Still in Bo's office, John agrees to come back as Chief of Detectives on one condition then says, "Keep Cole out of prison." John explains how Asher set Cole up, how he even tipped the cop to bust Cole, leaving John to admit that he thinks the cop was working with Asher! Bo thinks about how the cop insists on staying 'a beat cop', leaving John to think the cop and Asher are involved in Llanview's drug trafficking together. Though Bo initially refuses to risk Cole's life by putting him undercover, he agrees to call the judge tonight, before Cole is transferred tomorrow, then hands John back his badge and asks, "So, where do we start?"

Bo calls the cop in, introduces John as Chief of Detectives then asks him to join their new task force to bust the drug trafficking ring. The cop eagerly agrees, leading John and Bo to think it's only because he knows Cole's headed off to Statesville.

Out in the station room, Natalie and Jared demand that Kyle give them the donor's name, even though he promised Roxy that he wouldn't! When refaced with the blackmailing charges, Kyle finally admits that he doesn't know the donor's name but gives Natalie and Jared instructions on how to locate him - in Room 302 at the Boutet Clinic.

Shortly after, Kyle takes Natalie and Jared to the clinic, where Jared gets a shocked look on his face after tearing open the curtain in Room 302!

As Stacy walks into Ultra Violet, at the same time Gigi asks if Rex believes her, Rex tells Gigi, "Whatever, we're done, Morasco, get the hell out." Rex says he's with Stacy now then demands that Gigi leave - and never come back!

After Gigi storms out, Stacy wants to know what Gigi said, but Rex blows it off and claims, "It doesn't matter, I'm with you now." When Rex admits that he didn't tell Gigi that they slept together, Stacy suggests that they tell her - so she'll stay away - but then drops it and asks, "You care? Is that all? Rex, do you think you could love me?" Stacy quickly apologizes for overstepping, says she's just happy that he chose her then agrees to meet Rex back at the loft.

At Rodi's, while Schuyler thinks back to Stacy's claim that he's falling for Gigi, Gigi arrives, fills him in on what happened then falls into his arms. Though Schuyler almost slips about Stacy and Rex sleeping together, he comforts Gigi as she goes over all of the events leading up to losing Rex - for real.

Over at Foxy Roxy's, Roxy is stunned when her hand that's holding the bag of blood is grabbed - it's the nurse from the Boutet Clinic, who takes the blood from Roxy's hand! The nurse then makes it clear that she knows Roxy pulled the plug on Rex's farther, but Roxy begs her to give back the blood - the only thing that will prevent Shane from dying, should he have a setback. "An eye, for eye," the nurse says. As the nurse goes to leave, Roxy eyes a curling iron, stuffs it in her back like a gun then warns the nurse that she wants the blood back! Roxy whips the woman around, aims her curling iron at her, but the woman calmly takes out a syringe and says she can quickly arrange for Roxy's death!

On the mansion patio, Starr urges Todd to sign the consent paper, as a way to prove he's changed. Though Todd objects, thinking Cole is trying to tie Starr down, Starr clarifies that Cole is making a commitment, reminding Todd that he said he would do anything to earn her love again then says, "This is the time to step up." Even though Todd demands that Starr do what he says, for once, she replies, "Like hell I will!" Starr threatens to runaway, causing Todd to snap - until Starr threatens to leave when she's eighteen, after Cole's released, and he'll never see her, or Hope, again! Cole steps up to Todd and makes his case for his new family, as Tea whispers to Blair, "You don't want this wedding any more than he does," but Todd finally signs the consent papers - reminding Cole that he better not make him sorry!

Once Starr and Cole go to check on Hope, Todd screams at Tea and Blair, "How could you two let this happen? It's all your fault!" Todd blames Blair for consenting first then Tea for ambushing him with the taped recording. "You guys are the most witchy, man eating…" Todd says. "If I'm the love of your life…" As Blair and Tea lash out at Todd, Cole and Starr interrupt, saying they're taking Hope out with them to eat, then they leave Blair, Tea and Todd to their bickering.

Later, at Rodi's, Cole is touched that Starr would really leave her family to be with him and Hope and even suggests they do it - now. However, Starr reminds him that they have to do everything right this time around. Suddenly, Schuyler appears, and Starr introduces him to their baby. When Starr informs him that she and Cole are getting married, tomorrow, Schuyler congratulates them both - and Cole even accepts his handshake!

Crying on the stairs at the carriage house, Gigi is shocked to see Rex at her door, and even more stunned when he pulls her into a passionate kiss!

Next on One Life to Live:

Someone unexpected visits Stacy.

Rex and Gigi reunite!

Natalie and Jared vow paybacks!

Bo is invited out by Nora on her date with Clint!

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