise herself.

In the locker room, the coach lays more pressure on Cole, tells him that the game is on his shoulder. After the coach leaves, Cole's friend shows up with some steroids. Although Cole tries to turn him away, says he doesn't want to use them anymore, he caves in, takes the steroids. Britney walks in, tries to get Cole to 'be' with her, but Cole tells her to get lost. Britney kisses Cole, and he pushes her away, tells her to never do that again, that he doesn't want her! Starr sees it all. Britney tells Cole he'll regret it, then leaves. Starr leaves, too. Cole tells his friend that he lost it on Britney, tries to give him back the steroids, but his friend leaves empty-handed.

Starr goes to Langston, tells her what she saw. Langston laughs, tells Starr that the kid who plays the mascot left. Starr is forced to be the mascot for the game. When she overhears Britney telling her friends that she made it with Cole, Starr trips her and everyone laughs. Britney stands up, pulls off the mascot head and Cole smiles at Starr, amused by what she did. Britney stomps off, and Cole goes to Starr, tells her that Britney came on to him. In the locker room, Britney opens Cole's locker, finds the steroids

Marcie puts Tommy down to sleep, commenting that she and Michael haven't had any alone time. Michael comes in, says that he had a long day, falls into bed to go to sleep. Marcie wakes him up, says she made dinner, but Michael says he needs to sleep. Michael acts as if he's forgotten their 6-month anniversary, then gives Marcie a beautiful necklace. Just as they think they can have some 'private' time, little Tommy starts crying. They both try their own remedies to get Tommy to stop crying, but nothing seems to work. Finding that Tommy likes hearing Marcie sing, she pops in a CD, then her and Michael get their night of passion.

Next on One Life to Live: Todd continues to show interest in Evangeline, Dorian looks on as Clint and Vicki dance, Vincent puts the pieces of the puzzle together and Nash and Jessica talk without realizing that Antonio overhears...