Nash stares, as a blaze burns strong within the vineyard building.

When Antonio can't get a hold of Nash, at Clint's request, they all decide to go look in on Nash again. Cris tells Jessica that Antonio is going out with him and Clint for a while. Antonio kisses Jessica good bye, says he'll see her at the altar.

When Antonio, Clint and Cris arrive, they find a fire burning in a barrel and Nash awaiting them to celebrate Antonio's bachelor party. They all sit around the burning barrel with a sort of uneasiness taking over them. They begin to bond with the help of a little card playing and booze drinking. A drunk Clint makes a toast to Antonio.

Natalie and Vicki toast to tomorrow, to Jessica's big day. Jessica questions why Vicki isn't wearing Ben's ring, and Natalie says that Vicki did it to help her with John's loss. Roxy shows up, ruining the surprise by telling Jessica they're having a bachelorette party. Jessica blows everyone away when she expresses that she likes Lemon Drop shots. Vicki states, "I guess that Tess liked those." Jessica says it's no big deal, and Roxy and Natalie leave her with Vicki while they go to the bar. Jessica admits that the Tess part of her is coming out more and more. Vicki asks if she's confused about the wedding, and Jessica says no, that she needs this wedding the work. Jessica worries that she may wake up the day after the wedding and wonder if she made a horrible mistake

Rex worries that he won't find Todd's baby, says that Spencer really covered his tracks. Suddenly, Rex gets an idea on how he can get the info he needs.

Todd opens up to Blair about wanting to find his son. Todd shows Blair his latest headline, offering a million dollars for the location of his son. Blair sits on Todd's lap and kisses him. Todd kisses her back. The phone rings. It's Rex filling Todd in on his new idea, says he'll start tomorrow. When Todd questions why Rex isn't working now, Rex tells him about Jessica and Antonio's parties. Todd tells Blair he's going to go crash Antonio's party, then leaves. Blair heads to crash Jessica's

Before Vicki can respond to Jessica's shocking statement, Blair shows up, asks if she's interrupting. Natalie and Roxy rejoin them, asking Blair to stay. They all make a toast to Jessica, as Adriana shows up with a gift. Roxy hands Jessica her gift next, and Jessica peeks in the box, leaving Vicki saying, "Oh, my, God." It's a blow-up doll! As the party wines down , everyone wishes Jessica the best. Standing alone, Jessica talks to Tess, tells her to stay away from her wedding! Jessica takes back a shot of Vodka!

When the guys suggest they get some food, Todd shows up with a bag of snacks. Rex walks in behind Todd, saying that he let the cat out of the bag. Cris gives Antonio advice on marriage, as Nash sits wallowing deep in his sorrow

David goes to the hospital, tells Paige that Spencer isn't Asa's son. They talk for a bit and Paige asks if David will stay with 'Hugh' while she goes to get something to eat. After giving David some instructions, David goes in and sits with the patient.

David sits by 'Hugh's' bedside, tells him he's sorry for making him sign that document. The man brings his hand to his mouth, moans, and David asks 'Hugh' if he's all right. David goes on to tell 'Hugh' about Asa not being Spencer's dad. 'Hugh' moans as David talks about helping John find the gun that killed John's father. David tells 'Hugh' that John died in the same accident that he was in. The man, says, "No, no I'm not Hugh." David mistakes him for saying, "I don't feel like Hugh." David leaves 'Hugh' so he can rest. That's when JOHN says to himself, "I'm not Hugh."

Next on One Life to Live: Adriana isn't the only one who notices parts of Tess coming out through Jessica, Vincent goes to John, Antonio gives Cris a warning and Nash wonders how he can let the wedding go on