Asa grabs the DNA results from Spencer. Spencer says that Asa is scared to find out that he's his son. Clint and Bo tell Asa to give Spencer his copy of the results. Asa throws them on the floor, and Spencer rips them open. Asa reads the results Spencer is not a Buchanan! Spencer thinks that the Buchanan's fixed the test. Spencer is furious, and Vicki tries to calm him

However, Spencer lashes out, puts Vicki in a headlock! David screams for Spencer to let Vicki go. Bo pulls out his gun, and Spencer says he'll kill her if he has to. Asa calls Spencer's mother a tramp, and Spencer tightens his hold on Vicki. Vicki begs for him to let her go, but Spencer doesn't see what he has to lose. David steps up, talks to his brother, tries to reason with him He uses sympathy toward Spencer, tells him to let Vicki go. And he does

Bo cuffs him and takes Spencer away. Vicki thanks David for saving her. David sits down, asks Asa why his mother would tell Spencer that he was Asa's son? Asa claims that his mother must've been delusional. David leaves. Clint and Vicki question Asa about his love for Spencer's mother, and he blows them off

Back in his cell, Bo asks Spencer how it feels to still be a Truman, says that his vengeance against the Buchanan's was all for nothing.

Natalie goes to Vincent, asks him why he confessed. He says it was because of her kiss. Just as Natalie tells him that their kiss didn't mean anything, Layla walks in, overhears. Natalie tries to cover things up, but Vincent changes his mind, insists to Layla that the kiss didn't matter. Natalie leaves.

Vincent tells Layla that she shouldn't be there, that he doesn't want her throwing his mistakes in his face. Layla says that's not why she came there Vincent's lawyer comes in. When asked what'll happen to Vincent, he tells Layla that it all depends on the prosecutor, Evangeline.

Cris goes to the courtroom, tells Evangeline that he doesn't think that Natalie will testify against Vincent. He worries that she'll run into Vincent's arms. Natalie overhears Cris, asks him how he can think so little of her.

Vincent is brought into the courtroom to where Evangeline tells his attorney that there will be no plea bargain. Vincent's lawyer brings in Ted, says he's willing to testify for Vincent. Ted admits to putting the drug on Abbott's gloves, says that Vincent didn't know anything about it. Evangeline goes to Cris, asks for his advice, and Cris agrees to the plea bargin, on one condition Vincent needs to clear his name with the boxing commission. Vincent thanks Cris, thanks Layla, says he's sorry. They both leave. Natalie comments that Vincent got lucky, tells him not to blow it. Natalie leaves

Marcie talks with the principal before giving her speech to Starr's English class where she's informed that the English teacher just had her baby. Marcie is asked to be the permanent substitute teacher for the class. At first, Marcie turns her down, says that she can't because of Tommy. However, once the principal tells her she'll work around Marcie's schedule, she accepts the job.

Starr's principal sees her in the hallway, tells her to get to her office. Just as Starr tells Langston that she wishes the whole night at the dance didn't happen, Cole joins them, questions Starr whether she really meant the 'whole' night, asks her if she regrets their kiss. Starr smiles, says no. After Cole leaves, Britney makes a remark to Starr. The principal, again, instructs them both to get to her office.

Blair and Todd are waiting for Starr's principal. They are angry about what happened to Starr at the dance. Just as Blair makes a remark about Britney's parents, they come storming in, saying that their daughter is so much better than Starr. Todd tells Britney's dad to kiss his just as the principal and the girls walk in! Britney says that she never meant to hurt Starr, and she gets two months suspension. Britney puts on a sweet front, says she's sorry. The girls are sent to class. Out in the hall, Britney tells Starr she's dead!

Back in class, the girls are asked to read their assignments out loud. Britney stands up, reads her essay titled, "The Rapist." Todd stands in the doorway, overhears

Blair convinces Todd to leave, to not embarrass Starr.

Marcie tells Britney that her essay didn't count, that she didn't research it for the right reasons. The bell rings and Starr leaves

Cole's coach is pushing him to workout, tells him that the game is riding on his shoulders. Cole's friend tells him that he can get his hands on something that'll make him feel better if he gets a little 'low.' Starr approaches Cole, asks what his friend meant by that, but changes her mind, says that it's none of her business. They part ways with Starr agreeing to go to Cole's game.

Next on One Life to Live: Evangeline warns Todd and Blair about badmouthing Spencer through their newspaper, Nash has something important to tell Jessica and Cris worries that Nash will lose it at the wedding