At Ultra Violet, Rex tells Gigi there's something he needs to tell her, but when Gigi thinks he's seen through Stacy's lies, Rex lashes out at her for bashing Stacy, leaving Gigi more determined to tell Rex the truth! "She used our son to break us up!" Gigi screams. Rex starts bashing Gigi for trashing Stacy, after she saved Shane, leaving Gigi to say, "Stacy is not his donor!" Gigi explains how Stacy has been obsessed with him since high school then says Stacy ordered her to give Rex up in order to save Shane. "She was going to let Shane die if she couldn't have you," Gigi firmly states. Gigi talks about Stacy overhearing her prayers in the hospital chapel, her blackmail, and how Gigi knew Rex wouldn't just give her up, so she convinced Brody to help her make him believe that she slept with Brody - in order to save Shane! "I've never stopped loving you," Gigi promises. "I didn't cheat on you… ever." However, Rex replies, "Like hell you didn't."

Marty arrives at Rodi's and asks John, "Can you make Cole and me disappear?" Marty worries about what will happen to Cole in prison, and John agrees that things can be harsh behind bars but wonders if Cole would agree to run away - and to leave Starr and Hope behind. As Marty rants about Asher getting off for selling Cole drugs, yet Cole has to go to prison for getting caught with them, John says he has a plan then leaves…

Across the room, Schuyler snaps at Stacy and warns her not to put Gigi through anymore heartache, leaving Stacy to say, "Don't tell me you're falling for my sister!" After he denies it, Schuyler thinks Stacy wants to tell Gigi, to get Gigi mad at Rex, because she knows that Rex still wants Gigi! As Schuyler slips and says that the truth is about to come out, he tries to cover, to give Gigi more time, but Stacy puts two and two together then leaves. Schuyler thinks back to Stacy's claim that he's fallen for Gigi and sighs.

Still at Ultra Violet, Gigi continues to plead her case, leaving Rex to ask, "Stacy really made you do this? Oh, my God," Rex keeps repeating, as Gigi talks about how hard it was watching him with her sister - even though she knew Rex would never 'be' with Stacy. Rex thinks back to sleeping with Stacy, as Gigi explains how she got a DNA sample then finally sighs. "It's over now, and you know the truth. I love you. Now all I want is you." After Rex gets confirmation, one more time, that this is true, he says, "Oh, my, God, Gigi, what have we done." Gigi begs Rex to believe her, and to tell her that he loves her too, but Stacy appears and says, "Hey, what's going on?"

Natalie and Jared continue to badger Roxy at Foxy Roxy's, demanding that she stop protecting Stacy, screaming for her to give them the name of the donor! Furious, Natalie warns Roxy that Kyle is about to spill the truth - Rex will never forgive her for keeping this from him - then Natalie storms out, with Jared close behind!

Nora approaches Bo at the station, and over talk about Dr. Evans, Bo isn't sold on Greg's abilities, brings up how Clint flashed a bunch of money at him then Nora wonders if Bo is jealous because Clint is appearing as the hero. Bo only says he wishes that Clint would have talked to them first.

Suddenly, Jared and Natalie appear, wanting to drop the charges on Kyle. When Nora reminds them that this is her case - not Bo's - Natalie and Jared vow not to testify, and claim that they are doing this so Jessica can move on. Nora finally agrees to drop the charges then heads off to file the papers.

As Kyle enters Foxy Roxy's, demanding that Roxy get the charges dropped, he gets a call from his lawyer, saying the charges were dropped, hugs Roxy then promises to keep her secret!

When Kyle arrives at the station, he thanks Natalie and Jared, who want something in return - blood! "We don't really need the blood," Natalie and Jared say - just the name of Shane's donor!

Back at Roxy's, as she pulls out the bag of spare blood, from Rex's father, a hand reaches out and grabs her!

John arrives in Bo's office and asks if his offer still stands. Bo definitely wants John to return to the station, as lead detective, but John has one condition!

Over at Todd's estate, recovering in a robe, Tea listens to her recorded conversation of Todd saying he's going to kill Cole if he gets near his daughter! Shaun walks in, having overheard, then warns her not to crossed Todd Manning! Though Shaun talks about having spent the last couple years at 'The Todd Manning Rodeo', Tea claims she can handle Todd - even better than Blair! As Shaun talks about how much Blair and Todd are meant to be together, Tea can't take it anymore then says, "Bring the car around, we're going on a field trip."

In the kitchen, Blair demands to know what motive Todd had for giving Starr and Cole his consent. As Todd dares Blair to give her consent, and as Starr and Cole plead with her to do the same, Blair finally gives her consent! Todd asks if Blair is sure that she knows what she's doing, but Blair signs the consent form then pushes Todd to sign too.

"I thought you wanted Cole and Starr to be married, isn't that right," Blair asks - and Tea appears, all dolled-up, and replies, "I think I can answer that." As Todd begs Tea not to say a word, Tea claims she won't - but Todd will! She turns on the recording of what Todd said about Cole! Starr demands to know why Todd lied to them, leaving Blair to accuse him of trying to make her look like the bad guy! Blair thanks Tea, as Starr screams for Todd to shut up! "You only care about yourself," Starr says, and Todd warns Tea, "You have no idea what you've done here!" As Blair sees Shaun, and hears that Todd hired all of Dorian's rejects, Todd pleads with Starr to understand that he's only doing this because he loves her. "Then prove it," Starr says, holding up the consent forms for Todd to sign.

Next on One Life to Live:

Gigi hopes Rex believes her.

John sets out to help Cole.

Natalie and Jared badger Kyle!

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