Clint arrives at Vicki's, and they pride themselves that Jessica will finally be happy.

Clint goes to Jessica, comforting her, telling her the worst part of her life is over. Jessica tells him that she's put Antonio through so much, says she doesn't deserve him. However, Clint reminds her that love concurs all. Clint asks if Jessica is going to be okay with Nash at the wedding. She says she doesn't have a choice. Clint says she can get through anything He takes Jessica in his arms.

Nash cleans up the vineyard building from the night before with thoughts of Tess overwhelming him. He wildly throws a beer bottle against the wall and questions himself, "How can I let this wedding happen?" Natalie shows up, warning Nash not to pull any stunts at Jessica's wedding, vowing to make Jessica's day perfect, wanting her sister to be happy. As she runs out to leave, Natalie trips, falls into Vincent's oncoming arms as he walks through the doorway to see Nash. Nash shoves the money he owes Vincent in his hands and leaves.

Natalie observes and comments on Vincent being a loan shark. Vincent says he only confessed because of Natalie, but now regrets listening to her, says it was a mistake.

When Nash returns, his building is empty. He looks down at Jessica and Antonio's wedding invitation. Suddenly, he finds himself talking to Tess who says that Nash gave up on her too easily Tess calls him a coward, making Nash feel awful. He calls Tess the coward, tells her that she was the one who gave up on him. Tess begs Nash to go to the wedding, to make her come out, to give them another chance. Then she's gone

Cris shows up at the church, telling Antonio how happy he is for them that they finally 'made it.' Antonio tells Cris he gave Nash money to pay off Vincent. Cris says that Nash will think Antonio is buying him off. However, Antonio doesn't care, he says that Nash just better not ruin his wedding for him and Jessica.

Jessica confides in Vicki her fears of Tess coming out during the wedding. Vicki tells Jessica that Tess didn't win, that she's gone. However, Jessica says if there's ever a day when Tess would come out, it would be today. Natalie and Adriana join them. They all present Jessica with the customary wedding gifts something borrowed, something new, something old and something blue. When Vicki volunteers to do Jessica's hair, Jessica looks into a mirror, says, "Please don't make me looks like Tess." Suddenly, Jessica starts making alterations to her wedding dress, causing Natalie to say, "You look just like Tess." When Jessica doesn't see it, Natalie warns her that if she and Adriana saw Tess in her, so will Nash.

Kevin shows up, tells Clint about Kelly and Zane's progress. He also breaks the news that he and Kelly may very well leave Llanview and start over someplace new. Clint suggests that they move to London, so Kevin can work at the Buchanan Enterprises office out there. Vicki joins them, says she'll miss Kevin. Out of the blue, they all look to the door as Dorian crashes the wedding! Kelly comes in behind her, also deciding that she didn't want to miss the wedding. Clint and Vicki tell Dorian it's okay to stay.

Nash walks in the church, looking around with evident pain in his eyes. He abruptly leaves.

In the church, everyone settles in, awaiting the big moment

Alone at the house, Jessica can't turn away as Nash storms through the door, holding her with his gaze

As a nurse reads 'Hugh' Jessica and Antonio's wedding announcement, stating that Natalie will be the maid of honor, John cries out, "Natalie." Vincent goes to see 'Hugh.' He talks about Natalie getting under his skin. Vincent says that although Natalie lost her boyfriend, she'll need to move on soon. The man underneath the bandages, says, "No." The nurse comes in, tells Vincent that 'Hugh' became irritated after she read him the paper. She hands the article about the wedding to Vincent. As Vincent turns to leave, the nurse comments that next time he comes, she hopes the man will again open his nice blue eyes. Vincent whips around, says, "Blue?!"

Next on One Life to Live: Vincent screams that Hugh's eyes are brown as he looks into John's blue eyes, everyone worries whether or not Jessica will show up for her wedding and Nash begs Jessica not to marry Antonio.