When Jared opens the curtain in Room 302 of the Boutet Clinic, he, Natalie and Kyle find Renee in the bed! Renee explains that she came in for secret cosmetic surgery, and after Jared interrupts wondering if she had liposuction, Natalie pushes Jared and Kyle out into the hall, where Kyle promises, "Shane's donor is here somewhere!" Shortly after, Renee comes out and asks them to keep her presence there a secret then Jared, Natalie and Kyle find out from a nurse that the person in the room prior to Renee died a few months back! Just as Natalie and Jared try to leave to reinstate charges against Kyle, he gives them what he knows - that he drew extra blood and gave it to Roxy - at Roxy's insistence! "You better pray that Roxy still has that blood," Jared says then he, Natalie and Kyle rush off.

Back in the room, Renee thanks a nurse for all of the privacy then questions about the person Natalie and Jared were talking about. The nurse claims the previous patient is dead - because that's what the records show.

Still at Foxy Roxy's, when the nurse, Gayle, takes out a syringe, she manages to distract Roxy, stick her in the rear then watches as Roxy falls to the ground. Gayle whispers to Roxy that her employer is the person in Room 302, the one Roxy thought she killed, then leaves.

When Kyle, Jared and Natalie arrive at the salon, they find Roxy on the floor. She finally comes to, and Natalie and Jared snap on Roxy about their findings then demand that she hand over the bag of blood - but Roxy groggily replies, "I don't have it anymore." Roxy talks about the nurse, convinces them she doesn't have the blood anymore then Jared warns Kyle to get the heck out of there before he and Natalie leave Roxy in disgust!

After arriving at the carriage house, and taking Gigi in a passionate kiss, Rex confesses that he believed every word she said about Stacy but warns that he needs to pretend to be with Stacy in order to find the donor. Gigi explains Kyle's part in the mess, and how she had to tell Natalie and Jared the truth, then Rex says, "I wish you would've come to me earlier. I didn't know which way to turn…" As Gigi talks about how everyone was right, and how she now knows Rex would never be unfaithful to her, Rex promises he never stopped loving her then pulls Gigi into another kiss. Rex is shocked to hear that Roxy has been in on the mess from day one then is startled when Gigi remembers that he wanted to tell her something at Ultra Violet. "What was it?" Gigi asks, to which Rex starts to say that he never would have slept with Stacy if… but Gigi interrupts, thinking back to the night she and Schuyler broke in - and thinks that 'close call' is what Rex is talking about. "You didn't do anything wrong," Gigi says, but Rex replies, "Yeah, I did. I blew it."

Just as Rex is about to tell Gigi that he slept with Stacy, Jared and Natalie arrive, fill them in on what they 'didn’t find', and what Roxy told them, then they all wonder where the blood is now! Because Shane's life could depend on it, they all vow to find the extra bag of blood!

Over at the loft, Stacy pays for a takeout order for Rex, another dinner to claim as her own cooking, then beams, while thinking back to having sex with Rex. Just then, Shane and Moe barge in, making Stacy furious, especially when they see the romantic dinner setting for two and decide to wait for Rex to get home! Recognizing the takeout food, Moe accuses Stacy of trying to replace a home cooked meal like she trying to replace Gigi's place in Rex's heart! When there are no signs of Rex showing up, Moe and Shane leave, and Stacy calls the takeout service to order every dessert they have - to sweeten Rex up!

Later, a woman arrives at the door, and Stacy thinks it's her dessert delivery. However, as Stacy goes to get some money, Gayle says, "That won't be necessary," hands Stacy the bag then smiles as Stacy takes out the bag of blood!

Rachel approaches Matthew at The Palace, just as Shaun and Destiny appear, explaining that they were supposed to meet their brother for dinner, who apparently forgot! Rachel and Matthew decide to join Shaun and Destiny, but Destiny continues to think that Greg would never stand them up, leading Shaun to go call their brother. Greg wants to talk to Destiny and says he can't make it - because he wants to take all night to work with another doctor on Matthew's case. After dinner, while Shaun and Rachel head over to Capricorn, they allow Matthew and Destiny to stay out for dessert, if they agree to call Nigel when they're ready to go home.

Just as Nora is explaining to Clint that she invited him out as a thank you for finding Dr. Evans, Bo arrives at Capricorn. When Bo approaches to thank Clint for locating Dr. Evans, Clint is startled to hear that Nora invited Bo on their date - then sees Dr. Evans walk in and asks if Nora invited him as well! Dr. Evans and his date Dr. Wright join them, and as everyone boasts about Clint being a hero, Bo stands patiently until Dr. Evans says he'll have his results and prognosis soon. Once he walks away, Clint is disturbed when Bo says, "I hope this guy's not blowing smoke," and even more so when Bo brings up being at the community center with Nora to watch their son play the keyboard. After some bickering, Clint tries to put Bo in his place, and claim Nora as his own, by announcing that he wants Bo to be his best man. Later, as Nora and Clint are leaving, Nora and Bo make eye contact and share a smile.

Seated at a table, as Greg is romancing his date, he anticipates the night ahead - until Shaun and Rachel arrive! "So this is why you stood up our little sister tonight," Shaun snaps.

Next on One Life to Live:

Brody supports Jessica.

Todd and Tea end up in bed!

Stacy reverts to her old ways.

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